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Football Lookalikes
PeterzeGooner (Arsenal) 1 month ago
Andy Carroll

Roman reigns

ManOnDMoon (Manchester City) 1 month ago
I think Andy Carroll looks a bit like Russell Brand without a pony tail, incidentally West Ham fan

Ilovefootball20 (Liverpool) 4 months ago
Haahaah thry are all brilliant! Love the swarez one
Chelseaarebeast (Chelsea) 6 months ago

This Goblin from Harry Potter

Neil Warnock
Gunner3 (Arsenal) 7 months ago
Craig Bellamy


Kerasface (PSG) 8 months ago

Rio Mavuba

Tyler the Creator

ManOnDMoon (Manchester City) 9 months ago
Omar Abdulrahman (Al Ain)

Vergadbrujo (Real Madrid) 10 months ago
Mesut Ozil and Arcade Fire's Win Butler
Matt (Footytube Staff) 11 months ago
A three way!


The Nameless One:

Craig Scheffer:

ManOnDMoon (Manchester City) 9 months ago
I think Cavani looks like Brandon Lee

Maaza (Barcelona) 12 months ago
Khal Sandro      
Sam (Footytube Staff) 12 months ago
Does that make Sandro the Father of Dragons?
Azeal (Liverpool) 10 months ago
I have to say, wow
Gunner3 (Arsenal) 7 months ago
Kerasface (PSG) 1 year ago
Rodrigo Palacio

Antonio Cesaro

N3razzurri (Inter Milan) 11 months ago
Nah, it's just not the same without the rat tail!
[account-removed] 1 year ago
Suarez and Sid      
Rubin (Inter Milan) 1 year ago
Ltm017 1 year ago
Wow that John Terry look a like is serious. Is that even real?

And Neymar? Looks like Neymar with a wig. The same with Torres.... Looks like Torres with a wig
Rubin (Inter Milan) 1 year ago
I think Terry's and Torres' look-alikes are a couple of unknown women, hence the shared name captions, but Neymar's look-alike looks a lot like Neymar with a wig
Gunner3 (Arsenal) 1 year ago
Michael Ballack:

Mark Wahlberg:

Gunner3 (Arsenal) 1 year ago
Marco Reus

Anderson Cooper

ManOnDMoon (Manchester City) 1 year ago
Visions of Monsieur Pardeaux
AussieGooner14 (Arsenal) 1 year ago
FutureMUplayer (Manchester United) 1 year ago
Yep that's a good one!
FutureMUplayer (Manchester United) 1 year ago
Yep that's a good one!

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