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Photoshop Challenge #4!: Crazy Football
Ant (Liverpool) 6 years ago
Hi guys,

To keep the momentum going on the footytube Photoshop competitions, we're going to open up a new challenge. It's one that almost everyone can enter because the topic is so open. The subject of this competition is "Crazy Football".

What is crazy football? Well, more or less anything can be happening on the field, kittens as footballers, an enormous goal/tiny keeper, or maybe a full team of referees out there. Maybe a player has two heads. Use your imagination!

If you win the compo (at the mods discretion) then you get +2 million bonus. Sweet! However, if you use an old/stolen picture there could be serious punishments! So don't cheat please!

So, have a think. Enter as many times as you like.

Just so we are all working off the same standards, I would ask that you keep the image less than 500x500 and upload it to here: Link: , pasting the "direct link" to these forums when its uploaded. The forums will do the rest.

Good luck everyone!

Previous topics are here Challenge 1, Challenge 2 and Challenge 3

We have a winner.

Ladies and gents we have a winner!

The voting was very close again, as you might imagine, but the overall winner is Pragathish, who came both First and Second! Bonus valuation coming your way, sir.

First place winner:


Second place:


Special mention to the velociraptor football one by Scooterheyes, my favourite.

Thanks everyone and watch out for upcoming competitions! Feel free to add more entries here if you want to, but please note this competition is over.

Pragathish (AC Milan) 6 years ago
Wow I feel sooo honored and proud!Thanks to everyone! :')

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