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Best England's Strikers For Capello's 4-4-2
RetroFC (Arsenal) 7 years ago
Only Gary Lineker impressed me as England's striker. Now for 4-4-2 scheme, who's the best for it?

The candidates are:
1. Rooney
2. Owen
3. Defoe
4. Crouch
5. Heskey

I pick Rooney and Crouch, both are great striker. Rooney much as a hitman, and Crouch is the best for his tall. Defoe is absolutely brilliant, but I think Rooney and Defoe has similar type as striker. The wonderkid Owen is great as subtitute. Heskey? I put him as my last choice
Chrisg (Birmingham City) 7 years ago
Well Rooney would definately be the first choice striker, but there are issues in choosing his partner. Owen and Rooney play for the same club and train together every week and has played with Rooney at international level many times. Also he is, as lineker was, a sharp and predatory finisher. Defoe has pace and is in great scoring form this season for spurs and England. Crouch and Heskey are similar "Big Man" players. I'm not a big fan of either but would pick Crouch out of the two as he can score goals and Heskey often seems hopeless when it comes to putting it in the net "see England games earlier this year). It's a tough call because Rooney's tendancy to drop deep and move wide can leave his strike partner alone a lot so you would lean towards the big men, but his (and the England midfield's) ability to deliver killer balls would work in favour of the faster, more clinical strikers. Personally I'd go for Owen or Defoe. Hard to choose between an in form striker and one who would have a better playing relationship with Rooney. I'd try out Owen in the friendlies and see how it goes
RetroFC (Arsenal) 7 years ago
4-4-2 identically with attacking from winger. That would be good if have better chance to find the net from cross ball. Defoe and Owen are short striker. Big and tall defenders will take advantages from this case
Donnchadh (Liverpool) 7 years ago
I would put Crouch and Rooney together, Rooney is of course first choice and I like Crouch to play with him, Defoe and Rooney are too much alike to play together. Crouch is a good target player and he has scored a lot of goals for England as well, and with the great winger players on the England team I feel like Crouchie is a perfect fit. Gerrard is capable of playing perfect balls into Crouch and they have a good understanding of each other from Peter's time at Liverpool. Rooney has so much energy, he is always working non-stop and he will probably score a lot of goals I think Crouch is the best player to balance him out up top
Drukdude (Chelsea) 7 years ago
Well there should be no arguments about Rooney, he is number the number 1. But as his partner I would not go for any of the other 4 but for Darren Bent instead.
If I had to choose a parter from the above mentioned, I would probably play Defoe, Crouch as a sub

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