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The Secret England Manager Interview
Matt (Footytube Staff) 4 years ago
The following is transcribed from tapes we have received that may (it isn't) be of an interview between a representative of the FA and Harry Redknapp.

The Fa: Morning Harry, take a seat.

Harry: mooorning. *

The FA: Just to let you know this is simply a preliminary discussion to narrow down out list of candidates for the England job.

Harry: Yeah sure sure, you will pick up my exspenses though yeah? *

The FA: Well yes but we did feel it was unecessary for you to take a private helicopter via Monaco for the Journey.

Harry: Yeah well its the fastest way to get here isn't it and I'm a busy man, is this water complimentry? *
The FA: Sure er so lets move on....
The FA: We are looking to make this appointment not just for the Euro's but the future. On saying that we
Would expect you to progress to the knock out stages at least, how would you ensure this.

Harry: Right, right well first of all I would sign Bale, Kaboul, Adebayour, Van der Vaart, Defoe and Crouchy.... *

The FA: Hold on Harry I am pretty sure that all but two of them are not English.

Harry: Is that important? In this day and age we have to look beyond nationality. *

The FA: Yes its important it is fundamental to the international game and furthermore is against the rules.

Harry: Ah well far enough can't blame a geezer for trying, so who out of that can I have? *

The FA: Erm well the English ones, Defoe and Crouch.

Harry: Right OK so whats that 8mil for Defoe and prolly only need 2mil for Crouch which is a bit of a shame, so 10% to me is what.... 1mil not bad, not bad at all. Halfway through we can then flog Crouch to the Swedes. *

The FA: Harry it does not work that way at international level.

Harry: huh? Well how do I get players and paid? *

The FA: Well players you simply ask to play and we would agree a salary for you, though that is looking unlikely at this point.

Harry: Really? Well that's odd. Quick question this "salary" is it possible to get 50% paid to "Buster the Dog"? *

The FA: erm, I think we have everything we need, by the way do you have Roy Hodgsons number?

* Translated from cockney
ManUK (Manchester United) 4 years ago
It's all mind games, that man is a genius...
Diego9089 (Manchester United) 2 years ago
Very fine info. I don't know it

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