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Is Jose Mourinho Winning The Mind Games Already?
Footytubeblog (Blog) 3 years ago
We all know about the charisma of the ‘Happy One’ – the artist formerly known as the ‘Special One’. Therefore it is of no surprise that he has toyed with the mental state of recently appointed Manchester United manager David Moyes, with regards to the transfer saga surrounding England striker Wayne Rooney.

With a series of comments regarding the player and his desire to sign the dissatisfied striker, coupled with a transfer bid which has been reported to be of various different values, has he managed to take the lead in the mind games ahead of his Premier League rivals and their mental states?

Chelsea had been reported to offer £10million alongside their Spanish midfielder Juan Mata to acquire the striker, who Moyes has allegedly said is merely needed as a replacement for Robin van Persie at Old Trafford. This was rejected however, as well as the idea that Mourinho was willing to part with any player from his Chelsea squad. His comments since however, could be seen as a first attempt at psychological warfare with the Scot.

Mourinho made a point of mentioning the importance of first team football in the upcoming season with the World Cup a mere year away. Speaking in Kuala Lumpur, Jose Mourinho told the BBC: "He must play very regularly with the club and I think that's the big motivation if they are thinking about the World Cup.
"So any player that wants to go to the World Cup, if they are a second choice in their club, they are in trouble... they are in trouble.
"So I think this is a crucial year for that and probably many national team coaches are worried because they want their players to play regularly in their teams."

Now, I don’t know about you, but this has all the signs of an attempt by the eccentric Portuguese to further aggrieve Rooney and try and force Moyes’ hand. It seems like it has not sparked a great deal yet, however it is almost a certainty to have further added to a list of reasons Rooney wishes to leave his Manchester club, and indeed subsequently caused Moyes a headache. Mourinho would have known that the Scot is still trying to find his feet at the Premier League champions, and this could well be a ploy to throw him off balance from the get-go.
Moreover, he is certainly aware that this was the best route to tackle the newly appointed boss, and with the undoubted pressure being felt on Moyes’ part this could easily serve to put the Portuguese manager ahead in the battle which is certain to take place over the course of the season.

Moyes this morning, yet again reiterated the fact that Rooney is not for sale. Speaking in Sydney, Moyes told the BBC: “The club's position has not changed." Whether this is Moyes starting to become riled by the continuous speculation, or just merely another statement defending the striker and his decision to not sell the wantaway forward is unclear.

That is not to say however, that Moyes himself is not experienced. The former Everton manager began his career back in 1998 and therefore is well versed in all ploys and attempts made by others to get into his head. He will have been briefed on all of the various efforts to put him off in his role as new United boss and therefore I very much doubt he has been beaten in this game often.

While it may appear Mourinho has got one up on Moyes, I very much doubt the Scottish manager is worried. He is more than used to managers either trying to take a player from his squad, or attempting to get inside his head, and thus this early ploy won’t have affected him too much. Moyes has not had the easiest of opening months in his role, however I have no doubt that his experience and talent can easily clear this hurdle currently blocking his path.

By Will Johnson

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Honeybabymwah (Manchester United) 3 years ago
If United get rid of Wayne Rooney would spells catastrophic to qualify for Europe never mind top four. Bunch of wanky players in the team and an old josser is not going to be in dugout anymore to influence the game. Lost attractiveness to lure decent players forget about top players. I genuinely do not think any top half teams in League interested in any of United's players not even for loan.

So yeah, take off Wayne and keep and sign more players likes of Michael Carrick and Shinji Kagawa so playing in Championship is looming. Last two season United's league position were not done brilliantly by players. All the credit goes to Sir Alex and his massive dominance in British football.

I set the bar for the new manager to finish top four in five years and I should now lower the bar to qualify for Europe in five years. David needs more time than people actually think because current United team can never be Champions again any time soon
Phunorla (Chelsea) 3 years ago
Which team will the royal baby support?

Hendrikjohannes (Barcelona) 3 years ago
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