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EPL Word Association
ScooterHayes (Chelsea) 6 years ago
Simple idea really, just use one sentance to describe the each team on the EPL table based on performance. Don't just say "the best, in 1st, the worst, etc" or things that hold them to their position on the table.... Be creative. But keep it brief please.

Chelsea -The system that works
Manchester United -The peak
Arsenal - The flash/style of the EPL
Tottenham - The biggest surprise
Manchester City - The rebels
Aston Villa - Those who are about to be transferred, we salute you
Liverpool - The disappointment....
Everton - The ever so slightly better
Birmingham City - The somehow we missed you sneaking into the top-half....
Stoke City - Those that refuse to go down.... Literally.
Blackburn -Can't beat the bigs, can't lose to the smalls
Fulham - The american-outpost challenging for Europe.... That hardly cares where they land on the table
Sunderland - Bent's boys.... The Bent-leys.... The Darren-Bent-has-carried-you-all-season's.... Yup.
Bolton - Maintaining the status quo
Wigan Athletic FC - Those most capable of doing better
Wolverhampton - Those that did well considering....
West Ham United - Those that would be missed by the few and ignored by the majority
Hull City - An American striker in England.... Would have worked better if his name was Donovan
Burnley - Another doormat for the bigs
Portsmouth - The liquidators

It's a spotty list, but I'm hoping this generates some interesting and witty responses.... Considering mine aren't that entertaining (be gentle, I'm American, I bruise easily.... Lol). Thanks!

Edit** This is your chance to share your opinions of each and every team in the EPL.... Make it good!
VeljaSrbin (FK Partizan Beograd) 6 years ago
Chelsea – Time heals everything! Jose who?!
Manchester United - If we only had another goal scorer!
Arsenal – Never mind winning, let’s play football…
Tottenham - Wow! Champions League! Really?! Gotta' buy me a nice dress…
Manchester City – Name the price, we’ll buy it…
Aston Villa - Does anyone know the way to Topfourville?!
Liverpool – Remember 70’s and 80’s?!
Everton – What’s new?!
Birmingham City - Are we that good?!
Stoke City - Thank God for set pieces!
Blackburn – Boring is better than bad!
Fulham – F**k domestic, let’s go continental…
Sunderland – Knock, knock! Who is it?! Darren Bent…
Bolton – Know that guy that’s always around, but no one notices him?!
Wigan Athletic FC – Premiership stadiums are crowded, says who?!
Wolverhampton – We like this party, let’s hang for a little while…
West Ham United – That was a close one!
Hull City – Beginner’s luck lasts only for one season…
Burnley – Veni, vidi, now let’s go home…
Portsmouth – Damn recession…
Pragathish (AC Milan) 6 years ago
Haha well played man, especially love Man City's, Wigan, Sunderland and Fulham
Jetlifari (Arsenal) 6 years ago
Hahaha! I love the Arsenal one and the Villa one
Raj (Chelsea) 6 years ago
Chelsea – Making Italian managers commit treason for 103 in a league season !
Manchester United - Thank jeebus for Shrek and Mr. OG.
Arsenal – Sod the new player recruits, lets buy some physios who know what they're doing and add some calcium pills to the diet.
Tottenham - It's finally happening ! Now all we've got to do is hold on to Bale, Modric, Nico, Palacios, Dawson.... Arry' 'imself.
Manchester City – Looking forward to buying everything in South Africa.
Aston Villa - Where is our Billionaire?
Liverpool – When can we kick out our billionaires?
Everton – We were 4th one time you know, damn red scousers went behind our backs.
Birmingham City - What?
Stoke City - Delap is shite with everything else, but we cope.
Blackburn –Fat Sam bought us low attendances but we get to see Diouf's face again for another season. Hooray !
Fulham – Let's move out of London and into Europe lads !
Sunderland – gotta' place big orders on those beach-balls. BENT !
Bolton – Must raid Real Madrid for some golden oldies. Can we change the name from the Reebok to the Dunlop please?
Wigan Athletic FC – We are really trying to put JJB Sports on the map for our boss Whelan. And don't complain about our pitch !
Wolverhampton – Fielding our reserves against United paid off. Dammit, Chelsea still won.
West Ham United – We'll love Franco even if we were relegated. How could you not, you heartless basteward?
Hull City – Looking forward to those parachute payments.
Burnley – We came, we saw, we kicked United and Spud butts on the first and last days and went out ! Heads high !
Portsmouth – We'll throw in our oven too, bail out please?
Pragathish (AC Milan) 6 years ago
Chelsea: Deepest Blue
Man Utd: Rooney Rooney Rooney!Oh,Injured?Agony Agony Agony!
Arsenal: Younger.Faster.Sleeker. Goal Keeper?
Liverpool: There's always a next season.
Man City: Money Money Money Money Money Money!Oh,did I forget to mention Money?
Tottenham: Redknapping the 4th spot.
Aston Villa: Close,but no cigar.Typical Villains!
Portsmouth: Sale!Sale!99% discount!No need to hurry though.
Fulham: Roy:Ahoy,Europa!
Sunderland: Where Beach balls could prove fatal....
West Ham Utd: Zola-Should have tried Bola instead...
Ant (Liverpool) 6 years ago
Chelsea - "The Dream team" aka Money does buy titles
Manchester United - Can't teach old dogs new tricks
Arsenal - Can't teach young dogs old tricks
Tottenham - The Shockers
Manchester City - Future champs
Aston Villa - The Faders
Liverpool - Les Miserables
Everton - Who?
Birmingham City - The Forgotten Ninjas, no one cared they did well
Stoke City - Just throw the ball into the goal
Blackburn - The Also-rans
Fulham - David defeats the Goliaths
Sunderland - The beachcombers
Bolton - The invisibles
Jetlifari (Arsenal) 6 years ago
Lol! Shouldn't Sunderland be the beachballers? ;D
Blueskiesahead (Chelsea) 6 years ago
Chelsea - pure resilience
Manchester united - the hypnotizers.... Making other teams forget which goal is theirs
Arsenal - the PL's youth system
Tottenham - still can't get ahead of the gunners
Manchester city - the blue side of manchester not quite as good as the blue part of london
Aston villa - as english as the queen
Liverpool - the spanish national team can't seem to compete in the EPL
Everton - can't afford players, can't afford any luck
Birmingham city - so undstated how far hart can get you in this game
Stoke - they may not win the league, but they could get a gold in shotput
Blackburn - bet you newcastle is real jealous that the rovers were smart enough to keep big sam around
Fulham - at least one of these teams made it to a european final
Sunderland - looking bent out of shape
Bolton - they don't wanna move up, they don't wanna move down
Wigan - well at least we were able to get one win out of chelsea....
Wolvorhampton - told you those three point against manchester wouldn't matter
West ham - at least we used to have the best young talent around
Hull city - it was fun while it lasted
Burnley - two halves to a game.... Two halves to a season
Portsmouth - so I totally saw david james at a yard sale the other day

Great post by the way

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