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Welcome To Sky Sports Negative News
Footytubeblog (Blog) 4 years ago
As a football fan of 15 years and having only experienced watching the Beautiful Game within the Premier League years, I will never fully understand what football was like pre-Sky Sports and the startling difference they have made to the landscape of the current game. Older members of my family will tell you they have destroyed it and believe that Kenny Dalglish was right the other week to suggest that the role they play in hyping up even the most trivia of incidents is having a negative effect on the game.

I’m not going to sit here and knock Sky Sports completely, as their coverage of matches are superb, the spin-off debate shows like Sunday Supplement make great TV, but it has to be said that the Sky Sports News Channel do go overboard with their coverage and look to blow up even the most minor of issues. Whether it is looking at a bad tackle, an off the ball incident, or even just a dubious penalty decision; experts will be brought in to discuss these issues and they subsequently make it worse and in some cases force the hands of the FA to act as a result. This is the same news channels that will in one hand champion the Respect Campaign towards referees, while in the next hour have someone like Dermot Gallagher in talking about the man in the middle’s failings over the weekend’s game and totally undermining them.

I know that some of you will agree with their policy and believe it right that players, officials and clubs are under such scrutiny, but is there a line that they shouldn’t cross? The channel churns out a hell of a lot of negativity around the game and the way they continually put the game under such a microscope is having a damaging effect. Some might say that Sky Sports News weren’t responsible for Luis Suarez failure to shake Patrice Evra’s hands, but as Kenny alluded to the other week their coverage leading up to the game only went to add some spice and pressure to what was always going to be a sensitive affair. Let’s be honest – how many of us were focused intently at that pre-match handshake ritual to see what would happen? Sky Sports News was obviously left thrilled at the result, as they knew they had the next 48 hours coverage and content sorted to discuss and analyse the incident.

I don’t want to appear to sound like I’m blaming Sky for some of the heinous stuff that goes on a football pitch at times, but I do question their reporting of it. The Premier League has become a total ‘trial by television’ arena and their negativity towards certain areas of the game is extremely damaging. You do sense that there is now a growing suspicion between football clubs and some of their reporters, who continually sniff for a story to feed their news channel. Fair cop you might think, but they should be careful not to bite the hand that feeds them. The constant hounding also goes some way in unsettling a football manager, as supporters are continually exposed by the negativity towards them. The current pressure on Andre Villas-Boas is incredible and I do wonder which ex-pro they are going to call on next to condemn him and his Chelsea team. The Sky Sports News team love a stat and they will do their level best to use them whenever to heap on respective pressure. It is spiralling out of all control, in my eyes, and it is damaging all the hard and excellent work they in other areas do in making the Premier League an extremely watchable experience.

Blog by Tom Wallis

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Aliko 4 years ago
Mate really nice article. I don't know why but it seems that TV channels and media are becoming like a court
Smiffy7 (Manchester United) 4 years ago
Yeah totally agree with what you've said, but its the media's way.

We live in such a media controlled world, where if they report it, the majority of people will swallow it up and take that view as their own because its on the television. You just have to look at newspapers.... Its all negative. If its positive people won't pay attention.

Its normally very one sided and doesn't allow of for argument over the view that the media take...
SKool (Arsenal) 4 years ago
Nice article man, and I totally agree on you point
Matt (Footytube Staff) 4 years ago
I don't think that the issue is unique to football and I am not sure the media is totally to blame.

We live in a world now of constant media consumption be it on the internet or on tv. Sports news used to be confined to a 10 minute segment at the end of the news (which in itself was only on 4 times a day). Now sports news has it's own 24 hour channel and to be sustainable and relevant it needs an audience which is where we come in.

Negative sells especially to football fans simply due to the fact that you will always have half the audience agreeing with you. That awful challenge against your player that went unpunished! Yeah you are right we were robbed! That perfectly clean challenge that resulted in a red card for you player! Yeah you are right we were robbed! That incident that results in a rival player being banned for 8 games! Hahahah serves him right!

So as long as there is an audience they will continue to fill the 24hours with every possible angle, view and opinion of the incidents of most interest which invariably will leave at least some us feeling that the output is negative
Redsince63 (Manchester United) 4 years ago
Agree with you Tom and the rest of the lads ""Its the way of the media be it papers or TV "'
What would go along way to defeating it would be a change in the refereing laws !
I'm a firm advocate of bringing in a 3 ref vid system like in rugby and the NFL with direct link to the offical on the ground if you do that you get a better balanced decision and cut out the fodder for these tv analiysts or glory hunting pricks !@

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