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Who Are The Most Reliable Players?
Yusupov29 (Liverpool) 6 years ago
Torres, Rooney, Gerrard
Sevx1 (Manchester United) 6 years ago
Maldini just look at his life in football
Ramesis (Barcelona) 6 years ago

How many players do you know that have scored 20 goals for the last 5 seasons, are solid in defence, clinical in their passing and have a humble hardworking attitude. And besides for the man city game, THE GUY doesn't MISS penalties.

You can't help but also mention Xavi, the guy's what makes barca tick. If puyol's Barca's tenacity and dogedness, then xavi's Barca's ingenuity and 'reliability". Iniesta's not half bad either....

For ex-footballers it is without a doubt the legend that is paolo maldini!
Kfig9 (Barcelona) 6 years ago
There is no doubt that it is Xavi Hernandez. I have never seen such a more reliable person that has played on a consistent basis. Without Xavi there is no barcelona. (Iniesta is on his way up there too) Xavi is the heart of barcelona and in my opinion as important, if not more important, than messi. He is the driving force of barca, the supplier of many goals, the play starter, and most importantly the inspiration of the team. He can do it all. From defence, to scoring, to free kicks. He is the overall player that every team desires.

I could not pick just one so my next player would have to be Carles Puyol. Undoubtedly one of the best defenders in the world. He has saved barca so many times that it is ridiculous. He has shut down so many players every time. World class defender. He rarely scores but when he does it is a deserving goal for everything he has done in the back line.

Even though I hate him with a passion, everyone has to agree that Iker Casillas is the most reliable goalkeeper. The only goalkeeper than comes close would have to be Petr Czech. I've only seen Casillas play one bad game. He makes incredible saves day in and day out. Some shots that are completely out of reach he has saved. He is the leader of Real Madrid. If it was not for him I am sure Madrid would have lost more games this season.
BigShel (Philadelphia Union) 6 years ago
Kfig9, I love your choices Xavi is the master of the Barcelona midfield a true maestro with the Ball unleashing Iniesta as he sees fit. His passing is a-plus. His defence is stellar. He is Barca's coach on the field. Although he does not score that often he has scored some very improtant goals for Barca when necessary and can pick it up at will when others are having an off game. On a scale of 1-5 here is how I would rate Xavi!


Thanks for mentioning Puyol also. Dare we say he is possibly more versatile than Xavi? Some say he has lost a step but it does not seem to have affected his game at all he personally saved Barca against Madrid in the first classico. If memory serves me correctly he saved four point blank shots during that game. He is Stellar at left or right back he is "Godlike" at centerback and he is "Money on set pieces. Puyol's passion is unmatched, simply put he is the "Heart" of the Barcelona squad with Xavi being the "Brain"

I rate Puyol!

Kfig9 (Barcelona) 6 years ago
Thanks BigShel  I'm glad you agree with me
Vika09 (Manchester United) 6 years ago
There are a few in Manchester United, though only one can truly satisfy all 'standards'

Ryan Giggs is easily the most reliable player in the squad, possibly the best winger in his prime, has scored many goals, plays with great consistency, has a morale boosting effect for the players, and hell, even the fans. His grace, athleticism and ability defies his age. He is almost always back in defence when possession is lost. A true legend of the sport and our club.

Second in line has got to be Rooney, possibly one of the greatest work rates I have ever seen coupled with determination. True goal scoring talent, has god-gifted vision, never injured, falls back during defensive manoeuvres. A quality player, and in recent time he has matured far beyond what we could have imagined. I guess the loss of Ronaldo really has sparked something in him.

Next in line would have to be Vidic, of course; he isn't a prolific goal scorer, but for a defender he pops up on the score sheet a little more frequently than normal. His form has always been great, tough defender to get past, a great presence in both boxes. Though I would consider him fully reliable (in recent times and red cards in the past), he surely is one hell of an overall player.

And finally, Patrice Evra. Possibly the finest left back in the Premiership (along side Cole). Again, not many goals to talk about at all (two to be exact), but he has starred in every Premiership match this season, and has been consistent all round. There is without a doubt Evra is one of the most reliable defenders in our squad.

I guess all this is my opinion, but I feel it's pretty accurate
Tomiswedd (Manchester United) 6 years ago
Zemaster11 (Chelsea) 6 years ago
For Chelsea, there's a lot of choices that make sense (JT, Lamps, Anelka). However, I feel there is only one who fits the criteria above: Michael Essien.

1. Can Score Goals. ✓ (Has a knack for the big goal and the wonder goal, anyone who disagrees only need to youtube "michael essien arsenal" or "michael essien barcelona" to see what I mean.)
2. Defence is strong. ✓(Best CDM in the league, has put Gerrard in his back pocket the past 3-4 games they've played, a true rock in the midfield.)
3. Passing is spot on. ✓ (For someone who's game relies so much on strength, he is surprisingly precise with his passing and behind Lampard (and on his days, Deco) I think he's the 2nd best passer in the Chelsea midfield.)
4. Attitude is positive for the team. ✓(Here's where he truly shines, in a team full of prima donnas, Essien conducts himself with a quiet confidence and silently leads the team. IMO, as he goes, Chelsea go.)
5. Plays well more often than not. ✓ (Unlike some of the other EPL elite mids, Essien rarely has a bad day. On their days, Lamps, Stevie G, etc. Are the BEST in the world. Thing is, they have a few stinkers now and again (I know firsthand Lamps had a slow start to the year and Stevie G only has 1 goal against Chelsea in 29 games in his career (prolly a few stinkers in there.) For this, Essien is THE BEST.)
Forzajuve5467 (Juventus) 6 years ago
Gigi buffon he is one of the most talented goalkeeprs in the world and he didn't leave juventus and he will never leave no matter how big the offer is buffon is a true legend please don't prove me wrong buffon by going this summer
AhmadSK (Liverpool) 6 years ago
I would say Beckham, David Villa, Fabregas, Gerard, Messi or Xavi. They all play great football in the attacking field but they always run back to help the defence out usually getting a quick steal and great counter-attack on the other end and these players are usually consistent in attending and playing games, so they never really are injured for long periods of time like other class players
Fanny (Liverpool) 6 years ago
First Villa answer so far and spot on
GDinc (Galatasaray SK) 6 years ago
Arda Turan for Galatasaray, and John Terry for Chelsea!
Reidscott (Fiorentina) 6 years ago
For me it's Xavi.... Gerrard.... Giggs.... Terry.... Becks.... Del Piero.... Maldini.... In no particular order. If threatened with my life I would put Gerrard first. Stevie would be everyone's first pick to build a team around probably.... Hey, that's not a bad idea for a thread.... Lol...
1tnelson1 (Everton) 6 years ago
Definitely gerrard. Always consistent, team follows his energy. He's got everything. Then probably fabregas
Tomiswedd (Manchester United) 6 years ago
Seeing as all the same players are being repeated, I'm going to say Higuan for Real. He's not incredibly well known, but I always seem to see his name on the score-sheet. His finishing is very precise, and I generally get the impression he's a reliable player
[account-removed] 6 years ago
Without a doubt it has to be the greatest player to have ever in the history of everything to have played this game: Diego Armando maradona
Chaosniper23 (Arsenal) 6 years ago
Well all I know is that lyndon obviously can't spell consistENT
Drukdude (Chelsea) 6 years ago
As all the obvious choices have been mentioned here are a few choice noone has considred and include the word reliable

Lucas Leiva - reliable the worst player on the pitch
Robin van Persie - reliable to get injured at least once per season
Dirk Kuyt - one of the few player at lfc who is reliably picked by the coach
John terry - reliable husband.... Oh wait!
Lyradpro (Liverpool) 6 years ago
I disagree, lucas is improving, his not the worst player on the pitch, maybe titus bramble
[account-removed] 6 years ago
Haha funny post
Tomiswedd (Manchester United) 6 years ago
Yeah, Kuyt's doing well with the whole Torres replacement thing

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