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Best/Worst/Funny Footballer Names!
StrikersMT28 (Seattle Sounders) 7 years ago
Also, some bad stadiuum names, courtesy of fourfourtwo.  -Gay Meadow  -Dick's Sporting Goods park  -Wankdorf Stadion  
StrikersMT28 (Seattle Sounders) 7 years ago
It asterisked the "an. " Don't know why, but it did
Tom (Manchester United) 7 years ago
Because it would say w**k haha
Ellada10 (Olympiakos Piraeus) 7 years ago
Yogan (Chelsea) 7 years ago
Well obviously some of the staff have blocked out the bad words - use your logical sense footytubers!
Gavrazor (Manchester City) 7 years ago
This isn't a funny name for a club but it is funny because its a copy of barca's crest,

Barcalona FC

Forest Green Rovers

Darius (Southampton) 7 years ago
Lol that is extremely similar
Sergio 7 years ago
LOL plagourism!
Ragarsha (Liverpool) 7 years ago
That was not good
ManUK (Manchester United) 7 years ago
LOL! Plagourism indeed! Barca should sue them
Sergio 7 years ago
Daniel agger. In my language " Agger Means Shi-t " lool
ManUK (Manchester United) 7 years ago
Lol yea, D agger, put it together and...
Ragarsha (Liverpool) 7 years ago
Brian Pinas
Razak Pimpong
David Seaman
Paul Dickov
Danny Shittu
Bernt Haas
Jung Yoo Suck
Freddy (this is his real surname)
Blaszczykowski (pronounce this one!)
Einer Aas
Thomas Mooney
Marcus Bent
Olivier De c**k
And these I found on FIFA 08, but don't know their surnames:
Oh. Koc
M. Bullock
Are. Scheidt
See. Kum
D. Invincibile
Are. Fuchs
F. Arce
L. Pusineri
Bobo Balde
Ali Al-Habsi
Dong Fangzhou
Idan Tal
Bernt Haas
Djemba Djemba
David Batty
Paul Dickov, sounds painful!
Rolaf Jan Tictac from AZ Alkmaar
Steve froggat

My Funny Playing XI
Goalkeeper : Zaza
Defenders : Lolo, Pepe, Coco, Papa
Midfielders : Momo, Lala, Kaka, Nene
Strikers : Bobo, Baba

Yogan (Chelsea) 7 years ago
What about F. Rost?
Sergio 7 years ago
Ballack was just a wrong chose of name. For obvious reasons
Yogan (Chelsea) 7 years ago
Butt, Shittu, Fukinishi. Why did someone say Arshavin. I don't support arsenal but can someone tell me whats funny?!
Jeroen (Barcelona) 7 years ago
Seriously? English is my 3rd language and I spotted that when I first heard about him. What do you (or probably not yet, since I noticed you're 11) do in the morning to look clean and how can that also be done about 2ft lower, in less clean places?
Yombe10 (Arsenal) 7 years ago
Haha, I have to laugh at Jeroen's post
Incuteration (Everton) 7 years ago
Oh actually I don't actually understand when a guy said Arshavin but after hearing what you said, I somehow understand. Arse Shaving?
Jeroen (Barcelona) 7 years ago
Oh, and no one mentioned Hulk yet, the FC Porto striker:

Link: (footballer)

And Kaka is Dutch (and French) for s**t. Try watching football with your girlfriend (presuming she doesn't know, well s**t, about footy) when he's playing. Not only does she thinks s**t looks better than you, but she can't stop laughing every time his name is mentioned
Franboy (Barcelona) 7 years ago
Pour les français, les deux gagnants sont

1) kaka -> in french kaka = poo ! ! !

2) Cocu -> in french cocu = Deceived husband ! ! !

Amayel (PSG) 7 years ago
Good translation !
Theshid (Liverpool) 7 years ago
There's Francois Leboeuf in english it gives that Francois Thecow
Amayel (PSG) 7 years ago
Lol, Franck Leboeuf is his real name !  Guess you didn't like him...
LyverBird (Liverpool) 5 years ago
TheBull actually, TheCow would be LaVache
Franboy (Barcelona) 7 years ago
Lol yes it' exact the shid
Amayel (PSG) 7 years ago
Nicolas Esceth-N'Zi
Sergio 7 years ago
Bonaar, Morrass. Two Holland dirty named players
Alfaz (Manchester United) 7 years ago
Michael Mifsud (born 17 April 1981 in Pietà) is a Maltese footballer who last played for English side Coventry City.... & also; Manuel "Junior" Agogo (born 1 August 1979) is an English-Ghanaian footballer. He is a striker and currently plays for Apollon Limassol.... What a weird name
[account-removed] 7 years ago
Daniel Agger's cousin Nicolaj Agger has a nickname called 'Fætter' Agger which means 'Cousin Agger'

It looks a little like Fatter Agger to me
Dhanasil (Manchester United) 7 years ago
El Pibe de Oro

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