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Divers Smell Bad
Donnchadh (Liverpool) 5 years ago
I felt like I could have formed an Olympic diving team watching the Champions League games today. I had to refrain from using profanity in the title of this topic it pisses me off so much. I was watching the Lille vs Inter while switching over to the Galati vs United game and though there wasn't that many blatant blatant dives people were just over exaggerating contact so much. A lot of players would roll on the pitch seven more times than the tackle or the momentum would take em without milking it. Galatri were going down really easily I thought during times in the match, winning free kicks when a 10 year old kid could have stayed on his feet. United were just as guilty, one time on a replay Nani looked like he was rolling down a hill holding his shin, he never stopped. It was a clear foul but the guy was booked and I don't think he deserved a yellow, Nani made an all you can eat buffet out of it and the ref payed for it.

Rooney's was an interesting incident. Ya he was caught and maybe it was enough to take him down, but he knew exactly what he was doing the whole time. Just waiting for that contact and going down when it came, he went down far too easily in my opinion. The worst part is, is that I know Luis Suarez would do the same thing or something similar, it just seems as if diving is part of the game now. I would call Rooney's a dive because I know he could have stayed up. Professional footballers are capable of fighting through tackles they just choose not to. Would have been refreshing for Rooney to go a bit off balance, stay on his feet and have a crack at goal, but he feels it and because he knew it was coming knew he was just going to slowly let himself fall to the ground. Looking straight at the referee when he went down too, not yelling or his hands up but he was looking at him before he hit the ground. Sad in my eyes, Luis has pulled similar shenanigans and I don't like it when he does it either.

Over in the other match, Maicon kept making what were fair challenges in my opinion on some guy and this guy would just flop over when ever he lost the ball. Maicon was getting pissed because the referee kept giving free kicks, and then this guy after a particularly bad one blows a kiss at Maicon? Like he was saying I am diving and I am getting away with it how do you like it? Disgraceful, I just have no empathy for the s**t not in my DNA I guess. Eden Hazard was the saving grace, like I said I was switching matches and didn't see the whole game so there could have been something I missed. But at the end of a brilliant move Hazard played a one two with someone and was in the penalty box pushing it past a few Inter defenders. The ball had got caught under his feet a bit I think so he was off balance, but he got by Kagawa who made contact with Hazard. It was enough to knock Hazard over but he tried to stay on his feet was windmilling his arms, but he couldn't because he was off balance. Never a penalty in my eyes, credit to Hazard though for trying to play through it and I didn't hear even a wimper from him about a pen. Didn't throw up his arms or look at the AR, didn't shout it was good to see. Really refreshing

I just think it puts a damper on some of these huge matches. Especially if it changes the game. I love love love the champions league so much, the champions league theme song equals essentially instant happiness for me even with Liverpool being out of it. But today's matches(that I had access too, which weren't the best) the diving stuck out like a sore thumb and more than making me really angry it made me sad for the present and future state of football a bit. Always football will bring so much joy and something like diving could never take that from the sport but at times it does put a damper on it. Kids in the street and fields will always just play for the love of the game and that's the best, but guys like Cristiano Ronaldo and Drogba and Suarez are probably lots of kids idols. And if they see them pulling this s**t it puts the idea in their head. Luckily there is someone like Messi(there have been recent claims to him diving, maybe once or twice in his entire career and they weren't bad ones at all) who amazingly with the state of football and the professional environment almost always stays on his feet. Brian McBride back in the day would play when his eye was swollen up to the size of a misshapen baseball or with a huge gash in his forehead or a broken nose. Never dove once in his life I would think a warrior on the field. Need players like that and there are many in the modern game but they are becoming fewer and fewer and may be a rare breed in the future.

I know that I never dive. Maybe that's one things Americans can pride themselves on in the football world is that they tend to take that mentality of never diving seriously(yes I know overall and technically we are shite with the ball for a county of such size but that is changing... Thankfully haha). I love taking people on, and there are few things more satisfying to me on a football pitch than getting your legs taken out from under you, sliding or rolling on the grass and popping up with the ball in space when every one else has stops because they are waiting for the whistle. Sometimes the whistle comes anyways because the referee is not aware but other times they know. Recently in my Sunday men's morning league a few weeks ago, one of my players took what I thought was a fairly blatant dive, the referee gave a penalty and I almost said I don't want to take it. I didn't say anything and stuck it away because I didn't want to be a bad teammate but maybe I should have said something. Another time a few weeks ago as well one of my teammates played a sweet inswinger after we had unlocked their defence. I was threw maybe I should have volleyed it first time but I let it bounce took a touch with my right to control it than sort of sombreroed it close to my body in between me and the defender. I was one on one with the keeper basically and the ball had set up really nicely, but the defender clipped my trailing right foot. I did the splits a bit stayed on my feet and took a step towards the ball but another defender cleared it before I could could get my shot away. I was sure I would get a penalty but it wasn't given(must be said the referee didn't like me very much) I was pissed but didn't yell to much. Everyone that saw it thought it was a penalty even someone from the other team but he didn't give it. Than an older guy on my team said I should have stayed down, I told him I didn't really know how haha. I guess I just don't understand it that's all and it pisses me off. It was nil nil when that happened I hit the crossbar a few minutes late and my teammate who had taken the dive a few weeks before this game curled in a f*****g peach of a shot from a impossible angle right next to the sideline about 20 yards from the endline. I don't know if he was trying to cross or shoot but it was a gem, right at the death. Amazing strike so we won 1 nil anyways but I would have rather have drawn than have taken a dive and won unfairly. Just how I like to play the game I guess, you are disrespecting football if you cheat yourself, the fans, the game, your teammates and your opponents. Winning at all cost mentality is great, that was Shankly's philosophy but he would never condone diving I don't think. You win by playing with heart leaving it all on the field, scoring late goals, making good tackles. Players like Eusebio, Beckenbauer, Di Stefano, Dalglish great winners, great footballers legends of football never dove and never would because they didn't need it and they had pride and heart. I think that is going out the window a bit sometimes in modern football. You can win something with pure heart look at Steven Gerrard or Mickey Ward

Mickey Ward was a boxer famous for getting the s**t kicked out of him and then winning the fight late. Never gave up never quit. And if anyone has seen the fighter you know he has gone through some stuff outside the ring too. Just wish more footballers were like that today. Messi is the shining light, the greatest footballer in the world never dives and is full of heart and that is a plus

P.S. As a side note I didn't see a single dive in the Women's World Cup, just saying
Jeroen (Barcelona) 5 years ago
Quick reply, as I'm going to bed, but of course I agree that diving on purpose is disgraceful, and real top players should never do it. Yes Ronaldo, I'm talking to you.

I'm glad to see you saw Hazard playing - I didn't, and apparently he did well despite not being able to get through the cluster of Inter defenders. I'm even happier to hear he didn't dive or ask for a PK when he was touched in the box either. Like I implied before: the mark of a great is to get up, and fight for another chance. I hope that Eden can actually become as good as so many predict he will be. In France, everyone is already saying he's going to be in the same categorie as Zidane, Maradona, Platini and Henry, who are all legendary greats. And even though I'm Belgian, I am still certain he has a really long way to go. Maintaining a sublime level of football (which he hasn't reached yet) is the hardest thing. But with unconditional love for the game, with a great team and a great coach guiding you, it can be done. The living example of this is your favourite player, is my favourite player, is the entire world's favourite player, Lionel. And yes, he does not dive, in spite of what some idiots claim. The latest example was this video, posted on a major Belgian sports website, claiming he's a diver too. Needless to say, I smashed my brand new 250€ HD screen to keep my eyes from seeing such horrid lies

Oh, and my solution is to punish players for clear and blatant diving after the game with suspensions similar to picking up a red card if the dive wasn't punished by the referee, based on video images. Though I would only punish the clear dives, where there is no or hardly any significant contact that can make a player lose balance.
If players like Suárez will miss 2 games for a dive, he'll soon enough stop it
Donnchadh (Liverpool) 5 years ago
Ah good old video editing that is quite infuriating worth smashing a screen over for sure J haha. Messiah is the everlasting light don't need him disgraced by video editors who probably can't play football themselves

This is more like it

Music that will have a little more respect for your speakers and is 8 turned sideways more funky

Thanks for the reply though J, Messiah is the man no one or Belgian videos can change that. Got off on a bit of a tangent, but that's alright, didn't want to sound self righteous saying I will never dive or whatever. But I have never taken a dive and I hope to never dive There are American players who dive though now unfortunately although very few and far far in between. And of course there are many many many players not from America who hate diving as much if not at more as United Statesians cheers just wanted to clear that up

Good simple solution as well, hopefully something like that is taken up
TheBarcaShow (Footytube Staff) 5 years ago
About that video, I don't see how people can say it is a dive at all. You can clearly see that his trailing foot is clipped, not to mention look at the score 2-0 for Barcelona, there is no incentive for a dive at all.

Anyways about the diving issue and having penalties for it.

There are penalties out there and people do have that power. Remember when Eduardo got 2 game suspension in the Champions League? 2 games and then it got over-turned which is just bullshit.

There was also the incident with Rivaldo at the 2002 World Cup against Turkey I believe where he clearly dove and play-acted and was fined for it.

Why don't they make this a more regular thing?

It is just absolutely ridiculous. As a Barca fan I'd love something to be implemented so that Busquets could clear his name and well.... I think Dani is a lost cause for now.

While they are at reviewing diving they should also review player discipline and these unnecessary "rage" tackles as well.

Oh and another thing I should point out is that the MLS is indeed using video technology and giving fines and suspensions for diving. Although the fines are too lenient and the suspensions are rare it is a step in the right direction
Ltm017 5 years ago
@TBS you think Dani dives more than Busquets? I honestly don't think Dani dives as much as people make him out to dive. He will go games without, but busquets is always rolling around and has a much longer way to go before clearing his name
TheBarcaShow (Footytube Staff) 5 years ago
Dani doesn't really dive. He just rolls around like he is on fire, that is all
Donnchadh (Liverpool) 5 years ago
For Barca being dubbed the new kings of diving after clasico shenanigans last year it was fantastic to watch them play today. Of course Messi was the shining light for not scoring it was a magical performance for me Could have gone down in the box a few times looking for a penalty and he never did, cheers Messiah. And at the end of the game when he got clipped right at the edge of the area he was hurt but instead of falling over and rolling around he got on with it. Limped around and played a nutmeg through someone's leg before he went down. Than he stayed on the pitch and hobbled around a bit still almost scoring twice haha. Got to love his character good stuff Messi.

I think the best way to get rid of diving though is to bring back some mid-evil stuff. One of those wooden restraints they would stone people in, put the guilty player in that and let little neighborhood kids kick footballs at him
TheBarcaShow (Footytube Staff) 5 years ago
Good idea. No one would ever dive again, especially in the Camp Nou because I heard the kids are good at football themselves
TheBarcaShow (Footytube Staff) 5 years ago
Edited and moved above
Lifeguard (FootyTube Moderator) 5 years ago
The yellow card for intentional diving should be pulled out a bit more often in my opinion, if this keeps up we're going to see the pitch replaced with that Olympic sized diving pool donnchadh is thinking of. Also - if someone, notably a well known player, dived often early in their career, they're remembered for a long time even if they don't dive as often, or even intentionally anymore - yes Ronaldo, that's you. I do like Ronaldo in that he's become more of a team player as he's progressed in his career, and especially in his role for Madrid, however, in the back of my mind lingers many a dive he took in Manchester, and for some reason I can't help think that he might still do it once in a while. Diving in soccer is just one small form of cheating that can taint everyone's view of you. Not to be racist or stereotypical, but I always saw the Italians dive alot in World Cups previous, so when they won the World Cup in 2006, I couldn't help but feel a little disappointed that at times it took cheating to do it. Nothing against the quality of the players themselves, just what they decide to do in order to win
Fiasc0 (Eintracht Braunschweig) 5 years ago
Lets see this again - pure beautiness of excellent football.     Link:
KingHarryKewell (Liverpool) 5 years ago
Whenever I've chatted to some of my rugby or rugby league loving friends as to why they hate football, the common answer is "because they (the players) are a heap of diving pansies". Diving is often frowned upon by us fans (and obviously non-fans) alike, yet it still doesn't mean that players will dive in order to milk a penalty or free kick.

The main reason that I don't like the Italian team is because of that incident in 2006, when they played Australia in the Round of 16 during the FIFA World Cup, when Fabio Grosso dove over Lucas Neill (and then admitted it a few years later) that won a penalty for Italy and controversially kicked Australia out of the World Cup competition that year. Italy may be a good side (except for last year) but honestly all I can see in them is that they're cheating divers. That dive we football-loving Australians took very personally, and it's hard to forgive the Italian team for such blatant cheating, not only against Australia, but beyond that too, when they went on to win the competition. So now the basic rule for me is, for international games, I cheer for Australia and anyone playing against Italy (even New Zealand, who were able to draw against Italy last year!)

Ultimately though, even though we point the fingers at those who dive (Nani, Ronaldo, Rooney etc) let's not forget that it's also up to the manager of the squad who is also responsible. They're managing a team, and it's their responsibility to pull aside those who are falling all over the place for no reason and belt them out of it. I remember when Drogba dove all the time, until Guus Hiddink came in temporarily. He must have lectured Drogba over diving pretty strongly, because after that, Drogba's diving has either lessened or stopped altogether. In the same way, Fergie needs to lecture Nani, Dalglish may need to lecture Suarez and Mourinho needs to lecture CR7 (what's the chances of the very latter happening though? Very small considering that Mourinho has an ego almost the size of Ronaldo's) to cut out the diving in their play. We honestly need more Messi's and Hazard's in our game, because they are fighters for the ball, even when they're getting close to falling over from being tripped by a defender, they still attempt to keep their balance and keep going, instead of wimpy submission.

Have I dived? Really the closest I've come to diving was a legitimate one - chasing after a loose ball, and 1v1 against the goalkeeper. Goalkeeper got there first and dove for the ball and got it, and as I couldn't stop in time (it was that close) I dove over the goalkeeper so as not to injure him in the collision. That's not a dive where you scream for a penalty, that's more a dive of consideration for the goalkeeper so as not to take them out by accident. Admittedly, goalkeepers are tough nuts, but even so, I'd prefer not to take my chances with that sometimes. Apart from that, as I frown with diving in this sport, I think it best for me to practice what I preach and not dive when I play. I've more or less adopted the Messi approach (without the silky skills unfortunately ) and just keep ploughing through, even if getting through with a good balance is another thing entirely!
FootballForever (Manchester United) 5 years ago
The diving is getting bad. To bad the pro coaches aren't like mine, where they said that if they see me rolling around on the ground like I'm dying, then they'll finish the job. The only thing that can really end it is if the yellow card for diving was used a bit more, it would hopefully send a message

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