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Champions League Team Ratings
Soccerdude199 (Chelsea) 6 years ago
Hey nice list.  
Soccerdude199 (Chelsea) 6 years ago
With a unbeaten streak are favorites in the champions league. Lionel Messi, Europes most in form player at the moment is one of the top scorers and is probably going to be player of the tournament.
Ratings: 9. 0

Manchester United-
The talking point of the champions league when they lost to Bayern is now out. Manchester united dominant but sloppy in defence.
Ratings: 8. 0

The most disapointing team in the champions league this year. Were on a roll until round of 16, and lost against
Ratings: 7. 5

Have been superb. A little lucky against Real Madrid with lots of brilliant saves from Hugo LLoris. Still Lyon is playing brilliantly.
Ratings: 8. 5

Real Madrid-
Have been playing their average game. Loss against Lyon was pretty unlucky but still Real were About average.
Not Cristianos day.
Ratings: 7. 8

Played pretty well, a little sloppy but never the less they made it to the qaurter finals but loss to Lyon. A little unlucky. Sorry Bordeaux.
Ratings: 8. 0

With a win against Porto they were on a roll. But the challenge was a in form spanish side that was not going to give up easily. They lost against Barcelona. Better luck next time.
Ratings: 8. 5

AC Milan-
One of the more lossing teams of the champions league. Would lose against Manchester United in the round of 16.
Ratings: 7. 5

Inter Milan-
The best of the italian teams are on a roll with wins taking them into the semifinals. They have been playing great.
Even won against Chelsea.
Ratings: 8. 5

Bayern Munich-
A great german side with a eye for goal sends themselves to the semifinals with wins against Fiorintina and Manchester United.
Ratings: 8. 8

FC Porto-
A dissapointing defeat against Arsenal took them out of the championa league.
Ratings: 7. 5

Please post your ratings.

Yogan (Chelsea) 6 years ago
Why is this on Funny Old Game? Terrace or Stands might be better.

Barca - 10. 5/10, they are so good at the moment
Manchester United - 8. 5, Out of the competition unluckily
Chelsea - 8. 0, Had a hard time against Inter, unbeaten in the group stages
Lyon - 9. 0, Played well every step of the way, never give up
Real Madrid - 6. 5 Were poor, lost to a side not as good as them, could be in the semis now
Bordeaux - 7. 5, Again unbeaten in the group stages, but should have done better vs Lyon
Arsenal - 8. 0, Could have been alot better at the nou camp
AC Milan - 6. 5 4-0 vs Man United!
Inter Milan - 9. 5 stunningly confident, seem unbeatable
Bayern Munich - 9. 5 Great ability to carry on
FC Porto - 6. 5 Failed vs Arsenal

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