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Heskey-esque, But Surely The Far Better Option?
Footytubeblog (Blog) 5 years ago
In the sudden flurry of players prised from the Tottenham Hotspur wage bill on transfer deadline day, undoubtedly the most significant departure was that of Peter Crouch to Stoke City. The distinctive beanpole may not have been prolific in front of goal last season but he was an integral member of the first team and a firm Harry Redknapp favourite, or so it seemed.

There are two disconcerting aspects to Crouch’s sale. The first is that Tottenham did not sign a replacement. The year-long loan signing of Emmanuel Adebayor may temporarily satisfy the team’s need for a big man but a loan signing never provides that sense of security you get from buying someone outright, that possession of their soul by Tottenham Hotspur that should (but sadly doesn’t) guarantee passion, toil and commitment. Spur’s attacking options were not exactly glorious after Adebayor signed, now with Crouch out of the door they seem worryingly thin again.
The second concern is that the club chose to sell Crouch over Roman Pavlyuchenko. There may be some financial factors involved but in light of recent performances and last season as a whole, this does not look like an intelligent decision. Whilst Pavlyuchenko may have maintained a slightly healthier goals to minutes ratio, his contribution to the team often looks grudging, almost as though he has forgotten the only piece of advice Redknapp has probably ever given him, the famous line: “Just ****ing run around a bit!” Pavlyuchenko’s goalscoring record in the league was superior (9 in 29), it could hardly have been worse, (Crouch scored 4 in 34, Heskey-esque!) but Crouch undoubtedly had a rapport with Van der Vaart that provided, whilst also terrorising Champions league defences, particularly against A.C Milan away.

Redknapp must be thinking that Adebayor will simply step in and fill Crouch’s role like for like, deeming the England striker surplus to requirements, whilst Pavlyuchenko may still have a role to play half-heartedly jogging around blazing it over the bar alongside Adebayor. This explanation seems to overlook the fact that it makes sense to keep your better players and sell those who aren’t as good. (Perhaps I’m the only person who thinks Crouch is better than Pavlyuchenko!) It’s simplistic but it seems reasonable.

Tottenham’s striking options are now Pavlyuchenko, Adebayor (loan), Defoe and Dos Santos. Of course Van Der Vaart will feature up there plenty this season. Nonetheless I can’t help being reminded of the threadbare strikeforce of 2008 when I look at the squad list: Bent, Frazier Campbell, Pavlyuchenko and Dos Santos. That year the Keane deal was too good to turn down and Berbatov had made it clear he wanted out so the situation seemed forced onto Tottenham somewhat. Crouch’s sale is an unforced error that leaves a very tall, thin hole in the Spurs squad.
Do you see Tottenham's strikeforce improving this year or are they in for a long, tough season?

Blog by Philip Wroe

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BigDave (Whitecaps) 5 years ago
The Crouch / Vandervaart partnership was really starting to click.... I was hoping for some real magic this year. Crouch doesn't need to score a pile of goals if he can knock down balls or hold them up for his teammates to score.... That seemed like a good role for him; and yes, he's an England international.... I'm sure that means a lot to the fans over there. I loved watching Pav play for Russia, but for spurs he is disapointing deadweight. I don't want to watch him jog around and kill balls up into the terraces.... Let him go. Dos santos will be gold.... His performances for Mexico this past summer were magic, and Adebayor can be a thriller, but will they be able to link up? I'm frankly drooling at the possibility of Bale attacking the left flank, Dos santos the right, with Adebayor in the middle shadowed by VDV.... And Modric (Damn!). Keep them healthy and spurs could be the most exciting team in the EPL.... Keep Pav on the bench, where (unfortunately) he will continue to lose value.
Go 'Spurs
Tony (footytube staff) 5 years ago
I can't see why crouch moves from club to club, the lads a very good player, especially on the deck for a big lad, he's scored goals where ever he has went, and for country.
I just can't help think the guy must look odd and unfashionable, because he knows where the net is, and I can see him doing damage for stoke city.
I just can't see the reason to keep moving him on?
Blueskiesahead (Chelsea) 5 years ago
I agree whole-heartedly with you Tony. He is a great striker, and for one reason or another, he just never gets the chance to be a team's star striker like he often should be. Perhaps Liverpool was a bit too big for him, and Portsmouth was a little too small I think, but Tottenham looked perfect. Hopefully he'll be a key man at Stoke, just as one would expect not only given Crouch's quality, but the style of play Stoke utilizes, which should be perfect for the 6'8" striker
Tony (footytube staff) 5 years ago
I would have crouch over carroll anyday, he's rubbish for the money that was paid for him
Blueskiesahead (Chelsea) 5 years ago
Crouch also gives you effort consistently. He isn't a player that just lies down and lets things happen. He works hard all game and typically has a real sweat on by the end of each match. The same can't be said of all players.

The only thing about Carrol is if he can get his act together, he does have real potential. Though I agree, the money paid for him was way over the top
Wjustice (Manchester City) 5 years ago
I think it's a win-win for everybody. Crouch plays best when he's under some type of pressure or competing for a spot. Also, it's difficult to transcend the role you've been given while playing for a team like Tottenham. Sometimes playing for top teams can confine your role and even limit the way you play. Now I think Crouch has a great opportunity to become a dominant star for a club like Stoke and his value will hopefully rise again. Redknapp would be pleased to see that happen. Last season there was plenty of opportunity and it just wasn't working with the rest of the team. I get the feeling that Harry let him go because he had to make some type of major change and in the end because he actually liked him too much, and possibly would continue to start him despite his lack of results
MUMatt (Manchester United) 5 years ago
I really like(liked) Redknapp. But I really don't understand Tottenhams transfer policy at all. I don't understand why they sell and then rebuy those same players later. I'm confused!
Blueskiesahead (Chelsea) 5 years ago
To be fair, I don't think this was an awful decision with the loan deal of Adebayor being completed. With him, Defoe (who on when on form has a real eye for goal, and his pace is often very useful), and Pavlyuchenko (who if given the right opportunities could really shine. I think this guy has loads of quality), Tottenham still has plenty of options up front (remember they are no longer in the Champions League, so depth isn't as vital as it was last season). Not to mention, they got a fair sum of money for Crouchy, so in my opinion, this wasn't such a bad deal as far as their transfer policy goes. Though they do seem to like buying and selling the same players over and over again; especially strikers
Classius (Manchester City) 5 years ago
If Dos Santos gets his act straight and does what he does at international level he could actually be playing a strike/playmaker role and that would benefit Adebayor, after all that is how he got goals in Real Madrid, thanks to playmakers. SOmethign he had for a time at Arsenal as well which led Manchester City to buy him, but at the time City didn't have any true playmakers so his talent went to waste. Proof of that is how he did well at Real Madrid. I think Mancini should reconsider his desire to sell him now that City has two awesome playmakers in Silva and Nasri
Nitro (Barcelona) 5 years ago
Dos Santos has always had his act straight, Harry has never really given him any chances. He is young and always improving and was on red hot form when he left Barca but when he went to spurs he was just loaned out everywhere. Atleast give the guy a chance to prove himself, 1 substitute appearence is not enough to say he has'nt had his act straight...
Tanmay (Footytube Moderator) 5 years ago
Maybe Crouch really wanted to leave? There's no doubt that he'd perfectly into his new team
Cameronjack18 (Barcelona) 5 years ago
Dos Santos needs to start. He was incredible for Mexico this summer
Blueskiesahead (Chelsea) 5 years ago
The thing is, I don't think he'll be playing as a striker, nor behind the striker. Redknapp will certainly play Adebayor up front as a lone striker with VDV supporting him. I think Dos Santos will likely play as cover for VDV, Lennon, and Bale. He can play any of their roles fairly well, though I suspect that Redknapp will see him as more of a winger than a supporting striker
Classius (Manchester City) 5 years ago
Damn you Footy pro's! Lol I'm hating on you because of your cool icons! Lol! I might just get it just for that!
Chelo (Real Madrid) 5 years ago
I don't agree with most people out here, I don't think Crouch is that good of a player, his height is always usefull, & he works alot for a big man, but that's about it, Adebayor is a real improvement, Defoe if he get's back to his best can be deadly & Pav is a mistery for me, he could be Tottenham's best striker, but it seems he just doesn't fit, when it's obvious he has great potential. 3 Strikers should be enough for Tottenham if they can stay fit.


Good enough, Adebayor has 2 good covers in Defoe & Pav & you can put in Dos Santos for Lennon, Bale or even VDV
FootyRulz (Chelsea) 5 years ago
What puzzles me is, Harry Redknapp has barely given Dos Santos any playing time yet we saw just how talented a player he is playing for Mexico in the Gold Cup and the Copa America in the summer. If Dos Santos can play at that same level for Spurs then I'm certain their striker issues will be solved
Duncanm (Saint Mirren) 5 years ago
Dos Santos was sent away to Spain for a bit last season was he not, Depor or summit? Probably did him good based on his exploits this summer, I agree he's been looking like a fair force. I've always had loads of time for big peter. People always forget he's got good feet, which is a trick in itself when everybody's paying so much attention to how tall you are. It's a shame for Spurs he's gone, I too was a little confused. Not only was he doing better and better with, or rather for, Van Der Vaart, he's got a long established understanding with Defoe also. I say good luck to him, and good on Stoke. I'm sure he'll be a great signing for them
Araz (Queens Park Rangers) 5 years ago
Crouch's champions league record last season was something amazing like 7 in 10and even though his league scoring record may have been Heskey-esque, that doesn't count in the fact that he got 7 assists and did a whole lot more work besides.

Not sure what is going on at Spurs, after their champions league season you'd have thought they might really try to establish themselves as a top 4 side but instead they seem to be stepping back a bit, it's a shame really
Peteko 5 years ago
I think the logic was that Adebayor can do whatever Crouch did and more. Maybe Pavlyuchenko is not a better player than Crouch, but he is a different kind of player and to 'Arry made no sense (probably) to have both Adebayor and Crouch in the same squad.

Money may have played a role too. Rejecting the sale of Modric was not easy. Now they are replacing a sold player with a rented one, collecting some money. (They have to make a buy sooner or later anyway).

I like Crouch. I bet Liverpool regretted selling him during that low period of time, when the squad thinned and N'Gog was their only option forward. N'Gog never became better than Crouch, at least not yet.

However, 'Arry liked him. He took Crouch with him when he became manager of the Spurs. Crouch is quite skilled for a big man, but how will he age is a mystery. He is 30 now and although it has become common for footballers now to excel in their 30s, everyone is different. Maybe they will cashing on him when they can

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