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Time To Rein Barcelona In
Footytubeblog (Blog) 5 years ago
I’m a big believer that a club chairman, president or owner should be seen and not heard, leaving the manager to do their job while they go about doing theirs. The problem is that in countries like Spain the presidents like to rule the roost and court the press at any opportunity. Their self-centred outbursts and views are extremely unsettling for those involved and are ridiculously overlooked by the game’s governing bodies.

I have felt for a long time that there is one rule for the rest of Europe and entirely a different one for Barcelona, who happily use the media to openly court potential transfers and subsequently unsettle all involved. Platini and Blatter turn a blind eye to the blatant tapping up, although will only be too happy to question the likes of Chelsea and Manchester United for similar practices in the past. It seems to be fair cop for the Spaniards; while the rest of Europe is condemned.

Sandro Rosell is currently dining off the back of all the hard work and foundations laid by his predecessor at Barcelona and is on something of a power trip at present. Here is a man who preaches that the Premier League is selling out (whilst forgetting that Barca have been doing exactly the same in Qatar); has threatened that the Catalans will be looking to force through an extension of the Champions League at the detriment of the domestic game (I suppose they need to find ways to service their reported £400m debt), whilst having the upright cheek to unsettle Tottenham by openly expressing an interest in Gareth Bale and then questioning his market value – who does the hell does the guy think he is? How can the likes of FIFA and UEFA impose penalties on Chelsea for immoral practices, when the likes of Barcelona opening court players under contract?

The most worrying aspect of Rosell’s recent outbursts has been to moot the idea of a European Super League. To give a general overview he wants the bigger Champions League games to be played at weekends to maximise revenue potential; domestic leagues to be cut to 16 teams to make room for the expansion of the Champions League and also to free up room to play lucrative exhibition matches. Or put it another way, let’s make sure the rich clubs are in a position to service their debts and maximise their revenues, whilst destroying the very structure of domestic football. I suppose I wouldn’t be too concerned if I didn’t feel Rosell’s viewpoint wasn’t mirrored by the majority of football clubs who find themselves in a similar situation financially and have a similar agenda in attempting to raise as much finance, despite the negative effect it may have on the bread and butter of the domestic league. Let’s be honest the businessman buying into football are hardly in it for the love of the game are they, given the type of money they could make from these proposed expansions.

So am I alone in my disdain of Barcelona and this growing arrogance that makes them believe they can ride roughshod over the rules and look into ways to change the very structure of the game at will? They have a fantastic football team at present and the success they are getting on the pitch is richly deserved, but they need to be reined in by the likes of UEFA and FIFA before their actions off it spiral out of control.

Blog by Jay Simmons

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Araz (Queens Park Rangers) 5 years ago
It's always astonished me how Barca get away with having so much debt, and what's going to happen when the new rules about player wages and income get pushed through. But I am totally opposed to the "lets make the rich richer and screw what happens to the poor" approach a lot of the big unsustainable clubs want in place.

You want to make football more profitable? Pay the damn players less money
Achiox (Manchester United) 5 years ago
Pay them less money....

.... Support your team with counterfeit swag from China instead!

So long as football remains a popular sport, greedy players of all skill levels will keep asking for higher wages.

And let's face it.... Football as a sport will probably never die, at least for a few centuries.
Araz (Queens Park Rangers) 5 years ago
But that's the whole point, it's only silly chairmen that give in to those demands that end up inflating the market. If a rule was established tomorrow that no player can earn more than £50k/week what do you think would happen?

Would Ronaldo and Messi quit the game in protest that they can't possible eek out a meagre existence on such pitiful wages? I think not, I think they'd still turn up and thank their lucky stars that they earn more in a day than 95% of the world's population earns in a year, and for what, playing football
Coyb18 (Chelsea) 5 years ago
Well they would certainly go on strike, wouldn't they? Though I agree that lowering players' wages is what should be done.... Probably would resemble something of an NBA-type holdout we have going on in the States now...
Thebeautifulgam (Liverpool) 5 years ago
C'mon! A European SuperLeague would be incredible! Imagine Man you, Barca, Chelsea, Bayern, AC Milan all in one league! Instead of cutting domestic leagues to 16 teams and having SuperLeague Games played on the weekends, why don't we just have more domestic league games played during the week to allow the bigger games on the weekends?
Markodon (NK Dinamo Zagreb) 5 years ago
Because most true football supporters would be against this "superleague", and hence moving the domestic matches to weekdays
Totaldribble 5 years ago
FFP has been implemented to help keep the established order! FIFA and UEFA are on Barca's side. Get used to it cos it aint gonna' change!
Sebparedes (Barcelona) 5 years ago
One thing that people have to understand is that compared to other top European leagues, the Spanish league is basically politics, they are one in the same. Unlike in England, presidents like Rosell and Perez are no better than your run of the mill two-faced politician. So ofcourse they're going to use outlets such as the media to aid their cause. They can't just sit on the throne with their own pile of money like the Glazers, Abramovich and others in the EPL. At the end of the day they need to insure their re-election.

On top of all this, Rosell isn't just a politician, but he's also an ambitious business man. This is one reason why he's so unpopular with Barca fans. His actions and decisions aren't always in the best interest of the spirit of the game, even if they do make sense financially. The whole Qatar Foundation controversy is just one example
Ruskin (Liverpool) 5 years ago
With their league being small and for most of the decade, only two teams raise that type of revenue. With only the one division its hard to genorate that type of revenue required in the modern game. The Premier, The Championship, and Power league, and further, F A cup, this caters for the best part of english football, put all that together with coverage, technology are all really good investments for the future. The coverage, presentation, debate. If anything that interfere, s, (which I think this would), the successfull management of a really healthy future of the Game
TheBarcaShow (Footytube Staff) 5 years ago
Not really a fair thing to say. EPL was better managed. It wasn't too long ago that Real Betis (a team just recently promoted into La Liga) had the world's most expensive signing and highest paid player on their team.

Another thing you must realize about Spanish football is that it isn't able to really move into those Asian markets which are doing so well in the past decade because they are Spanish!

Yes, matches are usually played in the later parts of the evenings but part of the reason is because it works great for Central and South America to watch La Liga football as well
Ruskin (Liverpool) 5 years ago
From the epl, most teams are facing the same restrictions, look at the empty seats. The revenue from the fa genorates right through the sport, to the school playing fields. Love the new barca away kit, just in time for christmas, YNWA
Coyb18 (Chelsea) 5 years ago
What does being Spanish have to do with not doing well in the Asian markets?
TheBarcaShow (Footytube Staff) 5 years ago
Spanish football wouldn't be able to accommodate time changes to the matches because of their large following from Latino America
Coyb18 (Chelsea) 5 years ago
Good call
TheBarcaShow (Footytube Staff) 5 years ago
First off this is a pretty bias article.

No one can deny that Barca are in debt but you also must realize that there are a lot of politics surrounding the numbers. I am sure that Laporta's numbers are off but you must accept that Rosell is in a position where he can and will deface Laporta. Anyways if Rosell's numbers are the truth then you should also realize that Rosell's change of policy over his term have already had a huge impact on the club and even though we spent 80+ million on transfers we still reduced our debt by close to 70 million Euros. (15.5% Link: )

Also remember that Barca's sporting name is also growing and becoming more marketable. Manchester United were in talks with Nike to sign a 35 million per year deal. Barcelona already currently has a deal worth 30 million per season ending in 2013. If Barcelona continue to grow expect even bigger numbers on this front.

Camp Nou is also an area which is looking to be improved. The corporate seating in the Camp Nou is very poor compared to other stadiums. I believe for clubs like Arsenal the corporate seating is worth 30% of matchday revenue while Barca's corporate seating has been outdated for almost two decades.

Anyways point is finance wise Barcelona aren't in a great spot but they are far from being in a poor position.

Now lets talk about the tapping up part. It is definitely always blown out of proportion. In Cesc's case I'll admit to it but in no way have we been tapping up Bale. We sent scouts to a Tottenham match to watch them and the media questioned us about it. Is anything wrong with that at all?

Barca doesn't toss headlines out there that they are going to scout Bale, the scouts just do there job and the media jump on that. Is what Barca does any different that what Arsenal did with Gotze or Hazard? Manchester United with Sneijder?

Tapping up has only really become a big deal because of Chelsea signing Kakuta. The big deal about that was that Chelsea had convinced Kakuta to breach a pre-existing contract to sign for them.

The Super League? Rosell was speaking at a conference somewhere in the middle east. I am pretty sure that is far from an outburst. Not only did Rosell speak but this idea has been floating around for quite some time and the ECA (European Club Association) which has over 200 member clubs approve of it. The decision making committee is headed by Bayern Munich with Milan, Barca and Rangers as the vice-chairs.

David Gill (Manchester United FC)
Florentino Pérez (Real Madrid CF)
Ernesto Paolillo (FC Internazionale Milano)
Jean-Michel Aulas (Olympique Lyonnais)
Evgeni Giner (PFC CSKA Moskva)
Diogo Brandão (FC Porto)
Maarten Fontein (AZ Alkmaar)
Ebru Köksal (Galatasaray SK)
Michel Verschueren (RSC Anderlecht)
Marko Vjetrovic (FK Partizan)
Aušrys Labinas (FK Ekranas)

All of these guys form the executives for ECA. Rosell is a leader on the board shown by his status so it is fair that he gets some of the blame but you can't play as if this was his idea especially considering that the idea was alive longer than his tenure as Barca president.

Most people think UEFA favors Barca but it is far from the truth. First off the referee favoring Barcelona are absolutely ridiculous. I can name hundreds of incidents in big games where Barca are "favored" that go against Barcelona.

One thing which you will hear Platini saying though is praising Barcelona and its youth system. Why wouldn't he want to praise it after all the financial fuss going around. Barcelona currently has 11 home grown first team players in their squad and are still successful. It is the model which he wants teams to follow.

Anyways stop all of this Barca being favored bullshit. Anyone who opens their eyes to the truth can see that it is just made up crap. Whenever there is a team doing well people make excuses as to why
Araz (Queens Park Rangers) 5 years ago
Wow, you obviously know your stuff when it comes to this whole financial mess, but from what I have read, despite having a Stadium is full to capacity with nearly 100k supporters every week, world wide acclaim as one of the finest teams ever, and $400m a year in revenue, up until recently they were ending most years around $100m in the red the club carries the kind of debt that would terminate most normal businesses very quickly so I can only look to their ownership and funding sources ti try and understand how they remain to be sustained.

What would happen if those funding sources were withdrawn?

Because lets face it, £30m from Nike or whoever might be nice, but it's hardly enough to pay one players wages
TheBarcaShow (Footytube Staff) 5 years ago
Obviously if the funding sources are gone the revenue will decrease. There are always contracts in place to keep it going though. Maybe sometimes a sponsor doesn't want to renew but the club is still well managed and Rosell has significantly reduced spending for the club.

The question you are asking can be applied to every club in the world and realistically a club which has shown nothing but growth (in revenue) won't decrease in revenue significantly in the nearby future
TheBarcaShow (Footytube Staff) 5 years ago
Wrote twice, anyways. Regarding the start of the OP.

"I’m a big believer that a club chairman, president or owner should be seen and not heard, leaving the manager to do their job while they go about doing theirs. "

Rosell has had very little impact on the sporting aspect of the club and if it wasn't for this conference in the Middle East he probably would never be mentioned in the English press
Markodon (NK Dinamo Zagreb) 5 years ago
The superleague would be a victory of the corporate world over football, and football would never be the same again
Scousinho (Everton) 5 years ago
Well said, the money men are rapidly turning football into a fiscal nightmare, the superleague would be a closed shop for all except for those involved, if it goes ahead the game as we know it will end and would quite possible split into 2 different factions. The haves and the have nots
Scousinho (Everton) 5 years ago
What makes him dumb? He's clearly researched the facts he put down in his blog, barca do have a higher debt that nearly every other club they compete with, they openly tap up players ie; the cesc saga, just because its the players saying i'd like to play with him its still tapping up, they did openly express an interest in bale then said he's not worth the asking price, these are all against the fair play rules.
Another thing is their conduct on the pitch which is nothing short of disgraceful at times, the feigning injury to get opponents booked, coupled with the constant waving of the imaginary yellow cards, the blatent roughhousing of opposing forwards by the defenders in particular puyol who just throws himself into the back of an attacker and gets away with it, the most blatent of decisions against them are met with disbelief and 5-6 men surrounding the ref
All against the rules, they even kick the ball away after the whiistle to prevent teams from taking quick freekicks

They play great football attacking wise, the best out there currently as proved by their trophy haul, but they are in no way the best team in history, not while they act in such ways
Tony (footytube staff) 5 years ago
Best team in history would be real madrid in the 60's, by a street
TheBarcaShow (Footytube Staff) 5 years ago
No one accused him of being dumb. I accused him of being bias. Yes Barca has debt. So does every other club. Every club in the EPL has huge debt. Liverpool was at the point of being taken over by the banks because of their debt while Newcastle got repossessed (if I am thinking correctly). Barca's debt is a lot but it is manageable like most other big clubs. Barca last season alone reduced the debt by 70 million Euros which is 15.5% of their overall debt.

Barcelona never went to the media regarding Bale. Barcelona sent a scout to watch Tottenham and the English press jumped all over that. After which the scout was discovered questions on Bale arouse. What is wrong by saying that Bale isn't worth 40 million if it is the truth?

What is wrong with scouting a player and evaluating him and then coming to the conclusion that he is not worth the asking price?

The only reason why there is a big deal with all of these incidents is because Barcelona have constantly been under the microscope. If any other team was under the microscope it would be the exact same. When United were winning fans loved to accuse them of referee favoritism. If you watch any other team you always see players surrounding the ref when there are calls made against them.

It is pretty sickening how there are so many puppets which don't have their own opinion and just repeat word for word what the media says.

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