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Transfer Roundup 11/6: Rooney To Chelsea, Lewandowski To Utd?
Matt (Footytube Staff) 3 years ago
We will be rounding up the latest transfer rumours we find across the web and our own network of scouts (you).

Players who feature almost daily in transfer rumours like Cesc Fabregas, Robert Lewandoswki, Wesley Sneijder, Thiago Alcantara and Wayne Rooney do not disappoint today.

Early rumours have linked Cesc Fabregas to Arsenal (They have a contractual first refusal) but today the Daily Mail reports that Man Utd are also interested in bringing the talented midfielder to Old Trafford. They also go on to link a move by the champions for Robert Lewandoswki.
Daily Mail

If that move did take place then Utd would have Van Persie, Lewandowski, Rooney, Wellbeck and Hernandez all clamouring for first team football. With Rooney already stating he wants a move away from Old Trafford.

Early last week The Sun linked Rooney with a move to Arsenal (Arsenal are apparently trying to sign everyone) a dig into the comments made shows the quotes made by Ivan Gazidis and Arsene Wenger were little more than nicey nicey replies to direct questions about Rooney. Well the Sun are at it again this morning linking Rooney to Chelsea after they got a quote from Mourinho
" I like him. He is at a fantastic age.
“He has maturity, big experience and is still young. It’s up to him and what he wants, what makes him happy.”
Which is obviously a direct response to the question "Do you rate Rooney?".

The Rooney transfer wrangle is nowhere near finished yet but I have seen nothing thus far that indicates where he will be playing next season.
The Sun

Transfer rumours are coming thick and fast at Old Trafford with Moyes being linked with moves for players he never had the funds for at Everton. Which includes former target Thiago Alcantara according to the Mirror.

Moyes is also putting the feelers out for Southampton's Luke Shaw as an apparent back up in case he fails to sign Leighton Baines. Chelsea and everyone else with a spare few million are also linked to Shaw.
Daily Star

Suarez has apparently packed his bags already as he has been talking up a move away from Liverpool again. According to the Daily Mail he has now been quoted saying he would like to play alongside Ronaldo. Now Ronaldo himself is not 100% confirmed for Real but is as likely to sign for Liverpool as I am (I crave European football) so it is yet another 'Come and get me' plea from Suarez.
Daily Mail

Real Madrid have also apparently stepped up their interst in Gareth Bale. Reporting in the Sun today has an odd story stating that Madrid would not be put off by a £85million price tag President Perez told Marca newspaper: “For those players and investments that generate and produce income, you can give everything in life.
“I showed in 2000 that with those players you change the dynamic and go from losing to winning.
“But we don’t speak of Bale so much because he plays at a friendly club to us and they will be annoyed if we speak. I know their chairman well and he doesn’t like these things.”

That was President not speaking much of these things to the press
Daily Mail

Heard a good rumour then let us know below.

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Gambler (Manchester United) 3 years ago
Mr Perez seems to be forgetting that 2000 is long gone and these days big money spending doesn't guarantee success, just look at the Real Madrid since 2009 or City

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