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Net Losses: In Search Of The Soul Of British Football
[account-removed] 5 years ago
Oh I just see my comment is referred to in the first video. Just wanted to emphasize it
[account-removed] 5 years ago
Hello there english friends (or arche nemesises). I have been following this topic for a while (ever since the Bundesliga just could not compete internationaly (with premier league and la liga) any more) and I'll just share one quick fact with you folks:
The Bundesliga has a law which says that a club must be majorly held by the club's management and its fans. It cannot be sold.
Smeetta (Chelsea) 5 years ago
Extremely well done I must say, the look into the REAL meaning of footy to the suporter who came up with the club is truly an eye opener, as one who only watches the games on TV and doesn't have the deep relation witht he club I support it was amazing to witness the actual pain in the hearts of supporters because of the mismanagement of their clubs, I say cheers and lets have some more of it!
Peteko 5 years ago
Great subject, but I can't help thinking that Al Jazeera managed to find two more Americans to blame for something gone bad in our time. God forbid they mention Portsmouth and the mess made there by the Arab owners. If there is a story that epitomizes the problems of today's English football, it is precisely Portsmouth.

And of course, conveniently there was no mention of the leading actor of all in this mess, the oil rich owners of Manchester City.

Al Jazeera cannot be truly honest about the side effects of globalization as it is itself a product of globalization. Its emergence was a great historic moment for the Middle East, however it was detrimental to many small, local and diverse TV channels that went bankrupt to open the way for this mammoth project
Tanmay (Footytube Moderator) 5 years ago
I sympathise, but may be it is too much to ask football to retain its old character at a time when the financial crisis is touching every aspect of life in Britain.

As for fan ownership, the model has been tried elsewhere, most notably in FC Barcelona. In Barcelona it has not been an answer to debt issues despite the favourable television deal and a large fan base. I believe that to deal with debt, football associations need to impose a stable financial model on clubs, with salary caps and other restrictions. This is a tried and tested method, and has worked wonders for the financial success of many American leagues. The MLS, by the way, is already attempting something along these lines
Lee (Kidderminster Harriers) 5 years ago
Many supporters feel increasingly disconnected from a game they used to believe was theirs.

English football clubs were once at the centre of their communities, but that spirit is eroding in Britain's top flight football. Liverpool FC's anthem is You'll Never Walk Alone - but has this franchise left their fans behind?

A generation who grew up watching football in the 1970s and 1980s now feels alienated by the clubs they followed as children. The instinctive connection between the terraces and the players has gone. A football ground used to be the centre of a community. Now it is just another out-of-town shopping mall.

The Premier League is the self-styled "biggest league in the world", but most top clubs are in debt, over-charging their fans for tickets and hoping for a Gulf petro-dollar bail-out. While the Premier League becomes a play thing for foreign owners and tourists, football is re-emerging elsewhere. Many fans who grew up supporting Manchester United or Liverpool are taking their own kids to watch lower league football where they can feel they are part of the team.

What has happened to the beauty of the beautiful game in Britain?
Al Jazeera's Andrew Richardson goes in search of the soul of British football in this beautiful film.

The monetisation of Love
Rogan Taylor, a university lecturer, Liverpool fan and the former chairman of the Football Supporters' Association, speaks about the value structure of and global fascination with football and explains why it is "the most physically democratic game".

OUR LOVE IS NOT FOR $ALE : An alternative to football's madness
FC United of Manchester, 'The Red Rebels', was formed as a fan owned co-operative in 2005 by Manchester United supporters following Malcolm Glazer's controversial takeover which led to hundreds of supporters defecting from the club. The Glazier Group would go on to file for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy in November 2010, leaving Manchester United with debts in excess of 1.1 billion British pounds.

Fcum home:Link:

Community Shares
FC United is made possible by a Community Share Scheme designed to enable cooperative organisations like FC United to raise finance from local communities to support expansion and development much more effectively than through traditional methods such as bank borrowing.

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