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Why Do We All Hate Man Utd?
Matt (Footytube Staff) 3 years ago
Sorry about the rather inflammatory title it is not an excuse for fans to list the ways. It is in response to Phil Jones recent comments that I make this post (see here where he declares:

"People want us to fail because we have won the league so many times - everyone hates the best clubs, It is as simple as that, and United won the league long before I was here. We enjoy that. We relish the test we get thrown at us every week."

I have to admit I do enjoy seeing the 'big teams' falter and I am not alone in that the FA cup is a great example yearly where we all gather around and wait and see which big time club is going to get their Burberry wash bags handed to them by a bunch of part timers. Everyone loves an underdog story.

When it comes to the league these 'underdog' situations are a little rarer mostly due to the fact that the Premier League is one of the strongest if not THE strongest league outside of the top two teams. So when the reigning champions have such a faltering start then it is going to catch the eye of everyone.

Mr Phil 'Please play me at centre back' Jones nails it when he states that people want them to fail because they have won the league so many times this is true because to everyone who is not a Man Utd fan it all becomes a bit dull when it is the same team winning over and over again, which is why this season is shaping up to be one of the best in recent memory with potentially a record number of losses recorded by whoever the champion will be.

So in my humble opinion people do not hate the best clubs people just hate the lack of variety and this is a situation that is not limited to football or team sports. I watch a bit of formula 1 and the whole sport is currently suffering due to the success of Sebastian Vettel to the point that he has even been booed for winning a race, now people do not hate Vettel they just dislike the status quo.

There you go Man Utd fans next time you lose and you get mocked by whoever just stare them straight in the eye and tell them that the loss was for the good of the sport!
ScouserDan (Liverpool) 3 years ago
A bit surprised no man utd fans have leaped in here and written a essay on why Man UTD is the greatest team around. That everyone is jealous of all the trophies they have and all the amazing players who've joined the devils
Ranzeet (Chelsea) 3 years ago
No no, it's a good title and in fact #true.... !
Dkny07 (Brisbane Roar) 3 years ago
You need to use more full stops
MUFC1990 (Manchester United) 3 years ago
Great confession Dan
Brucekay (Newcastle United) 3 years ago
I won't say I hate Man United. Hate is too strong a word to use about any bunch of human beings on this planet. But I will say I have disliked ManU pretty intensely since back in the 1950s. What I do hate is the unfair treatment other clubs receive when they play against ManU. I hate Fergie time for instance. You know what I'm talking about. If you are winning against ManU and there is the slightest chance of an equaliser, then the referee ignore the game clock in extra time for an interminable period to give ManU a chance to score. Or conversely, if ManU are 1 goal ahead during extra time, you can bet that the game will be cut short if an equaliser seems even vaguely possible. Then there are the blatant bad tempered fouls that Manchester United players seem to get away with. 40 years worth of match statistics definitely prove that ManU players receive far fewer red cards and fewer suspensions. And of course we cannot forget the blatant one-sided interpretation of the advantage play-on rules whenever you are up against United. If a ManU player has tackled from behind, or pulled somebody back by his jersey you can bet that the whistle will go and play will be called back for an innocuous free-kick. Even if the ball goes forward and is subsequently stuck into the net. On the other hand if the foul were to be committed against a ManU player and there is a chance to score you can bet the referee will wave play-on. But the thing I hate most about Manchester United's player behaviour most of all is how when the whistle blows they always surround the referee to argue and hassle him about decisions. Yes, I know lots of clubs all over the world have players who gang up on the referees. But if you have been around long enough you will remember that ManU players were the first to gang up on referees on a regular basis. Now other clubs copy this behaviour because they see ManU getting away with it.
So I don't hate Man United per see. But I do hate lots of their bad behaviour and their consistent ability to get away with it
Zackking (Manchester United) 2 years ago
What you say has a little truth. But it really is only a little - referees, on occasion, may have succumbed to pressure that resulted in unconscious bias, but it's ridiculous to suggest that there's one rule for United and another for the rest. It sounds like you're on the look out for this 'favouritism' and interpret events to confirm it.

Bottom line is this. Referees are not passionate about one team or the other - they are passionate about trying to get every decision right
Mt1234 (Bolton Wanderers) 3 years ago
I don't hate United; I just really love my own race (Bolton)!
PeterzeGooner (Arsenal) 3 years ago
Because they have won the most epl's in my life time while looking like royal **********      The END!
REOreece (Manchester United) 2 years ago
No your all jealous of Manchester united
[account-removed] 2 years ago
I really agree with you guys, I mean cammon we are jealous of Manure we are just sick and tired of the treatment they get (advantage from the referee).
I remember last season when hendrzen (whatever) scored an offside goal at the Bridge and most of the manure fans were so proud of themselves!

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