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Tevez: Inexcusable
Footytubeblog (Blog) 5 years ago
There is one story dominating Sky Sports News 24 hours a day, Manchester City striker Carlos Tevez's refusal to play against Bayern Munich on Tuesday night. This story has everything you need. It has controversy, rage, and denial, it has a gormless looking villain, a windswept hero/victim and it has the richest football club in the world in disarray and defeat.

It has also sparked debate, although if the allegations that Tevez refused to play are true then there is little to mull over. The only aspect that casts doubt on Mancini’s account is the fact that no one on the bench looked even vaguely annoyed with Tevez which can only mean that they are either as apathetic and uninterested as him (in which case City are in serious trouble and all those Mercenary claims are far more accurate than we could have imagined and the entire squad needs a serious rollicking) or, the argument wasn’t quite as clear cut as Mancini says.

If Tevez did refuse to play why didn’t everyone on his bench tell him to stop being an absolute ars*hole and get out there. There should have been uproar, blows; Tevez should have found himself an outcast instantly. It is hard to believe there is so little team spirit and collective work ethic at City that he could get away with this so brazenly.
From our perspective, whatever happened was inexcusable. If the manager says play, you jump up and play - after all that is the one thing that your ludicrous contract actually requires you to do. It should also really be the only thing that you want to do. Tevez’s actions are fascinating because they are so unusual and unacceptable. He may have the look of a henchman that’s just been hit with a piano from a great height but surely there’s some cogs turning underneath that sulking exterior? Did he really believe that he could just refuse to play? Does he think he’s just a pretty face there to make up the numbers?

Tevez’s staggering wages will inevitably make this story more infuriating and ridiculous to the public than it already is, but they shouldn’t. If he was on £1,000 a week his actions would be equally unacceptable. Evidently the man is trying to force a move from Manchester City but behaving like an incredibly spoilt, stupid child is not going to bring in the suitors, who were in short supply this summer anyway.

So Tevez takes two weeks off to sit around and play golf. It is horrible to see. Can he not tell that his excuse of already being warmed up is absolutely pathetic? His behaviour, on Tuesday night and since, has been so unrepentant that no apology would wash now. In the last two days he has done a spectacular job of destroying his City career. Getting him out of the door even at a huge loss is the best way forward for the club.

Blog by Philip Wroe

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FifaXX (Napoli) 5 years ago
This really makes me sad. I used to respect Tevez so much and always thought he was not only a great player but had a great attitude. Before this season he had made it very clear to everyone that he's not happy at Man City and wished to transfer as soon as possible. I just don't understand why he still feels Mancini should start him if he's going to leave at the next available opportunity. Mancini cannot center the team around someone who's going to peace out in a few months time, and Tevez should understand that and be happy that Mancini still plays him at all. Tevez just wants to have his cake and eat it too...
Braylann (CA Boca Juniors) 5 years ago
He made it clear he wasn't happy at ManCity. He had few suitors for a transfer because ManCity wanted 50 million. Fifty million for a player that they won't start and they are now "finished" with. How can Tevez transfer for a 50 million fee if he's not scoring, if he's not performing, not playing? If they weren't going to play someone who was trying to leave then they should've come out with an agreement to loan him out or sell him. What they are doing to him is the typical premier league crap the clubs do to many players.

Fabregas was trying to leave Arsenal for the longest time and still kept his captaincy. The thing is that nobody is respecting Tevez for what he has done for ManCity - especially you know, getting them to the champions league. Family issues are hard, and living in a place you are not happy is as well. Situations should be understood before judging players and their actions, whether those actions took place the way they are advertised.

Tevez should be happy that Mancini still plays him at all? Please. You're going to tell me that after the great run Napoli had, that if Cavani was trying to leave to a South American club, then the next year he would be lucky if Mazzari played him at all?
Zhudayong (Barcelona) 5 years ago
I see where you are coming from. But you, somehow, oughta be understanding to the club, team and manager's situation as much as you wanna be understanding to Tevez' situation.

Your question as to know whether Tevez should/shouldn't feel lucky that Mancini still plays him can't be answered with a simple and straight ''no'' or ''yes''.
My point is, while I completely understand the factors that animates Tevez to wanna leave Manchester City, it's essential to remember that football has become a ''business world'' in which making money is crucial. Which brings us to the point that when a club signs a coach, it's for no other reasons than producing results and to do so (with the means that a club like Manchester City offers), a coach has no other choice than to build a team that has harmony and chemistry to win trophies.
Now when such team has world class players that have been leading them towards their goals, and suddenly one of them (arguably the head of the squad) decides that he wants to leave, we can't/shouldn't blame the club for wanting to hold onto such player. But when the player comes out as Tevez did during last summer, then we can't deny the coach the right to decide whether to use him or not because at the end of the day, there's no player bigger than a club. And knowing that the club's goals are more important, a coach that has a job to do should, imho, drop that player from his plans and start building a squad around other players than to wait the last minute when that player eventually leaves to start finding a solution.

Plus I think it was pretty clear during last season that the club and Mancini really wanted to keep Tevez; reason why they tried to accommodate him the best they could. But after his persistence during the summer, I personally can't blame Mancini for benching him as a result and trying to prepare a squad without Tevez. But while trying to do so, Tevez remains a player of the team because of a contract that binds him with them. So when called by the coach to perform, it's his duty to do so. And that is being professional.

Bottom line is, I do feel for Tevez and his needs to leave Manchester City. BUT, as a professional who signed a binding contract, his duty is to play. Worst, it's not even like they pay him to do something he dislikes because after all, he was on the bench. And if he wanna make a statement of his desire to leave, then let him not even be in the match list. And let the club come up with whatever kind of excuses they could find for him not being used until they find a team that wants him. But even so, Tevez would still be penalized because he never signed a contract to seat at home or to go and play golf
Tanmay (Footytube Moderator) 5 years ago
The big problem with Tevez's transfer was not the transfer fees but his wages. Agreed, the wages are inflated because City paid him tons to keep him, but a player who really cares about playing football will take a wage cut to get out of a club where he isn't wanted.

But even with those wages a different player with the same quality as Tevez would've got transferred. Usually if a person goes up on the market after virtually carrying his team the previous year, he becomes hot property. But managers around the world saw how Tevez behaved like a diva last year, bad mouthed his club and the city he lived in, threw fits when he was benched or subbed out absolutely refusing to understand the rotation policy, and put pressure on Mancini to play big FA Cup games even though he wasn't fully fit and would have been a wild card, something the manager didn't want to risk. In short, it was clear to all potential suitors (e. G. Inter) that Tevez is a diva who will raise hell wherever he goes to satisfy a monstrous ego.

So, my friend, Tevez is reaping what he sowed
FifaXX (Napoli) 5 years ago
Cavani would never openly disrespect the city of Napoli the way Tevez did Manchester, and if he did there should be no surprise if he found himself on the bench that season. If you don't respect your fans (or those of the club that employ you) then you should not expect to play for them
Jaugustine (Tottenham Hotspur) 5 years ago
I agree with all the replies to the first post. Tevez is the problem, not ManCity or Mancini. Tevez had no preseason whatsoever. He played in the Copa and then sat on his ass for the rest of the summer, refusing to report back to Manchester when he was supposed to. Thus, he was out of shape and lacking match fitness (even Tevez admitted that). Mancini, especially now having Dzeko and Aguero firing, didn't need to rush Tevez back into the team, thus getting him back into the rotation slowly and surely, building his match fitness. Tevez has slid down the pecking order and should have relished every chance he got - be it a starting role or sub - to prove his worth (if he at all cared about that). I realize Tevez played well last year, but last year is a year ago and all that matters is what you are doing NOW. Imagine if Giggs did that for United? I played well last year sooooo, I deserve a starting spot, a prominent position at the club.

Also, in terms of wanting a move away, that's fine and normal. Many players transfer from clubs every year. If he wanted to go, that's fine. He should have gone through the normal channels that are afforded him. Your agent, a transfer request, etc. I realize he put in a transfer request and it was denied. Look at Cesc, look at even Scott Parker this year. They never went through the media disrespecting Arsenal and West Ham respectively. They let it play out. Even Cesc had to wait a couple years, and he did it with the utmost class. Tevez has never handled anything with class. He has an inflated perception of himself and it has backfired on him. He hasn't earned the respect he demands.

MessingWithYa is spot on, "Tevez is reaping what he sowed. "
Nupoor11 (Arsenal) 5 years ago
What Tevez has done from Mancity no other player has!
Robinho was the first player to leave a star club and join city with a lot of hopes, but it was then Tevez who joined Robinho as he alone cudnt single handedly take them to the expected level!His game in the last 2 years has improved massively and he has contributed some of the best football of his career!
Despite of doing so much of hardwork if he had to sit on bench, and still mancity is not gettin the best of the form and results after making all the so called best players play in the first 11.
Its kinda obvious that if any player has to sit on the bench and see his hard work getting wasted, he wud retaliate in some or the other way, if not by sayin then by his actions!
Ths same thing Tevez has done, he was one of the best players and goal scorers in the world cup itself and also people can't forget the memorable 4-3 victory last season against chelsea !
Mancini should have groomed him if he was injured and given him more importance and motivation by making him fit to play and showing the same faith in him that the other coaches and managers showed, but Mancii is also goin the madrid way, selecting the top players and deeming the best wud produce the best, but has forgotten that none of the players of manu where well known before they joined the team Example: (CR7, Phil Jones, Evra, Nani, Welbeck, rooney, smalling, Vidic, chicharito, berbatov!1.... And many more)
Its all about you knowing the how to play and not about how others play!
Hittash (Liverpool) 5 years ago
"I know Carlos quite well. He's a player who wants to be playing, " Scholes told the BBC. "When he's a sub, it will be killing him.

"You think you should be playing and my head was all over the place. I thought he (Sir Alex Ferguson) was messing me about, wrongly really. It's up to him what he does with his team.

"I realise it was stupid. I let the manager down and it was something I regretted. It's probably similar to Carlos Tevez's state of mind if it is true he refused to come on. "

That is the same point for which Mark Hughes was roundly crucified on Wednesday night, when he said: "The thing with Carlos is he always wants to play. "

Hughes's credibility was undermined because his agent is Tevez's Svengali Kia Joorabchian, but ED actually sees his point.

Of course it sounds a bit ridiculous to say: "He wants to play so much he refused to play, " but Tevez's detractors are playing dumb when they pretend not to understand.

ED believes Tevez to be fundamentally a simple man. His (alleged) refusal to play was not pre-meditated, nor was it even thought through properly.

Here was a man with a high opinion of his own ability (he is, to be fair, pretty good), fed up at being on the bench, and enraged at seeing Nigel De Jong come on for Edin Dzeko.

In an emotional moment, he lost it. Just as Scholes did 10 years earlier.

Which is why what happens next is more important than what happened on Wednesday.

Scholes quickly realised he was in the wrong and apologised. He did not want to leave United, and United did not want him to leave. There was obviously no chance of him getting sacked.

That is very much not the case with Tevez. He does not want to be at City, and City want shot of their highly-remunerated malcontent. --- yahoo
Jatin666 (Liverpool) 5 years ago
"If Tevez did refuse to play why didn’t everyone on his bench tell him to stop being an absolute ars*hole and get out there. "

I noticed this too. I suspect the reason is that the other players already knew he didn't want to play.

I'm willing to bet Tevez told Mancini before the game that he didn't want to come off the bench - but was named as a sub anyway.combine that with Mancini's in-game decisions and I can imagine Tevez would throw a tantrum.

It's still wholly unprofessional behaviour but again, the people around him knew this about Tevez already - which explains their lack of surprise/anger at him.

It would have looked far worse for City if the players started arguing on camera too
Ant (Liverpool) 5 years ago
The article smacks a little of Man City hatred and there were as many digs put in regarding the authors dim opinion of the the club, as well as of Tevez.

I gave my opinion over here: Link:

My one links to the fact Berbatov did pretty much exactly this, in an attempt to force a move from Spurs to United (which worked).

The only reason this is newsworthy at all is because people are desperate to hate Man City and their growing success, and will do anything to try to undermine them.

List of players who have dome this before Tevez: Scholes, Berbatov and Mancini's own son

Oatbag (Bayern München) 5 years ago
This is such a big deal because it was Man City's second champions league game. It was a test they've been hoping for for decades, and they failed spectacularly, as a whole and especially in tevez.

Also, this is a flashpoint for all the hatred for every prima-dona managers and fans have to tolerate just because they're good. Tevez is the posterboy of overpaid selfishness
Braylann (CA Boca Juniors) 5 years ago
Tevez was the reason they were in the champions league.... He deserved to start at least in one of the games
Mauijim (Manchester United) 5 years ago
I have avoided jumping into this Tevez mess til now, so please forgive me if this point has been brought up before.

Last time I checked, players have valid contracts with clubs to perform their craft, to play.

If they refuse to perform the contracted service(s)

Which results in some sort of damages to the club

Then isn't that a breech of contract?

Which then makes the player liable for those damages.

I say hit the bastards where it hurts, the wallet. And do it in a big way. Its time to hold people accountable, otherwise you end up with a bunch of characters with no character
LeeChungYong (Arsenal) 5 years ago
Well if that were the case, Man UTD should have let go of Scholes and Rooney. Rooney refused to play because he was sacked from first team due to misconduct. And like Tevez, announced to the public that he wanted to leave Man you. Then Man UTD gave in and paid him a handsome salary. I am not saying that Man UTD did the wrong thing, but just giving some example of the similar incidents that has happened before many times all over Europe
Juno (AC Milan) 5 years ago
I actually agrees with Mauijim. With corporate world, its most likely someone behaving like that is considered a breach of contract. And they could sue him. And I think Man city should do that.

@Lee, Clubs gave in to the players because they need them. If SAF feels Rooney is a bighead that isn't big enough in his eyes, he would have sent him packing like he did to Paul Ince. The Gov'nor was gone because he thinks he's that good where SAF thinks not. But SAF would tolerate this kind of behavior from Rooney, Ronaldo and Cantona.

This kind of incidents that the clubs gave in only gives errant players more confidence in doing such despicable act - Bite the hand that feeds you. Man City should sue him till his pocket burns as a message to tell the rest of the squad members not to repeat the same attitude. Players like Shay Given gave up Newcastle United to play for MCFC, only to find himself benched after a year. But he did not gave attitude. He discussed his situation with Mancini to find the solution to his problem. Clubs will let you go eventually, but one shouldn't be so unprofessional in their work
BagiK (FC Seoul) 5 years ago
I'm sorry but hahahahaha THAT picture
Araz (Queens Park Rangers) 5 years ago
That picture is a work of genius. Brightened up my day
Jetlifari (Arsenal) 5 years ago
I think he should do it every week if it means an end to the media bashing Arsenal ;D

The truth is, at the end of the day it's all a deflection from the fact that Mancini got many decisions wrong during the game which had more to do with the result they ended up with than Tevez not going on the pitch
FrankyP (Barcelona) 5 years ago
Play whoever is in form Kun is in smashing form Tevez not so much, his head and heart ain't in it. So why shouldn't he warm the bench for someone else who wants to be there.... You get payed to play so play.... Regardless of what you've done it's always what you do next that counts...
LumpOfCelery (Chelsea) 5 years ago
Jonahmulaw (Arsenal) 5 years ago
I'm 90 percent for Tevez. And that's enough for me to say if tevez want's to start, why not let him start in the begging. For me it seems lik, he is not in it for the money, he is in it for the respect! You know what I mean. And those are the kind of players that real fans want to see. Teves is dope, I mean he is as good if not better than all man city attacking players. Long story short it's just a big mistake to bench tevez the first place
Araz (Queens Park Rangers) 5 years ago
The full details will come out in the next few days. But if he did actually refuse to come on then there is no excuse or discussion to be had:

1/ City should fire him

2/ FIFA should revoke his registration so he is ineligible to play for anyone until 12/13.

3/ When he does find a club, a tribunal should set the level of compensation due to Manchester City from the player and his new club before his registration can be activated.

But then again who knows what actually happened. The only thing I know for sure is that Tevez has been trying to engineer a move away from Manchester since pre-season and has become increasingly unprofessional and sulky in his bid to get what he wants and this would fit the bill.

Also This situation is different from Rooney, he never refused to anything during an actual match, many players have used the old "I'm unhappy, I want more money, I want to be sold" rubbish to get better contracts.

The other issue is Man City have 5 other Carols Tevez' in their team, United did not have another Rooney, and I think as silly as he appears to be Wazza realised that (or his agents did anyway).
Ellandeire (Leeds United) 5 years ago
Being a long time fan of Carlos Tevez, this conduct absolutely disgusted me. This is a man who has tried to engineer a move from his club, failed, and managed to engineer his way out of the team instead. Don't get me wrong, I understand him being angry, but he should be angry at himself and not Mancini. If he was just a professional in the close season, got his head down, he'd still be the captain, he'd still be in the team and frankly, he'd have a better chance to get his move back to Corinthians, or wherever they have nice restaurants. That, I believe would be in everyone's best interest.
As I said earlier, I'm a huge admirer of Tevez talents, since the Boca days pre-Corinthians, but I really hope City do whats right for the game and refuse to sell him.
Just leave him rot in the reserves until he gets a Bosman in 2014, they're one of the few clubs that can afford to do this and the team that will need to make an example of Tevez
Braylann (CA Boca Juniors) 5 years ago
That's ridiculous, why waste the talents of one of the worlds best attackers?

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