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What Big Impact Will Transfers Make
Larrybringard (Liverpool) 4 years ago
I think Torres will either leave in the next window or be replaced. He is not showing up like he did years past and is not finishing at all
BoundryBlueMad (Oldham Athletic) 4 years ago
Everyone say's it every year but answer to your self United fans out there for 12/13 season. What impact will it make to your squad.
For example Robin Van Persie, Shinji Kawaga and other's. It is quit hard for a player to fit in and get used to the squad. Even more so for the likes of Shinji who didn't play Man UTD a lot. It is a lot of exitment knowing that a player who has been awsome for their recent club is coming to your club. I don't how this feel's 'cause all you can get exited about at Oldham is that Paul Dickov a Manchester City legend is your coach, but I get the idea.
But even when you can't wait for a player to make their debut at your club they can turn out to be not how you expected. Like when Ibrahimovic went to Barca. Barcalona paid £45million for him and gave away Eto. So you think if they paid that much and gave away a superstar he would be good but he wasn't. Also Torres for Chelsea he has only now started to comeing good again. Then you have Robino for Manchester City. Everyone was excited about Robi but when he played for city he couldn't give a damn about what he did. Talking about City they havn't made any big transfers this summer maby they have relized that they don't have to spend money all the time.
So that's some example's of how big transfers can go wrong. Anyway what do you think about all of the new signings this summer. My favrioute new player in the prem is Eden Hazard he is awsome!

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