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Best Season XI
Alexinho (AC Milan) 4 years ago
As the title suggest. Try to make your XI team out from the players you think had their best season and state what season version of that player you want. (No need to provide info about each player from each season unless you want to)
Alexinho (AC Milan) 4 years ago
GK - Nelson Dida 2003-2004
LB - Roberto Carlos 1997-1998
CB - Paolo Maldini 1998-1999
CB - Thiago Silva 2010-2011
RB - Dani Alves 2010-2011
DM - Gennaro Gatusso 2002-2003
AML - Ronaldinho 2005-2006
AMC - Cruijff 1966-67
AMR - Lionel Messi 2011-2012
ST - Ronaldo 1996-1997
ST - [C.]Ronaldo 2011-2012

Nelson Dida 2003-2004
What should I say, he just had so many great saves for us and except that one match against Deportivo in the champions league. He conceded 2 goals in just 4 matches and never more than 2 goals in Serie A that season. He conceded 4 one time against Deportivo once, and 2 goals in another match in champions league, rest of the matches we had, he never conceded more than 1.

Roberto Carlos 1997-1998.
This was the season he had his famous freekick vs France as well as the shot from dead angle against Tenerife - in my opinion the 2 greatest goals ever scored, and they came from the same person in what you could say is the same season. All the other stuff he did as well just is amazing, and a team without him at the VLB wouldnt make sense to me.
Here are a video with the 2 goals.

Paolo Maldini 1998-1999. The truth is that I could pick next about to any of his seasons. The legend has been just perfect in all his seasons and even winning the European Defender award in an age of 39! But when I have to first pick one, I will go with the 1998-99 Maldini. Most of the time he did play LB but he was not less great in the CB role and is in my opinion the best defender through time. An average season by this guy would be enough to get into this team

Thiago Silva 2010-2011
Simply the best defender in last season and won the Samba Ballon d'Or, award given to the best Brazilian player in Europe. As well as Maldini and Roberto, Thiago isn't a player who just can defend but also play the ball and always find a team mate to pass the ball to, whether it is a long ball or a short ball. Truly the key man for our victory in Serie A.

Dani Alves 2010-2011
4 goals 20 assists and always faster than his opponent as well as been a Brazilian. Of course he would made it into my team. But truly, he was just fantastic last season and if it wasn't for Thiago Silva, he would have won the Samba Ballon d'Or.

Genarro Gatusso 2002-2003. He was just a never ending fighter. He might not be the best with the ball, but he truly was the best to get the ball back and he could then just give the ball to someone who knew what to do with it. He was a 1man team in retrieving the ball when Milan lost it and had a never ending fighting spirit which deserved him the spot here. But just as important is the influence he has on his team mates. Not many realize this but he really has an impact on them and is the leader in the Milan team, even today. He is a man who one would fight for and inspire to this not just by his words but also with the passion he shows on the pitch. And I believe he is one of the major factor for why so many boys who has disciplinary problems in other club suddenly concentrate 100% on the football once they arrive in Milan.

Ronaldinho 2005-2006. It isn't about his numbers as much as about how he did it. His passes was so precise that an surgery would be proud and his dribbling was just leaving one after the other behind. Ronaldinho's best season was just great.

Cruijff 1966-67. He is the guy you think of when you think of total football. His best season, in my view, was the one of 66-67 (out from the videos I've been able to sample from him as he played before my time). This footballer was a great playmaker and a goalscorer as well as a dribbler and wherever he played, they were having success. An intelligent player with massive skills.

Lionel Messi 2011-2012. This might not be the best we've seen of Barcelona past few years but individually this has been the best season of Messi with him breaking lots of his old records such as goals in one season of Champions league. So far he has what, 63 goals and 26 assists in 55 games? I think those numbers speak for them selves for the player of this time who is being compared with the best of all time. The best season from perhaps the best player through time might just be enough to deserve a spot as well on my seasonal XI.

Ronaldo 1996-97. He was just 19-20 years old at this time and this is what he does in one season for Barcelona? It just gives me the shrive and I think the video explains better than I could with words, but I will just say, notice how most of his goals come after a dribble raid and then remember that even Messi (or whoever you want to say) wasn't that good in that age. Il Phenomenon

Cristiano Ronaldo 2011-2012. Also he has been having a massive season breaking the records Messi is not breaking and the fight between the 2 for been the worlds best this season is just immense. 59 goals and 17 assists is not far behind the best player through time's best season
Chargui (Arsenal) 4 years ago
I selected only for the past 15 years or so, seasons I can remember.

Buffon 2002-2003
Roberto Carlos 1997-1998
Paolo Maldini 1990-2009
Nemanja Vidic 2010-2011
Dani Alves 2008-2009
Patrick Vieira 2003-2004
Kaka 2006-2007
Ronaldinho 2004-2005
Thierry Henry 2001-2002
Ronaldo 1996-1997
Messi 2010-2011

Super sub: [C.] Ronaldo 2011-2012
Alexinho (AC Milan) 4 years ago
Buffon 2002-2003:

Nemenja Vidic 2010-2011

Dani Alves 2008-2009

Patrick Vieira 2003-2004

Kaka 2006-2007

Messi 2010-2011

Ronaldinho 2004-2005

Personally I would maybe taken Henry from 2002-2003 season.
Rudd (Manchester United) 4 years ago
GK:Gordan Banks
RB:Carlos Alberto
LB:Roberto Carlos
LW:George Best
Rudd (Manchester United) 4 years ago
LOL The ":" and the capital 'P' Made that face, Sorry! It's ment to be Pele
Chargui (Arsenal) 4 years ago
No D10S?
Kimaway17 (Liverpool) 4 years ago
2006: Buffon
2009: Alves
2008: Vidic
2012: Kompany
2010: Cole

2009: Xavi
2006: Zidane
2012: Messi
2008: Ronaldo
2006: Ronaldinho

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