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Why Fergie And Hodgson Can’t Both Be Wrong Over Cleverley
Footytubeblog (Blog) 3 years ago
There is a lot of debate about whether Manchester United and England midfielder Tom Cleverley is the answer to the problems that club and country have.

The 23 year old has been a big part of Manchester United’s pursuit of a 20th league crown and has been ever present in Roy Hodgson’s England team since Euro 2012.

The critics don’t see what Cleverley brings to the table. They believe he is only in the England squad because he plays for Manchester United.

But if Sir Alex Ferguson has faith in the young midfielder and continues to play him in the big games against the likes of Real Madrid and Chelsea, then surely he can do a job for England.

The downsides seen in Cleverley’s game is that he doesn’t get enough goals. So far this season, Cleverley has played 28 times for Manchester United and only scored four goals, one was an over hit cross which deceived Tim Krul and ended up in the back of the net. With a lack of goals, Cleverley doesn’t affect the game in the same way as Frank Lampard does with his ability to score goals.

Another flaw seen in Cleverley’s game is his vision. He keeps the ball well but he doesn’t have the kind of vision that Michael Carrick has shown on numerous occasions this season. Carrick’s pass to set up Javier Hernandez to score a last minute winner against Newcastle or his delightful reverse pass to set up Javier Hernandez in Manchester United’s 2-2 draw with Chelsea in the FA Cup.

His range of passing is not the same as the likes of Steven Gerrard or Paul Scholes. Their ability to switch the play in an instant helps their side unsettle defences and give them more of a chance to break sides down.
With people quick to criticise Cleverley’s game, there is a lot of positives he brings to the game.

His versatility is a huge bonus for both club and country. Cleverley prefers to play in the middle, but his ability to adapt to any situation in the game is a real plus. He has the ability to change from a holding midfielder to playing out wide, being behind the frontman to dropping deep and protecting the back four. Cleverley can cover all areas across the midfield.

But Cleverley’s main attribute is his ability to keep the ball. With the game changing at European and International level, there is more emphasis now on teams keeping possession.

England’s problem when it’s comes to major tournaments is there lack of possession. Ball retention is vital in major tournaments, hence why Spain have won the last three major tournaments. Teams like Spain, Germany and Italy made the final four of Euro 2012 because they have players that can keep the ball.

Cleverley’s pass success rate is excellent, plus he is always available and finds space easily around the pitch.
The game is changing and players like Cleverley are the future of the game. If people like Sir Alex Ferguson and Roy Hodgson believe in Cleverley, then people should give him a chance.

With Cleverley turning 24 before the start of next season, he needs to add to his game. Keeping possession is vital, but adding goals or creating more chances, will see Cleverley held in a higher esteem.

Written by Liam Close

This blog does not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of footytube or its partners.
Bjarni10 (Manchester United) 3 years ago
I certainly agree he needs to add goals to his game and improve his long range passing but there is no doubt in my mind he will be a class player for both club and country in the next few years.

He and Wilshere together are a terrific partnership for England and with Gerrard behind them that could be a beast midfield for England
SoccerIsFootbal (Manchester United) 3 years ago
His shooting has improved over the course of the season. He's always scored goals at lower levels, and will improve with time.

Cleverley is doing a good job keeping possession and he can track back when gerrard or lampard go forward and get caught on the break. Whereas the hordes of replacements trying to take cleverley's job? He's as good as anyother midfielder in england in his age range, but has the benefit of playing and training under guys like carrick and scholes, in competitions like champions league and premier league. For us, he provides the legs in midfield to give carrick space to operate and run the offense, but he also links well with the forwards. He doesn't play those intricate through balls and such (ando has shown more promise in that regard) but he still helps players find space with his one touch passing and movement-he also puts in a great cross from time to time.

He'll continue to add to his game over the years; no one is the finished product at 23 years old. He's missed a lot of chances earlier in the season (vs newcastle in the CC, and a few times for england) but he's improved on that end, and it's a good sign he is getting into good goal scoring positions.... Not much is said about wilshere's shooting because he doesn't even find himself in those positions often- he scores even fewer goals than cleverley
SoccerIsFootbal (Manchester United) 3 years ago
Whats a blog without a nice video nowadays?

This is a compilation of his best moments this season. There's enough there to suggest he can be a good player for us if he keeps maturing. This has been his first full season with the first team. He's only 23, he will continue to improve with time.

Redsince63 (Manchester United) 3 years ago
I think one of the main things that Cleverly needs is or the ability to ride tackles or the sixth sense to get out of harms way a split second before he's crocked ! Up till now he's suffered badly with injurys and gets caught to often or lets his emotions get the better of him, at United he's got 2 masters Giggsy has always floated like a butterfly and Scholsey only cripples and rarely gets caught himself !
If Cleverly and Wilshere could stay fit then theres plenty of promise for Englands future
RedFace (Manchester United) 3 years ago
Great blog. He is still maturing as a player. We have to put up with poor and mediocre performances for him to gain the experience to improve. The same as all our youngsters, a perfect example of this is Rafael.

I expect a much more rounded player next season. In his loan spells he's had a knack for scoring goals but he seems low on confidence regarding shooting. He needs to start improving all aspects of his game. At the moment he's a jack of all trades, master of none. The same way I described fletcher until he became 26/27. He may end up our carrick type player keeping possession and setting the tempo with someone like powell (great potential) adding firepower to the attack.

If you watch cleverley you will see he is always available. He always moves into space opening up avenues for attacks. I think at the moment he doesn't quite have the faith of the united players. Our players are looking for other passes when cleverley is on because he doesn't have that trust factor that comes with maturity
Merka88 (Liverpool) 3 years ago
I would disagree that the reason Spain are so successful is down to possession
Phunorla (Chelsea) 3 years ago
Here are my views on Why Guardiola Chose Bayern

SoccerIsFootbal (Manchester United) 3 years ago
Don't spam
[account-removed] 3 years ago
"But if Sir Alex Ferguson has faith in the young midfielder and continues to play him in the big games against the likes of Real Madrid and Chelsea" and how these big games has ended?

He's bang average...
Superfanof (Manchester United) 3 years ago
Lol says the guy who supports the team that has not won a single f*****g game in ucl and are currently 12 points behind a one man team. That's pretty embarrassing imho. Consider the amount of money they spent in comparison to the amount man utd spent. Well, there's no surprise that's coming from a CITY fan, which has a stadium sounds like "emptyhead"
[account-removed] 3 years ago
Right, but that has nothing to do with Jones being rubbish though............... Next

A stadium sounds like "emptyhead"? ....... Your're embarrassing yourself there !

Manchester United caught lying about attendances?

Manchester United are adding as many as 24,000 fans on to crowd attendances compared with the actual number of people watching games at Old Trafford, according to police data.

Sir Alex Ferguson's team have not had a single crowd over 70,000 for a league match, police say, not taking in Monday's game against Manchester City. The club, in contrast, recorded attendances in excess of 75,000 every time. Instead Greater Manchester police's figures claim the average crowd for league matches, excluding City, is 10,000 below what the club say. The police records state it is 65,601 rather than the official figure of 75,527. In all competitions it is 61,739 rather than the club's 73,653.

United are still the best-supported club in England by some distance but the new set of figures claim Old Trafford was not even half-full for the Capital One Cup tie against Newcastle in September. The police recorded the number of people who passed through the turnstiles at 33,409. United gave the crowd as 46,358. In the next round, against West Ham, the disparity was even bigger. The police put down the crowd as 51,724, whereas United recorded it as 71,081.

When United played Cluj in the Champions League in December, having qualified for the knockout stages, the crowd was announced as 71,521. In fact, the police say it was 46,894.

The disparity is because United, in common with other clubs, release the number of people who bought tickets, whether or not they attend. The police keep their own record of actual match-goers for safety purposes and have released the data to the Redsaway fans' website under the Freedom of Information Act.

The figures show the high number of supporters who will buy tickets for matches without going. Arsenal are among the clubs who suffer the same problem on a large scale.

United's largest crowd of the season for a league match, according to the police, was 69,933 for Liverpool's visit in January (the club put it at 75,501). The lowest was against Southampton later that month. On that occasion the official attendance was given at 75,600 when, according to the police, the genuine figure was 59,766. In other words, almost 16,000 ticket-holders stayed away.

The Real Madrid match in the Champions League attracted the one 70,000-plus attendance at Old Trafford this season, in the data. The police recorded it at 72,299 whereas United declared it was 74,959, lower than any domestic league match because of Uefa's seating restrictions.

Date Opponents Actual attendance given by GMP Official attendance given by MUFC

25-Aug-12 Fulham 66,005 75,352
15-Sep-12 Wigan Athletic 66,686 75,142
29-Sep-12 Tottenham Hotspur 68,072 75,566
20-Oct-12 Stoke City 64,722 75,585
03-Nov-12 Arsenal 69,077 75,492
24-Nov-12 Queens Park Rangers 64,452 75,603
28-Nov-12 West Ham United 62,304 75,572
15-Dec-12 Sunderland 64,294 75,582
26-Dec-12 Newcastle United 64,996 75,596
29-Dec-12 West Bromwich Albion 66,847 75,595
13-Jan-13 Liverpool 69,933 75,501
30-Jan-13 Southampton 59,766 75,600
10-Feb-13 Everton 68,123 75,525
02-Mar-13 Norwich City 66,238 75,586
16-Mar-13 Reading 62,493 75,605

Uefa Champions League
Date Opponents Actual attendance given by GMP Official attendance given by MUFC
19-Sep-12 Galatasary 61,111 74,653
23-Oct-12 S.See. Braga 56,452 73,195
05-Dec-12 CFR 1907 Cluj 46,894 71,521
05-Mar-13 Real Madrid 72,299 74,959

Domestic cups
Date Opponents Actual attendance given by GMP Official attendance given by MUFC
26-Sep-12 Newcastle United 33,409 46,358
16-Jan-13 West Ham United 51,724 71,081
26-Jan-13 Fulham 55,080 72,596
18-Feb-13 Reading 57,172 75,213
10-Mar-13 Chelsea 63,582 75,196

Superfanof (Manchester United) 3 years ago
I'm not gonna' argue wif you but since when jones is involved in this conversation.... Btw, I apologize for my misunderstanding because I thought you're mocking saf's inabilities of making use youngsters(which he's actually pretty good at it). I dun care what you think bout him, I'm gonna' stop here

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