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Is This The Best Premier League Season Ever?
Footytubeblog (Blog) 4 years ago

No – It was 2007/2008
It might be hard to cast your mind back so many years so let’s start with a little refresher on some of the stand out records set in this thrilling season:

• Highest scoring Premier League match ever: Portsmouth 7 Reading 4.

• Santa Cruz and Marcus Bent both scored hat-tricks for opposing teams (the only time this has ever happened) in the same match as Wigan beat Blackburn 5-3.

• Chelsea and Arsenal both went the entire season undefeated at home. The only time that 2 teams managed this in one season.

• Cristiano Ronaldo scored a record 31 league goals, the equal highest in Premier League history and a feat not achieved since Alan Shearer 12 years earlier and one which is yet to be broken.

• Derby County accumulated the lowest ever tally for a Premier League team with just 11, but they also broke another 10 records for poor performance including fewest wins (1), fewest goals (20 and most goals conceded (89) and became the only team in Premier League history to be relegated in March.

But don’t let Derby’s comical record lull you in to thinking the relegation battle was cut and dry that season, it went right to the wire with 5 teams who could still take up the two remaining relegation spots going in to the last day of the season and relegation was ultimately decided by goal difference alone.

Final day drama that will never be repeated
Going in to he final day of the season Fulham needed all 3 points to be assured of safety and having lost to their opponents, 8th place Portsmouth 2-0 at home earlier in the season things looked grave for them, but a 76th minute Danny Murphy goal put them with in reach of safety, that goal was vital too, it turned the relegation fight upside down because Reading (4-0) and Birmingham (4-1) both had healthy leads at the time and were ahead of Fulham in the table at that moment. But that wasn’t all Bolton were still in the relegation fight too and needed to secure at least a point away against Chelsea to save themselves.

To add an extra spicy twist, Chelsea were on level points with eventual Champions Manchester United going in to the final day and with United only 1-0 up away at Wigan at the time everything was too play for, an equaliser for Wigan (who were throwing everything at United) would have given Chelsea the title and relegated Bolton, there were far too many stipulations to be sure of anything at either end of the table until the very final moments.

After 80 minutes of play Ryan Giggs grabbed a 2nd goal for United, almost certainly giving them the title, but even then only on goal difference, and with just 10 minutes left you thought the season was finally settled, but there was yet more to come.

In the very dying breaths with news of a 2nd United goal filtering through on the radios in the crowd at Stamford Bridge the atmosphere visibly changed as for the first time it became clear that the title may be beyond Chelsea and this had a dramatic effect on the players on the pitch, it allowed Bolton to grab a 90th minute equaliser through Matthew Taylor and save their Premier League skins with the last kick of the season, guaranteeing a 17th title win for United, and one that was made even sweeter by the fact that on the same day Middlesbrough recorded the biggest home win of the season by beating Manchester City 8-1.

All of this and we haven’t even had time to mention the fact that Arsenal were still firmly in the title race going in to the last 4 games of the season and that Fabregas’ 20 assists saw him come of age.

Yes – It Is!
Now I know there will be Arsenal, Chelsea, Blackburn and (depending on what happens in the title race) Manchester United fans that will disagree. Not to mention every other fan of a club that is not doing as well this season as they did X years ago when they had that wonderful goal scoring behemoth (although when they check the stats it turns out he only scored 11).

What you need to bear in mind is the question. It is NOT “Is this the greatest season for [INSERT CLUB NAME] ?” nor is it “Is this the season Premiership clubs have done best in Europe?”. It is about this league and the league as a whole. So you have to view the season (thus far) with the tricky eyes of a neutral.

The debate was fired off when the stat was announced that at this stage the top two clubs have amassed more points than any club has done previously. I think that stat alone does not sway me either way what does is the games!

There has never been a season where there has been better games between the best clubs. Every year we have 'Big Club Red' vs 'Big Club Blue' history is dragged up the fires are stoked we get montages of past games where there was a goal and then the match itself which turns out to be 1-0, 1-1 or if we were lucky 2-0. Not this season, oh no we have Man Utd 8-2 Arsenal! Man Utd 1 – 6 Man City! Man City 3-0 Liverpool! Man City 3-2 Tottenham! Chelsea 3-3 Man Utd! Arsenal 5-2 Tottenham! Staggering scores between the best clubs in the league. That is not to mention less 0-0's generally then I can ever recall and some proper drubbings elsewhere 3-0,4-0,5-0,4-1,5-1,6-0,7-1.

On top of these awesome games and the title race looks like going to the wire (with a match between 1st and 2nd still to come) as does the battle for third, fourth and fifth. Not to mention the customary relegation dogfight between six clubs.

To top off all of that we no longer have a 'Big 4' it is at worst at 'Big 5' and thats even before you consider adding Liverpool and Newcastle into the mix. The great thing about increasing the 'Big' teams is each week you have more chances of matches between them and more chance of a QPR, Swansea or Wigan reminding those big teams that they are playing in the most competitive league in the world during the best season it has ever had.

So if you can pop on your neutral hat and ignore Wednesday and Thursday nights then you are left with no choice other than to vote 'YES'.

This blog does not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of footytube or its partners.
Ant (Liverpool) 4 years ago
An 8-2 or 6-1 scoreline doesn't mean it was a great game, just an extraordinary one. Give me a 1-0 win any day if the game was frantically end to end with multiple talking points.

By the way these kinds of blogs are pretty much my favourite thing on the site. I love the different arguments and viewpoints
Alexinho (AC Milan) 4 years ago
Meh, it is more like a "Big 2" this season I think.

The others were quickly lost in the ap to the manchesters except of Tottenham who got a tradition to tire their players and meet the wall to use a marathon expression.

If Premier League is to be regarded as a Marathon, Tottenham should be regarded as the rookie who doesn't belong in the company but think they are good enough to be a title contender making sure they stick close to the people setting the pace up front. But instead of rotating the players and keep a steady form, they decide to use the best every game and wore them off like the runner would wore off his energy by keeping up pace with those in much better form than him.
And in the end they met the famous wall.

So if we are to see at the competitiveness of the season then I go with your first part.

Individual games then sure, it has been a good year
IHadYouAll (Manchester United) 4 years ago
I kind of miss competitive top 4 (MU, Chelsea, Arsenal, Liverpool) back in 2007/2008 season, but this season isn't bad ether as it is a refresher to EPL overall where top 4 gets changed pretty fast and unexpected. Is there an option to vote both 2007/2008 and 2011/2012? As this season also looks fantastic
BearWithFish (Manchester United) 4 years ago
This season is different but for the title its really been two teams as you can see by the goal and point difference. I rather not watch it become like the spl, just two teams from one city fighting for the title. Man city v man utd instead of celtic v rangers
Zbudge (Arsenal) 4 years ago
I don't really understand how this can be this big of a deal right now.... The best part and final stretch of the season is still yet to come people calm down and discuss it when we know what happened!
Markodon (NK Dinamo Zagreb) 4 years ago
I find it funny that people are voting whether this is the best season EVER. How the hell would anyone actually know this. And as the person above me pointed out, it's not even finished yet!

Yes, there were some pretty insane matches.... And? Almost none of them were exciting. There are two teams left in the battle for the top, 8 rounds before the end. Sure, we've also witnessed a lot of great stuff, but that's always the case with EPL. You could argue that it will end up being a memorable season, I can agree with that. But the best season ever is just ridiculous
Alexinho (AC Milan) 4 years ago
Premier League is a competition going on since 1992. Not all on this page are 14 years old...
Markodon (NK Dinamo Zagreb) 4 years ago
Well you being a 21 year old doesn't really back up your claims. You probably missed out on the first 10 years of EPL
Alexinho (AC Milan) 4 years ago
Oh ye. Impossible to watch football before one are 13?

I missed out on first season but been raised to follow some certain teams in England since I was 3.

Not saying I remember every matches but I still remember some of them.

I've also seen highlight videos and some matches from the first 5 seasons as well
Markodon (NK Dinamo Zagreb) 4 years ago
Not impossible to follow, but impossible to use for analysis and comparison. I doubt that when you were 3, you were able to critically look at the Premier League football.
Anyways, I think we're getting too off-topic, I wasn't talking about you specifically. From my experience on this website, a lot of people have only been following football for the last few years, or the last decade. My point was that many people consider the moment when they start watching football as the beginning of history. You naturally only take into consideration what you remember. I remember watching a super exciting Arsenal vs Chelsea match about 15 years ago (Arsenal went from 0-2 to 3-2), but I don't exactly remember enough about that season to be able to include it into my decision process about the best EPL season ever
BearWithFish (Manchester United) 4 years ago
Money back then didn't really come into play
Juno (AC Milan) 4 years ago
Mark, you are talking about the Kanu hat-trick huh? Yeah, one hell of a second half by Kanu. Fantastic
Nisten (Barcelona) 4 years ago
Ever heard of statistical analysis? How do we conclude anything about sports, ever? In order to make claims like these, you need to have analyzed the raw statistical data--subjecting every single match from every single season is completely unreasonable and virtually impossible. So, naming the statistics they have, I can definitely see how these seasons, in comparison to others statistically, could be or are the best seasons ever. You don't have to watch every single Sugar Ray Robinson fight to call him the best ever, or watch every single Michael Jordan basket to call him the best ever
Markodon (NK Dinamo Zagreb) 4 years ago
So based on what statistics would you determine what the best season ever is? Stats are useful for some things, but deciding what the best season was is purely subjective
CFLNHLFIFAFAN (Chelsea) 4 years ago
I have followed EPL a bit over last few years but last year I really started following Chelsea and EPL, and especially half way through season I really followed everything, and watched all highlights and learnt so much and really became a true EPL and Chelsea fan, it was a great season last year so much goals like this year and alot of great games and other stuff like I was hoping. This year I have followed every EPL game highlights and teams, and know it all, watch almost every Chelsea game, and its not being the best season but its being great, I love EPL and its my favourite league, so much great players and goals, the atmosphere and stadiums are amazing, I want to say this is best season but I don't know by the end of the season it might be, but I like this season alot like last year, I enjoy seeing games especially Chelsea and following and watching highlights and other games, Its a great season and its going to get better. Man City and United race has being very intense and entertaining but looks like City are falling a bit and United might take it again. Arsenal had a terrible start but have done so much better and Van Persie is insane for scoring, Spurs had a great run and struggled abit but still top club. Chelsea had very tough time at times this season, AVB didn't work and Chelsea players didn't do best, Torres couldn't score but now he's a main set up man and assist and team player and class, he is scoring and will score more, so much good stuff. Newcastle have come up and are now are a top club, great to see from them, Liverpool struggling this year, can't even score, they got so many good decent players but still can't score, all rest of mid teams are all playing entertaining its great to see, the promoted clubs are having some interesting entertaining games too, its great. Bolton(maybe bit better now), Wolves, and Blackburn and Wigan probably have had the most disappointing season for fans, so many great teams in EPL its awesome to see I love the league this has being a great season, Sunderland have won some big games, Crouch's goal was insane vs City, so many great goals and enjoyable to watch, I want to mention so many more teams like West Brom, Villa, Swansea, Norwich, QPR, Fulham, Everton, Stoke etc. SO many great teams and match ups and games this year, its great to see. Its more of a top 6 for me this year with Man City and United fighting for top, Arsenal and Spurs in edge of top 4 for champions league, and Chelsea and Newcastle just on outside but could take out either in top 4 for champions league, it could be and hope Chelsea go make top 4 for champions league but it will be entertaining rest of season to see who will any of the 4 besides City and United its all a neck in neck race and will be sweet, I could say alot more but I love EPL and its being a great season for me for sure, but not Chelsea's best but I really hope they make top 4 and Champions League next year!
CFLNHLFIFAFAN (Chelsea) 4 years ago
All EPL seasons have probably being amazing and every year they will be its a great league and it could be the best for one team and not for the other, I love Chelsea this hasn't being there year, I love the players they have this year and theres being so many great games the rest of the season and great other teams its very entertaining and very exciting and look forward to watch any EPL game on HD tv especially Chelsea, the rest is still to be determined and if you read what I said above you will learn a bit what I mean, its a great league with many great teams and I love it, last year might have being better for some teams but its being great no matter what for me, this and last year(especially this mid last year to all this year) I followed so much more and learnt so much, watch almost all Chelsea games and its great to follow this wonderful league, but best EPL season could be a vote any season. Last year's last weekend saw some sweet games and turn arounds on bottom of table and stuff pretty cool, this year has a lot in store for the big 6(Man City, United, Arsenal, Spurs, Chelsea, Newcastle) it will be interesting who will go top 4 out of Arsenal, Spurs, Chelsea and Newcastle, I'm hoping and thinking chelsea will and anything can happen, it will be great end to season, I'm still excited!
CFLNHLFIFAFAN (Chelsea) 4 years ago
I bet no one will read mine, but this site needs notifications so I can see who comments on stuff and likes it and all that stuff, it be sweet to check instead of always having to go through stuff and forgetting and not having time to find your comment and stuff if someone replies, like this I will easily look back cause I know where the comments will be and theres not as much as videos but ya any one agree they need notifications

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