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Footy - Penalty Fever
LeftHeadKick (Arsenal) 7 years ago
I'm terrible at this but I can't stop playing. Haven't passed the QF's yet
Curlsz (Tottenham Hotspur) 7 years ago
This game is rubbish  It is way to hard
Ant (Liverpool) 7 years ago
Some people raise their game and get more satisfaction from beating a difficult game, others prefer an easy game
UgoDroPiero (Juventus) 7 years ago
Arrrgh.... At least I'm better than carrick
Babaluga (Barcelona) 7 years ago
Best game ever! I've played 8 finals and finally I won
Omar (Arsenal) 7 years ago
I lost in the Semi's - TO andrelecht!  I was Lyon.... And why do they look like Barca?
Vegascoaster (Arsenal) 7 years ago
I think my best was the quarter finals. Its hard to get a grasp of at first, but after you get the hang of it its a decently fun game
Ftotti (AS Roma) 7 years ago
The best way to score is aiming twice to the middle. Almost a guarantee
Devang (Liverpool) 7 years ago
Its too fast.... I can keep but I can't score
Spaturcus (Manchester United) 7 years ago
Cool game dude
MasihThe1 (Liverpool) 7 years ago
Cool game, abit difficult but I went till semi-finals
Toon1989 (Gateshead) 7 years ago
Jamesearlgreen (Liverpool) 7 years ago
Suuuuuupeeeer fast gameplay.... Fun though!
Tezzahannam (Liverpool) 7 years ago
This game is f****n shit
Senthil (Chelsea) 7 years ago
Oh! Its very hard to play the group stage
ManUK (Manchester United) 6 years ago
I am as bad as England at this

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