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Why Gerrard Hits The Nail On The Head With Regards To Liverpool
Footytubeblog (Blog) 4 years ago
John Henry has a plan, something so grand and cunning that it simply can’t fail in elevating Liverpool back up the Premier League table. Well not really, I doubt that it’s even his plan. It’s more likely that of a group of advisors who have come in and given their two cents to the owner of a baseball team.

John Henry doesn’t understand football, but that’s ok, because at this point anyone can become a football team owner, anyone can become a baseball team owner, a hockey coach, a World Cup-competing manager. For that, the Liverpool owner does need football people around him; however it doesn’t mean their take on the matter is the right one.

But this whole thing about youthful purchases has nothing to do with taking Liverpool back up the league table. And you’ve got to wonder, if John Henry is so desperate to see a return on his transfer investments in the future, why even bother coming to town and relieving Hicks and Gillett of their duties?

Under this policy of only seeing value in younger players, does that mean Steven Gerrard can be prized away from Liverpool for a couple of million? What about Pepe Reina or Martin Skrtel?

It’s important that the owners take a look to clubs like Chelsea and Manchester United, where older figures in the squad continue to make a lasting impression, and where Chelsea’s idea of releasing Frank Lampard at the end of the season has been met with criticism from all sides.

There is value in Lampard in his connection with the fan base at Stamford Bridge, but there is still incredible worth in retaining his experience and placing him alongside the younger plays in the squad. It doesn’t matter where Oscar, Victor Moses or Eden Hazard have come from or how good they are, it’s still of great importance that they’re taught how to win at their new club.

I don’t stand by the theory that you can’t win anything with kids, as Borussia Dortmund are the latest example which disproves that idea. In Jurgen Klopp’s team, Sebastian Kehl and Roman Weidenfeller were the two older heads, while the star names in the team like Mario Gotze, Mats Hummels, Marco Reus and Ilkay Gundogan are yet to reach their 25th birthday.

However, I also believe that part of this obsession with young players stems partly from Barcelona’s own successful model, where youngsters are taught how to play a specific way and brought up to conquer the footballing world. It’s an almost unshakable model which is hugely impressive but also has decades of planning and construction at its base. With some other clubs, and specifically Liverpool in this case, one of their overriding concerns is monetary. But even then, even when Barcelona were winning but found a hole in their first team, they addressed it via the transfer window. Maxwell had very little resale value when he came in, but he did a well enough job. You’re not always going to have a Jordi Alba available waiting to be picked up.

Moreover, this idea of reshaping the recruitment plan simply can’t work off-the-bat and with a new manager in place as well. If in five years Liverpool have retained Brendan Rodgers, then only may we see the full effects of this plan, one which needs long-term thinking rather than short-term mistakes. It also doesn’t mean the club need to go out and grab the next available player who happens to be over 30, as Rodgers has his way of playing and he needs to complement that rather than disrupt it. However, that remains a slightly different debate

It’s not unnatural for sports to develop whereby the game becomes more favourable to younger athletes, for one reason or another. But when that does happen, management teams still see value in bringing in experienced heads and players that will add that necessary blend of veteran eyes to watch over the development of younger team-mates.

Written by Thomas Hallett

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Ruskin (Liverpool) 3 years ago
Most clubs are getting around to balancing there books. With exception of two clubs, even Man Utd had to issue shares in their stock. Is a player worth 35 million. Do clubs invest in youth or search the spannish leagues or french to find talent that floods into The be. P. L

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