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Balotelli And The Battle Of The Bib
ManUK (Manchester United) 3 years ago
Match Up:

Balotelli - 25m vs Bib - 6m

Balotelli 0-3 Bib

Marcinny (New York Red Bulls) 3 years ago
I am laughing so hard with this. Hahahahahahaha.

I am surprised he can tie his own shoes, but that's probably the part that is hidden from those with a camera
Charliehenry (Arsenal Arsenal Arsenal) 3 years ago
Best comments

*Balotelli: 24 million

Bib: £5

Balotelli failing at putting a bib on: priceless

*He's not familiar with this type of bib, as he wears other types of bibs at home

*When Robbie Savage is mocking you, you know your life is bad.
Ant (Liverpool) 3 years ago
$180, 000 a week? I'd happily look like a fool on TV for that money
Jeroen (Barcelona) 3 years ago
Oh my, you have got to be joking. I think City just paid 24m for a man with an extra chromosome
Zian6 (AC Milan) 3 years ago
What a big humiliation
Jetlifari (Arsenal) 3 years ago
I don't think he's had much experience wearing them as most teams in Serie A can't afford them Or maybe he asked for help because he always gets help when putting on these things....

Ant (Liverpool) 3 years ago
Dzeko makes fun!    
Hithere (Manchester United) 3 years ago
Hahaha.... Brilliant, Dzeko
ManUK (Manchester United) 3 years ago
I like this Dzeko player
Marcinny (New York Red Bulls) 3 years ago
Hahahahahaa. Good one
Lifeguard 3 years ago
Dzeko 1 - Balotelli 0 - Bib 3.... And counting
ManUK (Manchester United) 3 years ago
And now in memory of Balotelli and the Bib I head the thread with this picture

Long live the bib
Lifeguard 3 years ago
Lol - if I do remember correctly, this isn't the first time he's had trouble with clothing....

ManUK (Manchester United) 3 years ago
He's a troubled person to say the least lol

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