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Slowly Proving To Be A Prime Candidate To Replace Wenger
Sam (Footytube Moderator) 3 years ago
For right now, there are only 2 managers I have in mind who could fill the void and maintain the brand while infusing the team with some much needed new ideas and change:

Jurgen Klopp
Manuel Pellegrini (with everyone we've been taking from Malaga, their coach might be next up!)

The argument for Laudrup is valid, but there are days when I look at Swansea and they can be just as infuriatingly "mentally fragile" as the Gunners, and I long for the days of grit and determination and total resolve, where everyone is giving their all for the shirt and not just prancing around in defence like the horses in dressage
Ltm017 3 years ago
Still, how can you compare Swansea to Arsenal? If you put them in the same boat, then that means the fault is should be more with Arsenal because they are the bigger team, with the supposed bigger players
Footytubeblog (Blog) 3 years ago
One of the great misconceptions about football today is that there are only two managers outside of England. Not two good managers; just two managers. Now that Pep Guardiola has confirmed his move to Bayern Munich, everyone should bring their chequebooks, their game faces and wrestle their way to the front of the queue for Jose Mourinho.

But for Arsenal, even he is an incredibly unrealistic target for the Gunners. Not primarily for the apparent lack of funds from the club, but largely because of his character. Whatever your opinion is of Mourinho, the Portuguese will never seem an obvious candidate to take over from Arsene Wenger.

Then there’s that other worry many seem to have: who in the world is good enough to do a better job than Wenger? Well that sort of goes hand-in-hand with the other point about only two managers existing outside of England. The truth is, one of those points isn’t true, while the other is just a bit of a blinkered remark. There are Wenger loyalists — and that’s ok — and then there are those who believe Arsenal to be in a good way.

Regardless, a manager like Michael Laudrup should be high up on the shortlist for Arsenal when the time comes to replace Wenger.

And before a false agenda is created, this isn’t a campaign to get Wenger removed from Arsenal. However, it is a necessary debate that needs to be heightened following recent stories about PSG wishing to make Wenger their next manager.

It’s important to look to what Wenger has done for Arsenal and which manager can come in and provide continuity. A great disappointment would be to have a manager with a different approach to the game come in and push Wenger’s contributions to the fringes.

What is important at Arsenal? Good football and a look to youth. What’s important in a manager? Figures who conduct themselves with a semblance of dignity and who possess a good knowledge of the game. After all, isn’t that part of the reason why Barcelona passed on Jose Mourinho? They were aware of his approach to management and knew it didn’t fit in accordingly with the club’s values. Interestingly, it has also been said that Laudrup was a name put forward to become manager following Frank Rijkaard’s departure.

The former midfielder had two short spells as manager in La Liga, but it wasn’t for lack of quality. Laudrup has already been to a cup final with a team lacking the resources of others in Spain. At the time, Getafe played attractive football and were said to have overachieved for much of that one campaign. How much of that is equally representative of Swansea this season? Overachieving? Not quite, they’re still a good side. But certainly no one expected them to be this close to an appearance at Wembley in the Capital One Cup.

The good football remains at the Liberty Stadium, too. Laudrup has his players working hard and all adhering to one system. It seems that changes can be made in the team but the high intensity remains. Michu is another excellent example. The Spaniard isn’t a striker, but Laudrup has brought that side of his game to the fore. Not only does Michu now look like a natural forward, but he also looks like one of the most intelligent around the box.

There are more positives, notably Laudrup’s knowledge of Spain. There have been rumours of other Spaniards or La Liga-based players arriving at Swansea, and yet all of them would be comfortable at bigger clubs in England.
The disappointment for Swansea fans may be that this could be yet another short spell as manager for Laudrup before he’s moved on elsewhere.

The name is big enough, but will the Dane’s managerial history appease Arsenal supporters, especially those who need assurances following Arsene Wenger? Well, it’s worth remembering that Wenger was also an unknown, managerially speaking, arriving from a league which is certainly a number of steps down the ladder. Then again, Guardiola had very little experience prior to becoming Barcelona manager. Antonio Conte was at Siena, Jurgen Klopp managed Mainz, and Joachim Low was Germany assistant coach between managing in Austria and taking full charge of the German national team.

A big point is that these are young managers who are seen to be excelling in the game. They understand the traditional aspects of the game as most were players themselves, but they also understand the need to bring fresh ideas into football and why a different approach is needed.

There is plenty of excitement about what Laudrup has brought to management and what he may achieve in the future. For Arsenal, they could do a lot worse than selecting the current Swansea manager to succeed Arsene Wenger.

Written by Thomas Hallett

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