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Favourite Football Personality
TheBarcaShow (Footytube Staff) 4 years ago
Just as the title states. Who is your favourite football personality, can be a player, coach, president, commentator, etc. (don't have to say just one)
ManUK (Manchester United) 4 years ago
You might as well change the thread name to "Your favorite player at the club you support"
Coyb18 (Chelsea) 4 years ago
Fair point ManUK^ lol
TheBarcaShow (Footytube Staff) 4 years ago
One of the current personalities that I really admire is Javier Mascherano. What a great player he is and in my opinion he is one of the best spoken players in the game. I really love reading about his press conferences, interviews and post match comments. He has a knack for taking the boring standard stuff and delivering it in a much more interesting way.

Javier "sMasch"erano

Before his move to Barcelona I admit I didn't know too much about him. I knew he was the "destroyer" to Xabi Alonso's "creator" role at Liverpool which brought them so much success and of course I knew he was one hell of a footballer.

I also thought I knew he was a pretty physical player with a record to show for it. If you told me he would be the most carded player on the Barca team I would've believed that.

I am pretty sure he has caught most of the Barca faithful by surprise. He isn't as clumsy with the ball as we thought he would be and how often is it that we see a mistimed tackle from him? We all thought that letting Yaya Toure leave (his request) and getting Mascherano would've been a downgrade but it is seriously difficult to say that now as he has been our best defender for this season and has been consistently awesome whenever he played their last season.

This is one of my favourite post match interviews from a player:

Taken after the 2nd leg vs Arsenal on March 8, 2011:

"Barca always wins thanks to the referee, never because of its play, not for having taken 19 shots on goal, not for having won 74 per cent of the possession or completing 900 passes," fumed Mascherano

"Let's not be hypocrites. We didn't let them breathe and that was the key. We played Barca's way and that's why we advanced."

"We did not allow Arsenal any chances at the Nou Camp and this was the key to the match."

"Barca plays as a team and that is the reason for our success. Not the individual actions, but the compact work of the eleven players."

Steveex (Borussia Dortmund) 4 years ago
He started to dive a lot as soon as he started to play for barca.... Trolololol  He's great though
Alexinho (AC Milan) 4 years ago
Paolo Maldini "Il Capitano"
The symbol of Milan

Milan legend
647 matches

Debut in age of 16
Still played in an age of 40

Son of another great player - Cesare Maldini.

As a kid he found some admiration for the Juventus team and had great respect for them

When he was to decide what club to trial for, it was never any doubts what he would go with. AC.Milan!
He would here come to the trial being asked what position he normally played where as his response would be "I don't have any particular position". Milan then decided to trial him for the spot where they needed a new player the most which happened to be the right wing.

Now it is also worth to mention that as a kid, he really enjoyed playing as a goalkeeper and had talents here as well.

They signed him pretty much immediately the first day. (The best signing ever done).

He would here show his greatness for nearly 3 decades to come.

A little documentary for those who would like to see some more of how that went:

I truly believe this is the best player of all time but in a world where the attackers and goalscorers get most of the credit, he didn't even win Ballon d'or once
[account-removed] 4 years ago
For me my favourite player (that I sadly could not see play during his time) is Tony "Mr. Arsenal" Adams. Adams made his first team debut at the age of 17 in 1983 and appeared 672 times for Arsenal, scoring 48 goals from the centre of defence in a 22 year career. In 1988 he was made club captain and he remained so for the rest of his playing career. His honours include 4 league titles, 3 FA cups, 2 league cups, a UEFA Cup Winners Cup and 3 FA Community Shields. Adams is the only player in the history of English Football to captain a team to league titles in 3 different decades. His statue, along with Herbert Chapman and Thierry Henry's, was unveiled in November 2011 for the 125 year anniversary celebration of Arsenal.

He also scored a last minute goal against Everton in 1998 as Arsenal won 4-0 to clinch the title. I love this goal even more every time I see it. The celebration was the inspiration for the statue. As Martin Tyler says in the commentary, "That sums it all up".

Jeroen (Barcelona) 4 years ago
It goes without saying I like most Barça players. Not just for their footballing qualities, but bar one or two, for their humble character and personality. Xavi, Iniesta and Leo aren't just the three best players IMO, but they're all very respectable men, who have both feet firmly on the ground despite being lauded by pretty much everyone day in, day out. Xavi especially, seems like a man the way I'd like to be. He's not just the most brilliant mind in football, he's also very smart in other aspects of life. He's very 'Zen', collects mushrooms in his spare time, loves his club and Catalunya more than anything bar his family.

The Holy Trinity

Yes, I love the three quiet Musketeers, the three masters of the world's greatest sport. But Carles Puyol is another man I have so much respect for. He's the stereotypical guy you see in films that revolve around a warrior-like man who is brave, commanding, austere, extremely determined, respectable and a Man amongst men. If I could be half as much a leader as he is, I'd probably be the captain of the Belgian squad right now. Although I must say I bow to Vermaelen and Kompany too.
The great thing about Puyol is that he's very stern and commanding on the pitch, but he's quite laid back off the pitch. He gets along really well with all players, but he's apparently fun too, as Xavi, Piqué and Cesc consider him to be a really good friend too. He's not too serious to make (practical) jokes and he's the perfect example of being a commanding figure when you do your job, but be a nice, enjoyable fellow when you're not. The kind of guy you'd love to be friends with.

A gladiator, ready for battle

But enough about Barça. We are probably all a bit tired hearing about them all the time. Yes, the team I support so much is truly great, has admirable players and wins all the time, but there are many other great personalities in football. Another man I love is Jürgen Klopp, Dortmund's coach. On first sight, he seems to be completely different from a guy like Puyol. Kloppo is enthusiastic, outspoken, quick-witted and a bit extravagant. But, like Puyol, he's extremely passionate and determined when it comes to his job, that of Dortmund's football coach. He's also very bright, very charismatic and understands the sport like very few others do. His approach not only brings successful football (he led Mainz to the Bundesliga, re-forged Dortmund into the powerhouse they once were), but it also is a joy to watch. The quick-paced offensive style, combined with very solid defensive efforts and individual brilliance of some players, makes for a very enjoyable team. This football philosophy is one I always adore. Guardiola, Wenger, Ferguson and him are the coaches that I admire most because of their beautiful approach which works like a charm for their teams.

The many faces of Jürgen Klopp

There are many, many others who have earned my respect over the years, but it's impossible to list them all without forgetting one or two
Alexinho (AC Milan) 4 years ago
What? I expected some article about Cruyff from you.
Jeroen (Barcelona) 4 years ago
Well I have written about Johan plenty of times. I could just copy-paste something I wrote before. But I wanted to discuss people who are still active in football this day. Cruijff kind of is, at Ajax, but he's not a manager any more
TheBarcaShow (Footytube Staff) 4 years ago
As a Barca fan I of course agree with all of the above. I could probably go on for quite a long time talking about the people of football which I adore.

A little known fact about Puyol.... He is actually a very intelligent guy, actually he is a typical Catalan, a great admirer of art, food, music and literature (all of them are an art in their own way)

Anyways.... Don't mind me while I edit my above post because all of you made my post look so bad
Jeroen (Barcelona) 4 years ago
   This is Klopp through and through. I love his passion
LumpOfCelery (Chelsea) 4 years ago
My favorite football personality is Gianfranco Zola. The man is always and is always energetic, and is truly an enjoyable player to watch. Surely one of the most talented footballer to play for the club, if not the most talented.comfortable with both feet, and there really is no one who has scored as many key goals as Zola, and my gods, were his free kicks godly. Burnt in the memory of any football fan is the image of Zola gliding through the air, as he flicks it into the Norwich net. I have to put it up, even though half of you have seen it.

I'd could go on about his footballing prowess and how many pivotal goals he has scored, while instead I'll talk about his personality.

Zola is a gentleman, period. When asked about writing an autobiography he replied -

“When I was a player I never felt the real motivation to write a book, let alone a controversial book or a thin book full of press speculations, just for the sake of selling copies.”

But, he finished off saying, if ever he wishes to write something he would write about the things he has learnt from his playing days so that it might inspire younger generations.
That is what Zola is all about, a down to earth personality who always thinks about the game.

Liquidator (Chelsea) 4 years ago
Zola made me a Chelsea fan. It'll be very difficult to find a nicer bloke, let alone in footballing circles. Doesn't hurt that he was a genius on the pitch
JestaYNWA (Liverpool) 4 years ago
I love threads like this. Here is one of my favourite personalities, Jamie Carragher. (I originally wrote this for the Heroes of Liverpool FC thread

Link: )

Jamie has been an integral part of Liverpool Football Club ever since he helped win the FA Youth Cup back in 1996.

His career has been nothing short of remarkable. In fact, in his first full start for the first team Jamie did the unthinkable. Something so amazing that even now it’s hard to believe that it was Jamie....He scored. Sadly, Carragher could not maintain his impressive early scoring record but the boyhood Evertonian became an important part of the squad as he provided a lot of versatility. He could play defensive midfield, centre back or either full back positions.

It was his move into centre back alongside the great Sami Hyypia after the departure of the reliable Stephane Henchoz that made Jamie great. In my opinion, the added responsibility and consistency in his role helped him to play a massive role in what became one of the best defensive units in Liverpool’s history.

Jamie has never been the most talented player, and certainly not the quickest. In fact, his lack of pace has undoubtedly been his Achilles heel. The great thing about Jamie is that I have never seen that stop him from trying. Opposition strikers may outpace him or outplay him, but they will never outwork him or break his determination.
The man is all heart and passion, which are the attributes you need to be a leader, or to play as many games as he has at the highest level.
Here’s what others have said about him:

“Jamie has a fantastic commitment every day in training and in every game he plays. For a manager to see that is brilliant. He is a strong character, he’s a winner and he loves football” –Rafael Benitez.

“Carragher is ten times a better defender than I could ever be....I think if we look at Liverpool greats over the years – and there have been a lot of them – Carragher is up there with the best of them.” – Alan Hansen.

“Every club needs someone like Carra. You can’t buy team spirit and with him around the atmosphere in the dressing room is always brilliant.” – Chris Kirkland.

“Jamie has matured into a world class central defender and deserves every accolade thrown his way. He may have enjoyed some fantastic successes on the pitch but he has never forgotten where he has come from. And it is so refreshing that people like him still exist.” – John Aldridge.

And on a lighter note:
“Although you’ve got a mix of German, Swiss and Finnish in the back four, we all speak to each other in English. The only problem though is that none of us can understand Jamie Carragher!” – Stephane Henchoz.
If you want a specific example of Carra’s importance to Liverpool Football Club, think back to that epic Champions League campaign in 2005. We all know it was the goals from Stevie and Luis Garcia that got us to the final and the heroics of the entire team in Istanbul made that triumph one of the best but there is an important factor that I don’t think we should forget. We never would have made that final if Jamie hadn’t put in the finest performance of his career in the semi against Chelsea. You would be hard pressed to find a better individual performance from a defender. As Stevie said after that game, “What a performance, this guy put in an immense performance, unbelievable.” That’s Jamie Carragher for you though. He made a habit out of the unbelievable. He is determination personified. Don’t believe me? Just ask anyone who saw him play against Blackburn in the ’03-’04 season. Lucas Neill lunged in with a tackle and broke Jamie’s leg. How did Jamie react? He stood up and tried to play on. Not the smartest thing to do but I would hate to be the one to tell Carra that he couldn’t go on.

Sn3kyn00b (Arsenal) 4 years ago
Easily Wojciech Szczeseny.

For someone (and at that, a keeper) so young I think it is surprising (although not astounding these days when you have players like Hazard, Götze, Wilshere etc.) that he has so much confidence. If one remembers back to the start of the season, the 8-2 drubbing against United could easily have caused our shot-stopper's self-esteem to plunge. And yet, he is still cemented firmly between the posts, warding off the admittedly non-existant challenges of Almunia and Fabianski to the no.1 spot. Even in our last game he was making good saves and decisions, including a great run out and clearance against Balotelli and that amazing double save against Kuyt when we played Liverpool. (Don't forget his "$25m" save against Udinese!)

As mentioned before, Szczesny has not let any of his past troubles get in the way of his potential and confidence, something which is further reflected in a tragedy that happened when he was just 18. While in the gym, he lost his balance and fell, and the weights he was using ended up fracturing both his forearms. He missed five months, and had to have metal plates inserted into both his arms. It is amazing to think that he has come back from this and secured a first team spot in one of the largest teams in England and Europe. He is the only first team member to have started all of Arsenal's league games this season.

Off the pitch, Szczesny gives off the vibe of someone who is very mischievous and confident, but not arrogant: he loves making banter with the other lads around the ground, something that is epitomised in his own tv show on Arsenal TV, titled "Wojciech Versus". It details his various activities around London Colney, and there have been three episodes to date; a FIFA 12 battle against Wilshere, Table Tennis against the Ox, and the latest episode a cook-off against one of the Arsenal chefs, making omelettes.

His antics are always a source of amusement, and in his latest on-pitch endeavour, he picked up a half-empty bottle of beer thrown at him by a City supporter and pretended to drink from it.

A growing player whom I would absolutely love to see stay at Arsenal for years to come.

Honourable mention must, of course, go to Arsenal's leading man this season, both on and off the pitch. I think the difference that Van Persie has made in both of the fields mentioned above is amazing: from him organising get-togethers for the footballers and their WAGS, to little things that he does on the pitch, of course all helped by senior figures in the dressing room such as Arteta and Vermaelen. A whole new level of cohesion has been brought to the Arsenal team
Alexinho (AC Milan) 4 years ago
I like your last picture
Sn3kyn00b (Arsenal) 4 years ago
The beer! I could definitely not imagine Almunia doing something like this.... Hahahaha
Alexinho (AC Milan) 4 years ago
I did write another one about my favourite player, but I am kind a bored so thought I could as well write something about other personalities that I find entertaining as well within the world of football - the sport we all love so much.

And when I am to write about someone entertaining, I guess many can already Guess who this will be about. Mario Balotelli. Hate him or love him - we all feels something about him

Mario Balotelli

Early Life
He is original born in Palermo by Ghanian immigrants before being adopted away to Francesco and Silvia Balotelli by his original family. He would here grow up

He would in an age of 15 travel to Spain and the city of Barcelona for making a trial for their club. This would not be a successful trial and it didn't go long before he was refused and sent back to Milano. Something that Inter sure was happy with looking back at history now.

Inter - The beginning
He would here have his debut in 2007 but more significant was probably his 2nd match for them which was in the cup match against Reggina where he scored not once but twice in their firm 4-1 win. And it didn't end here, in the quarter finals return leg vs Juventus he would once again field the pitch and get his name on the scoresheet twice and thereby get attention from the National squad as well. The talent was now being recognized more and more over whole Italy and media would also find to value him for what he was worth.

Let the stories begin

A - Aguero's gloves
In the warm up time before their top match against Chelsea Mario Balotelli had forgot to bring his gloves out from the dressing room. But as we know our dear Balotelli, this was not a problem without a solution so what would this solution be? Then it was revealed. As Aguero were busy knitting his shoelaces (which he took of the gloves to do) Balotelli did a small warmup jog snatching them from the ground to take them on and smirking as Balotelli can

Be - Boys will be boys
Before the match against Arsenal, Balotelli would find himself in an intense discussion with Richards. This would involve to a boxing match but don't worry, in the after match interview, Mancini could assure the worried journalists that in reality Micah Richards are indeed good friends and almost like twins

See - Camorra-Mafia
Balotelli is also a huge fan of the Gomorrah. And I must say, I did like it as well. Balotelli was so inspired by this movie that he would decide to take a trip the city where the most of this movie was shot. Naples. Reports tells that he here would be in contact with members of the actual Mafia here and get a personal guiding tour to the factory where they produce Cocaine. Same reports claims that he would be investigated by the police in this incident where they came to the conclusion that he wasn't involved in any other way than just being a curious spectator and let him go free.
Here is a trailer of the movie which inspired to this entertaining story

D - Darts
Who of us did not smile the day we opened the newspaper and could read the titles in the sports section. "balotelli fined FOR throwing darts AT THE youngsters" "balotelli found NEW target practice" and rest of them. I know I did not just smile but actual laugh surprised. And that is the main reason I love the boy so much. Where as others try to be somewhat different but ends up being the same with scandals like "Cheating with team mates wife - having a prostitute - driving and drinking and so on" Balotelli really do something new when he make the headlines in the newspaper. Each day we open them and want to know what his latest stunt is. For many it started with these darts story. It all happened at the academy of City and Balotelli were bored so he thought with himself, what could make this day slightly more interesting. What about throwing darts at the youngsters in their practice? So thought so done. A spokesman for the club could calm down the fans and mothers of the youngsters assuring that nobody got to harm in the incident

E - Enoch
Enoch is one of the brothers of Balotelli. Can a city even handle more than one Balotelli seems like a legit question here. I think the answer is pretty much given as it most likely can't even handle the original one. Along with Enoch, Mario would be curious how it would be inside a woman prison. Sounds like the pair been spending their time on the internet as well if you get my drift. Anyway this curiosity would literary drive them through the gates of a woman prison in Italy. They would then explain for the police that they thought they could visit it without making arrangement. The police would in the end conclude with the simple fact that the pair might actually be this naive and let them go. We in the publicity would now have a new well entertaining story to read among all the transfer rumors with no base in reality in our sports papers.

F - [you guessed it] Fireworks
Who can't remember it? The most rememberable story of his life and perhaps the only one where he wasn't to be blamed in reality. One day he would have some friends over at his apartment and apparently one of them would consider it a good idea to fire up some fireworks in his bathroom and as we all know, it ended the only way it could end. The fireworks worked and fire it was. Apartment got burned down and Balotelli would have to move into a hotel room for the night. I only wonder how the people at the Hotel would react as they got to know why he would need a room for the time being, I sure know I would been skeptical about renting a room out if I were the owner. Okay I lied, I let him stay for free if he came to my door

Oh and as the guy he is, he sure knew how to extend the story. Who would be a better front figure to promote safety rules around fireworks than Balotelli? The man blamed for putting fire to his won apartment burning it down?

G - Grass allergy
Yeah, a footballer with grass allergy, sounds unlikely but if it could be anyone, it was destined to be THIS guy. Balotelli. The match is against Dinamo Kiev and at half time Balotelli have to sub out. The reason? His face has swollen up. After the match Mancini explained that Balotelli would have an instant reaction just before the 2nd half was to start and this was when his face would swollen up. He would realize he could not keep playing and Mancini was forced to do the sub or play with 10 men in 2nd half. He was later informed by Balotelli that it was the grass allergy. This has also been happening in a match for Inter in the past and that is about the only reason that the story about his allergic might have some truth in it.

H - Harley Davidson
For christmas Balotelli thought he should buy himself a well deserved gift and went for a motor bicycle. Mancini who was a little more concerned what a man like Balotelli + a bike would = found it better to let the answer be a ? For the time being and set his foot down. Balotelli were not allowed to take use of his new earned gift and perhaps that was just as fine. After all, we don't want him to make an end to these stories? This seems more safe for time being.

I - Icon
And not just in lifestyle but also dressing way. This could be taken just of the catwalk in Milano and who knows, maybe he has done that?

J - Joe Hart
Under a training session Balotelli found Joe Harts effort at saving his shot funny and took the time to imitate it.

K - Kind intentions
A month after the fireword incident, Balotelli would return to his home to pick up some of his belongings. A kind neighbour who was unfortunate to not recognize Balotelli and had the best meanings would here call the Police and warn them about a burglar robbing poor Balotellis house. Once again he would get a meeting with the police of London and had to explain why he was robbing his own apartment. Everything worked out fine as they recognized the footballer and the story is put behind them with no hard feelings between the 2.

L - Luke Short
In Manchester City christmas party, Balotelli would show up as a bandit. This wasn't even close to be the worst costume of the party as Wayne Bridge came as Ozzy Osbourne and Sergio Aguero as Harry Potter. - Not all letters can have as funny stories but I will look into it and perhaps edit a better one later

M - Money money money
Balotelli was out with his car and driving when he suddenly got pulled over by the police. He would here being questioned why he had 5000£ and his response? "Because I am rich". Simple yet priceless.

And - Night Club action
Maybe another of the urban stories as it has not been verified. It happened outside a nightclub of Liverpool. Balotelli got in a situation with 4 of the security guards outside a club and were spotted smiling while one of them were hammering his car. Reason? He would not obey the "No Touching" rule

Oh - Obstacles
Mario Balotelli would also have problem in dressing himself on occasion and putting a bib on seemed to be a real obstacles for him. His frustration, our laughs for the day:

P - Parking tickets.
After his move to Manchester a certain business are suddenly making significant more money than before his arrival. I am here talking about those responsible for how we park our cars in the cities. Many of us have received a parking ticket or two, personally I got 3 and am lucky it hasn't been more. Still we are no match to Balotelli. He has since he moved to City got parking tickets which combined has an amount of more than £10 000. Good thing he can afford them. The reason is simple, he doesn't care about the tickets. After all we only live once. And park his cars wherever he feels like stopping.

Q - Quick sub
In preseason, City would have a friendly match with LA Galaxy and they were suppose to show of the football and making the brand look good in USA attracting more american audience to the game. Balotelli would of course try to take it even one more step up being the player he is. So when been sent alone through by Silva with goalie, will a simple shot around the goalie satisfy a mind like his? Not the SuperMario we know. No he has to do a Zidane trick shot. The result? A quick sub after the shot is been taken by Mancini. You can see why it is always him in this video:

Are - Rooney rooney rooney.
Balotelli was at a restaurant eating with some friends when he suddenly recognized a face in the restaurant. The person? The prostitute who Rooney had an affair with some months ago now. According to the article she was heading for the ladies room and he would for the time being leave her alone. But when done there coming back to her table? That is where our story begins. Balotelli would start in middle of the restaurant chanting "Roo-Ney Roo-Ney Roo-Ney" and keep this up for a while until her date for the night would get tired and they would settle it up outside. According to the same articles, they did amazingly enough not settle it with a fight as one should suspect in such a situation but rather a civil tone.

S - School
Another warm story about the man which (to me) is impossible to hate. This time it is about a project in Africa. He has decided to donate some of his money to build a school in Sudan. It is a friendship with a former Child soldier there which lead to him deciding to spend money here. Kon Kelei would tell him about his past and Balotelli would be so touched that he would go into this project. But as the Balotelli we know, it had to be an extra twist in it. Apparently to the article, this time it was to name this school after himself. A school named Mario Balotelli. Mind you, this is an article published before Christmas. Balotelli supported this and in the right way by building instead of supporting the hunting before KONY got popular. Respect!


T - Tattoo

You - Urban story
Yet again there is a new urban story about his kindness. Apparently Balotelli were in the happy mood as he got out of the Casino after a winning night and would give away a handful of the winnings to a random homeless. What seems more true then is the reports that Balotelli often buy the Magazine "Big Issue" by the less fortunate when he meets them for £20 arround in the city of Manchester.

V - Vengeance
After the FA cup title City won, Balotelli would asked for some time of to go home to Italy visiting some family members while rest of the squad was celebrating with the fans in the streets of Machester. Apparently when back in Milano, he paired up with his brother Enoch and they went out in town throwing water balloons at bypassers in the streets of Milan, among them some journalists. And once again we got to read the story

W - Why Always Me
We all heard the phrase. The one that are now the very definition of Balotelli. He always seems to be in the spotlight, but unlike him, we all realize why. It is simple Balotelli, because you are not just different, but also original. And you DO have alot of potential in football. And we all, even many United supporters have admitted so, love it. And what a timing to use this? Less than 24 hours after getting you apartment burned down, you scored twice and that in the Manchester derby? That was when I was convinced that you are indeed a genius, perhaps a misunderstood genius, but aren't all geniuses misunderstood in their time? I won't say I understand you and are different, but I sure do appreciate your stories.

X - The X-factor
He would have won it.

Why - Young mans quotes
“England is far ahead of the rest in terms of stadia and far behind in terms of its media. They are just trash.”

(On Jack Wilshere)"What's his name? Wil something? I don't know him. I'll look out for him next time we play against Arsenal. Maybe I'll show him the trophy and remind him that I'm the one who won it."

(On Wayne Rooney) "He's good, but he is not the best in Manchester."

"Mourinho is the best coach in the world, but as a man he still needs to learn manners and respect."

Roberto Mancini said: "Every day I fight against Mario and sometimes I would like to give him a punch."

"There's only one that is a little stronger than me: Messi. All the others are behind me."(Later he also added Zlatan and Ronaldo to that list)

Z - Zupporter

My favourite as last one. He is a Milan fan and admitted so in the press on several occasions. And now that City seems to have lost their ability to see what kind of asset he really is, please follow your feeling and ship him out now. Ship him out fast. Ship him to where he belongs - AC. Milan!
He was a Milan supporter even while playing for Inter and in an certain interview he wore a Milan shirt for the fun of it. Great boy with great mind and will do great things once he come to his home. Let him come now!


Balotelli - if you read this, please promise me one thing. Never change. Football need your kind sorely!

Alexinho (AC Milan) 4 years ago
I am typing the letter "c" and it turns out to the word see. I type the letter "B" and it turns out to "Be" I type the letter "y" and it turns out to the word "why". Letter "U" turns to word "you" letter "R" turns out to word "Are" Letter "n" turns out to word "and", letter "o" turns out to word "oh"

Quite annoying I must say (Not "eye")...
Alexinho (AC Milan) 4 years ago
Pep Guardiola

Have you ever met a guy who is just something else to any other people you ever met before? A guy who just got the charisma that every singer and other celebrities just talk about having but never has? A guy who really would inspire you to fight for him? A guy who would just bring out the very best of you?

Not many has, and I consider myself lucky that I have, but only one time. I can assure you, if you ever met a guy like that, you would know already, if you just think you have, you certainly haven't. Such a guy is a rare thing, but it brings such joy to have met one like them.

You know the feeling you get when you watch a great movie with a great speech just before it is about to kick of? The shrive it brings to you? That is the closest I get to explain how it is to be around such a guy, and those are the people you would do anything for. I had a coach who was like that once, and he really did bring the best out of us, and it was just a joy to play football under him. And not did he only has this great charisma, but he actually had great knowledge about football as well. I guess it just make sense that he was a Barcelona fan as well.

Pep Guardiola is a man like that. He is one who inspire his players to fight for him.

And that is why so many Barca fans will and should mark this day in their calender. The day when Guardiola retired from the squad officially. 27.04.2012. Under his guiding Barcelona managed to win as many as 13 or perhaps even 14 titles in just 4 years. And on this day, you could see the sorrow of the players who met up in the conference but their biggest star didn't even show up. He found it to be too much for him and would not show his feelings for the media at the press conference.

That tells us a bit of what this man meant for his players. They would done anything and fight anyone for him. Just because he is the man he is, a true leader of one of the greatest teams through time. He is the man who inspired them to be this team and that is just the emotional side of the game. Add to that his philosophy of never ending possession and his small tactical changes 10-15 minutes into the game not obvious for the eye who opened great opponents time and time again and you get to see what an extraordinary coach he has been for them.

Even us who are not Barcelona fans could appreciate the game of this man and because of that, I will just wish Pep Guardiola the best and fastest recovery of motivation and hope to see him return to motivate a new team to reach extraordinary heights once again. Pep Guardiola, Good Luck!

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