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The Billionaire Owners Mass Debate: POLL
Asarhan04 (Al Ahly) 5 years ago
I think it depends on what the investor's goals are. At the end of the day, all billionaires have bought clubs more or less as an investment. Here's the ultimate point; Some of them want to develop the club into a powerhouse, talent-wise or success-wise. This could be either to earn a super solid return on investment, or because they actually do like the club and want it developed like a personal pet project. Examples include Abramovich, Fernandes, Mansoor, etc.... Those I feel are good for the game. Yes, even if they do fire here and there, it's a statement of how intent they are on success and aspiring to higher standards; look where it got City and Chelsea.

On the other hand, you have others- the likes of Venky's, Glazers and Perez- who invest in the club purely as a business to develop its brand and sell merchandise. In the galacticos era of the early 2000's, Perez was pushing product and wasn't necessarily concerned about bringing the right talent or winning every single game. You can tell signs of this type of ownership when you see how actively they advertise in emerging markets (Middle East, SE Asia, etc....). In fact I think that's what's been troubling Man UTD lately, that Sir Alex and the Glazers haven't been seeing eye to eye over the club's direction and it manifested itself in the past couple of transfer windows. Not to mention the great points by previous comments about how an owner can decide to just give up and fire-sell a club in distress. Those owners I feel are harmful to the game.

Note: I saw a brief documentary on a Berlin club (forgot its name but I think it was relegated last season back to the Bundesliga 2nd division) that prides itself on socialist ideals and how it's majority-owned by fans. This I think is by far the most ideal model, something that Liverpool and Man UTD fans have been always striving to achieve. But it isn't necessarily feasible if you have ambitions, or even just want to survive. And that's where a prospective billionaire investor comes into the picture
FootyRulz (Chelsea) 5 years ago
But Perez's "project" initially did bring Real Madrid just as much success on the pitch as it did off of it
Asarhan04 (Al Ahly) 5 years ago
Correct but you said it yourself- initially, I still believe he was building it as a business and not as an actual club. After several years with no champions league trophy, you would start to get fed up and get someone like mourinho with free rein to bring in good talent (debatable) that fit well in the team regardless of galactico status- the only exception being cr- so in that sense he's shifted positions
FootyRulz (Chelsea) 5 years ago
I think Perez is doing the right thing by handing Mourinho control over the signing of players, so far his signings (that I have seen play) have worked out well for them
MyroomisMESSI (Liverpool) 5 years ago
Entertainment doesn't mean s**t. I love being entertained by football, hence why I watch it but at the end of the day it's still a football league. If a club was buying the best players at your sunday soccer you wouldn't be saying "well at least I'm entertained". It destroys what teams like Manchester United, Barcelona and Everton have done with their world class youth systems. What happened to being proud of growing a player. Liverpool is so proud to have had Gerrard through their youth system as are United with Giggsy. These owners ruin the game. Seeing Dzeko, Johnson and De Jong sit on the bench at City makes me sick
MuellersEleven (Bayern München) 5 years ago
Also it is cheating. Imagine you gave yourself unlimited money at any football manager pc game. Fair?
Entertained? What about the fans of all the many clubs, many big traditional clubs that worked tirelessly over decades, yet now many exit the major tournaments in the group stage.
The financial fair play rule is needed. Btw so are regulations for the financial sector. (cept for the city of London ofc. (careful: Irony))
FootyRulz (Chelsea) 4 years ago
Calling it cheating and relating to football manager may be taking it a bit too far. And anyway there is a financial fair play rule that's going to come into effect soon so that whole "unlimited spending" thing won't exist anymore

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