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FAN OPINION: Ronaldo Myths Dispelled Once And For All
Kafka (Bayern Munchen-A) 7 years ago
Who's the most overrated player in the world?

I think it's Cristiano Ronaldo, and unlike most haters, I will give a couple of reasons for it, and attempt to dispel some common myths and misconceptions that often get associated with the striker.

1. "He's a winger, and that's why his scoring 42 goals was so amazing."
He was not a winger that season. Look at the statistics: Ronaldo had by far the most shots of anyone that season, more than any other striker. And if you look at where he spent the majority of his time, it was in the striker role, he and rooney were the strikers on that team.

Notice how much his scoring went down when another striker joined the team, Berbatov, and how low it was when Nistelrooy was there,. Notice that his goal tally when there was another striker on the team was roughly the same! Coincidence? I think not.

2. "He's a great scorer."
Not true; he's a great free-kick taker and header of the ball, but nothing more. Go and look at a youtube video of his goals; here's one of every goal he scored during the 2007-2008 season, the year where he won the best player in the world award.

Notice how few of those goals required vast amounts of skill: the free-kicks and some of the headers. The majority of the time, Ronaldo was given perfect, sublime passes and had to do very little. And for those that will say that his positioning is what's genius, I offer the following reply: perhaps. But notice that most of the time Ronaldo had to move very little to score, or when he was making runs, they were fairly obvious ones.

Ronaldo may be very good at positioning, I'm not the god of football knowledge, but if it is it's one of the few things he's good at, because look at how many shots he takes! That is not a great percentage.

Ronaldo can only score goals when his whole team is on fire; he can't create for himself. Proof: look at him when his team plays tough competition; he routinely failed to score against top teams in the premier league and even when Manchester United won the Champions league he was shut down by Barcelona.

Ah, you say, but didn't he score in the final against chelsea? Yes, OFF A perfect PASS TO THE HEAD! See what I mean? A great striker can create goals for himself. You want to see a Ronaldo whose a great striker? Look at the first Ronaldo's 1996/1997 season every goal, also on youtube. Now compare the two videos of the Ronaldos and tell me which one created goals for himself.

3. "He's a great dribbler."
Debatable. While there is no doubt that ronaldo has some of the quickest feet football has ever seen, and great pace, fantastic dribbling is about what you do after you beat your man. Ronaldo doesn't score after he beats a man (as you now know from watching his goalscoring video) and he almost never crosses it either.

Overwhelmingly, what he does after he beats a man is PASS BACK! The reason for this is that Ronaldo likes to take his time facing a man one on one, and so by the time he beats him the defenders have covered everybody and his only option is to pass back. Also, notice, how reluctant he is to take somebody on unless he's on the wing. The reason for this is that he seems to be incapable of taking on multiple defenders. He used to do it sometimes in his first years at United but since 2006 just stopped.

So in conclusion, dribbling is about what you do after you beat your man and while Ronaldo may have many highlight videos, they never show what he does after he beats one defender because in the vast majority of cases he passes back, loses the ball, or falls down like my three-year-old sister. Again, if you want to see what a REAL great dribbler does watch a video of the first ronaldo, ronaldinho, thierry henry, or zidane, they become alive after they beat their man.

4."Well, Ronaldo still scores a lot of goals for a winger."
True! I am not saying Ronaldo is a terrible player! Right now, minus the 42 goal season, (which I explained he played as an okay striker in) ronaldo is scoring about as much as figo did with fewer assists. I think that Ronaldo may one day be as great as figo, but unless he improves on the things mentioned here, no better, and certainly not the greatest player in the world.

Ltm017 7 years ago
Wow.... That was very in depth.... Well since Ronaldo being over-rated (which I completely agree with you there and everything you said after) I made a thread about him being overrated too. I'll just back out and see what the replies will be in defence of overrated Ronaldo in this one bravo!

Only one thing though.... Assists?

Kafka (Bayern Munchen-A) 7 years ago
Not many. Ronaldo got a few assists at manchester united because there were so many attacking options but nothing exceptional there, 5-8 a season. He very rarely did them off crosses though, which is telling. Thanks for posting!
Playstation3s (Manchester United) 7 years ago
Another false fact right there Ronaldo gets about 8 or more assist a season. Ronaldo is one of the best man. Facts: (06/07 season 23 goals 20 assists, 07/08 season 42 goals 8 assist, 08/09 season 25 goals 8 assists) Please do not belittle his talent by calling it not exceptional. Even as a full blown winger while was still developing (05/06 season 10 goals 12 assist, 04/05 season 10 goals 9 assist and his first season 6 goals 4 assist). Facts
Playstation3s (Manchester United) 7 years ago
Here is a link to his stat do not believe garbage Link:
Kafka (Bayern Munchen-A) 7 years ago
Bad site, first of all (use when you can) And to my mind 5-8 assists a season includes eight, and that is the most he has gotten in recent seasons. And he very rarely did them off crosses, as I mentioned. Or at least less than you would expect from a winger
Playstation3s (Manchester United) 7 years ago
He never got 5 assists so that is false, you should have said 8 or more like I did, cause that is what his stats show. And what do you mean by bad site, they both say the same thing for his stat. And yes Ronaldo hardly crosses the ball, cause he cuts in to beat people before making his assist
Cescfan (Arsenal) 7 years ago
Overrated? You are wrong!
1. Ronaldo was not a stiker, in fact Sir Alex said numerous times how marvelous Ronaldos' performances as a winger were. Not that that is a valid point anyway, even if you marked him as a striker he still totaled more goals in all competitions than anyone else worth speaking of, but the entire football community knows he was a winger!
2. Not a great goal scorer? You think because of a deflection or two that Ronaldo isn't a prolific scorer? Every player has their share of lucky bounces, but Ronaldo is commended for his lucky goals because he puts himself in dangerous positions. He scores in everyway possible, in fact he is the most versatile goal scorer we have seen in a long time. When does Leo score a free kick? When does Ibrahimovic dribble 4 defenders and score? Does Wayne Rooney fly in the air for headers? Never, He can't, and No are the answers to said questions. Figo never totaled that many goals in a single season, in fact he only scored 91 total club goals in his entire career. An easy translation is Ronaldo almost amassed half the goals in one season than Figo did in his entire club career. Get your facts straight, Figo is great, but please refrain from blantant mistakes.
3. Ronaldo comparatively is a spectacular dribbler of the football. Who else is as or more affective? Messi, maybe, anyone else? The fact that he loses the ball more often than others is because he is responsible for taking on players. I sure wouldn't want Michael Carrick, John OSea or even Berbatov to have the ball at his feet over Ronaldo! He takes more shots because he puts himself in dangerous situations using his dribbling skills. If you won't call him a great dribbler, I would like some suggestions on who is makes the cut.

The bottom line is that CRonaldo is not overrated. More goals, more skill, sure a piss poor attitude and an individual mentality, but that surely doesn't qualify him as overrated.... Just a bad teammate
Cristiano9rocks (Real Madrid) 7 years ago
This guy knows what he is talking about, Ronaldo is a great scorer. If you don't think so just look at 1 or even two of his youtube videos its plain and clear. He might not be the best "team" player but he does his job, and he does it very well
RyanRB (Manchester United) 7 years ago
He's my favorite player and he is a great scorer and header ball player. He is also a great free kick taker so he is awesome to me  
Rob12 (Manchester United) 6 years ago
Messi and Ronaldo are both overrated players. They lack everything compared to players like Brazils Ronaldo etc etc
Santillanavila (Tottenham Hotspur) 7 years ago
Ronaldo is overrated but you have seen his games haven't you? Cause according to your article it's all based on youtube vids. Where did you get your facts from about him being in a striker position most of the time. Where did you get your other facts? One more thing, I'm sure Fifa does their homework and chooses their world player of the year wisely
Mattdog87 (Manchester United) 7 years ago
I agree, 07/08 season for him was incredible and he truly was the best player in the world that year, you cannot deny it. I hate the man, but he is a brilliant football player, possibly the best of our time, researching ways to disprove this is foolish as Fifa know their s**t and would not have awarded him world player of the year if it were untrue. Don't let your hatred of the man get in the way of witnessing one of the greatest footballers of our generation, I won't
Patrice14 (Barcelona) 7 years ago
He won the accolades because of his stats and yes he was in an advanced position (more akin to Messi's position at Barca) than in a wide midfield role, so no he didn't score 42 goals from midfield as he was playing as a forward. Secondly, a vast majority of his goals were penalties, freekicks and headers from corners and he also took some 250+ shots to score those 42 goals (way more than any other attacker in the league).

Also you must add that the entire Man Utd tactics were built around Ronaldo so as to utilise him to the max, thus stunting the roles of the strikers (Rooney/Tevez and last season Berbatov) so the plan was just "get the ball to Ronaldo, let him score". Ultimately we'll see if Ronaldo is as "great" as they say he is now he's at a team where it isn't built around him and he isn't the main man (Real Madrid)
Aliko 7 years ago
Santillanavila you're completly right! FIFA chooses just those players who really deserve it to be the Best Footballer of the World. Cristiano Ronaldo deserves it! Those who hate him can not deny that he plays brilliant football.... Even the best players have a bad time...
Kafka (Bayern Munchen-A) 7 years ago
Look, I really don't hate him, okay? I really don't. And for what it's worth, Patrice14's post was brilliant. Read it instead of going on about nothing
[account-removed] 7 years ago
Brilliant because he agrees with you, give compliments when due
Makka (Manchester United) 7 years ago
Let us see portugals fate in WC. Ronaldo is talented, but at times...
SYYYM (AC Milan) 6 years ago
Aliko you're wrong
Look at the last 3 winners
Do you see any similarity?
Lyndon (Panathinaikos Athens) 6 years ago
They are all amzing player with amazing footwork and ability to both set up the play Even if there is no goal or assist directly from them, and they are all NOT striker full blown, at leas they don't play as strikers, they all play off to the side cause they are players that make things happen
Darksidekatana (Liverpool) 6 years ago
Yes fifa most probably does pick their candadites for player of the year wisly I'm not disagreeing its wonderfull to see ronaldo up there but do remember he didn't win it this year
Kafka (Bayern Munchen-A) 7 years ago
I happen to watch Manchester United games frequently, however, since the premier league(to the best of my knowledge) doesn't release old games the next best thing is youtube videos. And c'mon, in a video that shows every goal from the season you can get a good idea of what a striker is like;after all, the job of a striker is to.......Score goals!In the majority of cases that is how you should judge strikers, then. As for him being in a striker position, this can be easily seen from this website:
A well done analysis will show that he spent too much time up front to be considered a winger that 42 goal-season. The other stats are from telegraph.Co.Uk I assure you that all the stats I used were accurate, but if you don't believe me you can check there. And be reasonable, if Ronaldo takes by FAR the most shots of ANY player in the premier league it should be obvious he is playing up front, especially as you can see from the youtube videos(you so hate) that he is generally not shooting from long range, which is where wingers almost always shoot. Put two-and-two together. As for Fifa doing their homework, you would be surprised. Most of the time the award goes to a player who scores a lot of goals and whose team does well. Just look at lionel messi this season: he is probably going to win the Fifa player of the year despite the fact that there are other players who probably deserve it more. Thanks for posting, it's okay to be skeptical
Santillanavila (Tottenham Hotspur) 7 years ago
OH okay I agree with you. I just wanted to make sure you got facts from a reliable source and weren't just putting up stuff. I believe you. You put up a good argument and I am being reasonable I believe now that he is actually a striker based on the sources you showed me thanks too. I guess he is the world player of the year because he is entertaining in that he dribbles, showcases, and scores many goals. One more thing if what you said about fifa is true then fifa sucks ass but I doubt that because cannavaro was a world player of the year
Zach (Manchester United) 7 years ago
Ronaldo played primarily as a Winger or a Left/Right forward during the 07/08 season. Most of his shots did come from the middle of the park but that is due to his inside-cutting runs. How many times have we seen Ronnie pick up the ball on the wing, make a quick change of direction to create space, cut inside and blast a shot just outside the 18? He only really started being deployed as a striker or center forward towards the end of last season.

I'll agree that when Ronaldo is described as one of the best players ever, he is over-rated. As far as being the world player of the year, he fully deserved that title in the 07-08 season. Last year saw him fall of a bit due to the injury that left him out the first few months of the season and some other factors. But even when he was slumping, he was still the most feared opponent in the EPL and Champion's League.

Having seen him play at Old Trafford each of the last 3 years and the Champion's League Final in Rome, I can say that I have never seen another player with his ability or talent. He is truly an OLD trafford legend and will be sorely missed!

Viva Ronaldo....

Kafka (Bayern Munchen-A) 7 years ago
Um.... No, he didn't. I am sorry but the statistics prove you wrong. The majority of the time ronaldo just finished and was already in the box when passed to. He cut and scored only a couple of times; watch the video! I am not making this up! He did NOT deserve the world player of the year that year, because he wasn't even the best player on his team! Look at how many beautiful passes he was given. The job of a winger is to dribble at an opponent and cut to score or cut the other way and cross. That is the general gist of his job. As for him being such a feared opponent, absolutely not! Ronaldo can absolutely be shut down, and you can see it when manchester united played great teams: if the whole team didn't do well then he didn't either, and that is not the hallmark of a great player. One of the top five wingers in the world(when he plays that position) and no more. Check out the videos and statistics, please
Zach (Manchester United) 7 years ago
I'm sorry but the hell with your youtube videos.... You obviously don't watch United play live and you certainly have never been to a game
Kafka (Bayern Munchen-A) 7 years ago
I watch most united games on Espn, and your failure to even look at statistics or even videos so that you can verify your remarks show you to be nothing but arrogant. You think your so good that your every opinion overturns facts? Videos and statistics cannot prove everything nor did I ever claim that they could. They do, however, supplement the watching of games and provide useful tools on analyzing players. You would do well to take that into account, as all coaches now use statistical analysis and Ronaldo himself is a fan of it! Link:
As for your claim that I have never been to a game, that is extremely insulting. But I guess the fact that I have been to games is not nearly important as your amazing intuition that I haven't, since your such a respected authority on life, the universe, and everything
Donnchadh (Liverpool) 7 years ago
You don't think Messi deserves the balon d'or Kafka? Who do you think has done more to earn it? If Messi doesn't win I would be a little disappointed because I believe he is by far the best player in the world right now by quite a substantial amount, the closest player to him Steven Gerrard because Stevie G is a true leader and captain who will do anything and everything to help his team win, unlike [C.] Ronaldo who is basically the complete opposite(he missed that penalty in the champions league final remember). But Stevie G's skill set doesn't approach the Messiah's

I saw Messi play the Galaxy at the Rose bowl stadium in California in person.... He is from another planet. To have his pace with such absolute control, paired with incredible, diverse vision and an absolutely sublime touch in front of goal, is almost unreal. He is the true talent of our generation(f**k Ronaldo, he's a punk who is older than Messi and deserves no where near the amount of respect, he is full of himself).

Messi is humble, he should win the award
Kafka (Bayern Munchen-A) 7 years ago
Why lionel messi shouldn't get the balon d'or and who should will be my next post. Don't get me wrong, I think Messi is a fantastic player, and unlike Ronaldo, in the top five in the world but I don't think he's the best. I will try to write that post soon. By the way, what did you think of the article? You didn't mention it
Pocketg99 (Arsenal) 7 years ago
I think it's funny how man utd. Fans (not all) can be so ignorant, I agree
Playstation3s (Manchester United) 7 years ago
To Rarimapirate, Messi is definately the best, but go easy on the second best cause it is definately not stevie. Xavi is better than stevie, so is [C.] ROnaldo, Ribery, Eto. Stevie is like the 5th best, I am tempted to say Torres is better but that is debatable. And [C.] ROnaldo is definately not over rated, cause if he was Man United would go on fine without him from the get go (but we had to adjust our game completely, cause like Lampard said only Lionel Messi can replace him). Also I forgot about Kaka, Stevie G is not better than him either
Winson (Manchester United) 7 years ago
There was a lot to read there.... I just wanted to point out that cannavaro got fifa player over henry that season.... And I'm pretty sure that was the 'invincibles' season for the gunners....

But iono I could've got that wrong no?

Oh also, you say that roberto carlos revolutionalized his positon.... A bit of double standards, i'd say, if you say that ronaldo as a winger isn't supposed to extend out of your "job description" of a winger.

It's all a bit ill-informed i'd say, but we're all entitled to our opinions aye?
ArsenalFAN4EVER (Arsenal) 7 years ago
I'm sorry but cannavaro got the fifa player of the year in 2006 after the world cup. And the invincibles was 2003/2004 I think
Kafka (Bayern Munchen-A) 7 years ago
Winson: playing striker is not revolutionizing winger
Algerian10 (Barcelona) 7 years ago
I Think Messi is better than Ronaldo
Pocketg99 (Arsenal) 7 years ago
I'd agree espicially this season
Yic0ng (Arsenal) 7 years ago
He is not overrated at all. With his ability, he can play anywhere in the field even the defender. He is definetly worth 100m perhaps even more
Kafka (Bayern Munchen-A) 7 years ago
Um.... Please give some rationale for your statement. Not only do you not even attempt to disprove anything that I stated but you added that Ronaldo could play anywhere on the pitch. Ronaldo has never made more than 25 tackles in a season so I don't think he could play defence. Please back up your statements with facts
Match (San Jose Earthquakes) 7 years ago
Defender? When he had a midfield/winger role, he struggled to back track and help out on defence on a consistent basis, especially after losing the ball. One could argue that CR changed the formation when he forced himself to an attacking role. The formation went from a 4-4-2, to more of a 4-3-3
Danyulz (Liverpool) 7 years ago
Yep, totally overrated. But here's the thing, he's got style. He's a media darling and on and off the field he turns heads. I do think he has speed and can get past defenders, but he lacks the special magic around the box to make something for himself. That being said, he was the one lifting the trophy. There is an intangible quality that makes surrounding players better and he might have it. I guess his time in Madrid may shed some light
Kafka (Bayern Munchen-A) 7 years ago
I agree with you on the style. Beckham has it to had we all know he's always been overrated. As for speed and getting past defenders, I say as much in the article! But if it doesn't help his team then it's a waste of time. All style and no substance. As for that intangible quality, you are right, we will see whether he has it at real madrid. I don't think he does, look how he's played for Portugal. Anyway, thanks for posting
Playstation3s (Manchester United) 7 years ago
Come on man, Beckham is not over rated, He is class. There are 2 types of wingers the speedy winger like Ronaldo, Wright Phillips, Ribery, etc. And there is the Beckham type who just find players with the ball. I mean how many players can spend almost a season in the MLS and make their countries line up and Go to La liga and score in their first 2 games.come on man, it is bad enough you said Ronaldo is over rated. Ronaldo might be one of those big ego players but, 42 goals in a season, even from a striker that would be amazing
Omar (Arsenal) 7 years ago
The only reason Beckham got into the English line-up was because he went on loan to A. [C.] Milan, who are not even close to the Americas. Last time I checked, Milan was in Italy, and Italy is in Europe. Capello told him the only way he would be in the English squad was if he was in Europe with another club instead of being in any MLS team.

And for him scoring in his first 2 games, that's great and all, but what happened after those 2 games? You seem to imply that he only scored twice and that was it
Playstation3s (Manchester United) 7 years ago
Erm I know were Milan is, pay attention when reading. Plus a lot happened after, he helped them win games, which is why they want him back. And my point was that how many players can play in the MLS for almost a whole season and still go to Milan and shine and also make the English squad. What are you saying?
Kafka (Bayern Munchen-A) 7 years ago
MorinKAshi seems intelligent; I think I'l just let you two duke it out for now
Omar (Arsenal) 7 years ago
I wasn't saying Beckham didn't do anything after the 2 games, I was merely going on with what you told me. You ended your argument at "2 games" and didn't say what he did after. That is what I was trying to tell you. Made the reader misunderstand what your wrote because you didn't right enough. I also never said that you didn't know where Italy was, its just that you never mentioned Italy. From what you wrote, you simply said he was in the MLS and was called up to England, which is not what happened
Playstation3s (Manchester United) 7 years ago
Got it. And FYI Beckham was in the English squad before he went to Italy, cause he trvelled all the time to England for friendlies and stuff. But you still fail to see my main point which is Beckham was in one of the crapiest leagues in the world, but still had it in him to shine in Italy on his debut too. People say he is over rated but Beckham never won fifa player of the year he has never won anything that could tag him over rated, The media loves him, people mis concept popularity for Best player
Kafka (Bayern Munchen-A) 7 years ago
He has been ranked third by fifa two times. He does not deserve this
Omar (Arsenal) 7 years ago
Since he "shined" so much during his time in Milan, then why couldn't he "shine" in what you call "one of the crapiest leagues in the world"?
Even though Beckham was "called" up for England during his time in the MLS, he didn't play but the last few minutes in each international game he played. He came as a sub, not a starter. He's just given a cap for appearing when he doesn't make an impact in the England squad at all. He's got dead-ball ability, but Gerrard and Lampard have that department covererd on the National team
Playstation3s (Manchester United) 7 years ago
Ok, real fast let me say that, Beckham in his prime made a huge effect on the English team, he also shines in the MLS (I know I watch it)
Omar (Arsenal) 7 years ago
From what you just wrote, you are telling me that Beckham no longer has that effect in the English team. If what YOU wrote is true, then Beckham is no longer needed for England, and is only on their by popularity
Playstation3s (Manchester United) 7 years ago
Yes he is no longer as effective. But The man is a patriot, he wants to win a world cup with his country. He might not be as effective, but he carries a lot of team spirit with him, which is essential, I bet you he is still received as a leader amongst his teammates. He has heart which is what drives him to keep making comebacks and shutting up his critics. (Got to love that)
Omar (Arsenal) 7 years ago
Yes, he proved his worth, especially in his final moments in Madrid, as he even drove Capello he was wrong about dropping Beckham.
But spirit is not enough. You have to have talent and you have to effect the game anyway way possible at all times. Beckham did have his moments at that, but that is his past.

Wow, from Beckham to Ronaldo, what an off-topic discussion, wouldn't you say PS3s?
Adamaus (Manchester United) 7 years ago
Edited by mod, useless post with personal attacks.
Charlie (Barcelona) 7 years ago
I think if this thread wants to keep the credibility it has worked so hard to achieve, it should stay as far away as possible from personal attacks
Sergio 7 years ago
To me he was never over rated. The fact that he scored more goals then strikers and had won the golden boots award by scoring over 40 in one season is frankly f******* amazing. Also the fact that his some what childish attitude started this reputation of his takes nothing out of his game. He is still the best.

Messi = number 2

Kafka (Bayern Munchen-A) 7 years ago
You obviously didn't read anything I wrote. I would be happy to engage in a discussion but I wrote facts and so it would be nice if you could do the same
Donnchadh (Liverpool) 7 years ago
Messi = numero uno. Let's be real Sergio Messi has surpassed Ronaldo in skill undeniably the only thing he must learn and focus his chi on is free kicks on goal(he can play in a wicked ball, just doesn't like to go for goal from set pieces) and he will be the absolute complete player.

And he will be a great captain someday, he is humble and down to earth and he has a great mind for the game as well as a great desire. Ronaldo.... Will never have any of these things, he is always looking out for number one, himself. Messi can be a part of something bigger.

The true test will be the upcoming 2010 world cup, both their countries are struggling to qualify(correct me if I'm wrong here) and their true character will shine through. I believe in the Messiah he has great things still yet to come, I think Ronaldo is already past his prime.

Ronaldo missed THAT penalty! In a game that was pretty important, called the Champions League Final, have you heard of it haha. He is a choke artist, Messi is clutch. In my opinion he is the best player in the world from the spot, above Del Piero, Gerrard, Lampard and all those other gritty veterans who never seem to miss in those situations. I don't think Messi would have let Cech save his so easily, in fact he probably would have guessed the wrong way like every other keeper in the world trying to save Messi's penalties, I wonder if that's just a coincidence.

Kafka (Bayern Munchen-A) 7 years ago
Wow, are you Messi's mother? And Messi doesn't have an I and an h in it; it's messi not messiah!
Donnchadh (Liverpool) 7 years ago
You could say I am a fan, and you don't get it? El mesiah, the messiah? Jesus Christ Mohamed Moses, these people are Messiahs, just like little Lionel haha. And his name just fits it perfectly. And I did like your article, though it is clear you have an incredible amount of biased against Ronaldo(as do I so I can't talk). Do give him some credit, ya?

And who's better than Messi, I want to hear you think who deserves the balon d'or more than him
Kafka (Bayern Munchen-A) 7 years ago
How am I biased against ronaldo? I think he is probably one of the top at his position (when he plays it) and brought specific facts against him. I think he is an excellent player, just really overrated. It would be like saying Inzaghi is the best striker of all time; he's obviously a very good one just not on that level
Donnchadh (Liverpool) 7 years ago
Alright I can agree with that though I think you might have a little bit of biased against him because you are trying hard to prove your point. Not that there's is anything wrong with that at all but you seem very reluctant to listen to what other people have to say, because you are set on proving your point. And he is overrated you are right, he's a media darling I mean people in the states still think Beckham is the best player in the world, but he is extremely extremely good. As much as I hate to admit it. He's a spectacle and he likes to showboat, that's why he is so overrated.

I mean you seem to think Messi is not the best player in the world, do you think this might be because he is a very humble person who doesn't like to draw attention to himself, and thus is underrated? And maybe Messi isn't the best, but he is younger than Ronaldo, in my mind has made a far greater impact on the game than Ronaldo and is a much better player than Ronaldo. Yet here we are talking about Ronaldo. There is nowhere near the fuss about Messi because he doesn't want there to be, but he should still be recognized for what he is. Which in my mind is the greatest footballer in the world, who readily has the potential and the drive to be the best the game has ever seen. His desire is unquestionable, he is 5 foot 6 for god's sake and he is tougher and has more will to win than anyone on the field.

I guess all I am trying to say is to keep an open mind, like I am open to hear who you think is better than Messi. And I will listen even if I don't agree, and take it in. I won't block it out
Kafka (Bayern Munchen-A) 7 years ago
Glad to hear it! The reason I am trying so hard to prove my point is because I have spent the last three-months staring at the statistics and piecing my argument together before posting it, and therefore don't like it that people dismiss the argument in five seconds because they have it so ingrained in their head that Ronaldo is the best that they won't listen to anyone else. HE IS NOT, and I think I showed that pretty clearly. As for Messi, he is probably one of the top five players in the world but still has much to learn before he can be number 1. The only thing that will change my mind on that score right now is proof, be it videos or statistics. For me, it's not enough to say a player is great, you have to explain why. Anyway, thanks for posting and I will make a post on monday(probably) explaining who the best player this season was
Donnchadh (Liverpool) 7 years ago
Alright do it up and thank you for making this post because I support your claims, he surely isn't the best in the world. As for making your next post about the greatest player, don't look too hard into the statistics, football is a game of passion. Sometimes we forget that in our world of computers and numbers, it is a beautiful game, which none of these statistics could ever hope to explain. That's my advice to you anyways, and by the way you did have a really solid fundamental argument about Ronaldo, just remember to always keep that mind open, then you can take that in and refute it a positive and even better way. Peace
Kafka (Bayern Munchen-A) 7 years ago
See, I HAVE to use statistics, for if I don't then it's just my opinion against yours. Statistics should be used to back up opinions, not formulate them. I got all my ideas from this post from watching Ronaldo play, if I just sat at my computer and stared at numbers that wouldn't be good either. I understand that, that's why I try to incorporate videos into my argument. Viewing games and using statistics have to be used together. Thanks for noting the fundamental soundness of my argument, by the way. Appreciate it
Thugmario99 (Manchester United) 7 years ago
Kafka.... I believe that you have personal issues regarding ronaldo, yes I agree with you that ronaldo de lima (brazilian) is far better and he is a living legend but cristiano is world class and you know that so I won't try to convince you. Just because ronaldo does not cross the ball, that don't make him average and I know deep down you want to to say that wayne rooney made ronaldo the player he is just like all these english people think and they get emotional about rooney- wanting him to be recognised as the best player in the world.... Well deal with the facts mate, ronaldo is far better than rooney that's why alex ferg decided to move ronaldo in rooney's position and he was justified by winning the champions league and back to back prem titles.... And if you don't believe that then argue with fifa for making him the world and european player of the year.... I rest my case.... And all of you people on this site talking trash about messi being better than ronaldo, you are just bunch of people who don't knw football, take away messi's dribbling and he is left with nothing.... Take away ronaldo's pace then you still have his power, air ability (headers) skills, goal scoring ability, ability to play with both feet unlike messi, ronaldo can also play both wings, lone man ontop, or as a stricking partner.... All prem managers have said that ronaldo is the best even alex ferg has said that many times and compared him to all time greats but it seems like since he aint english then he mustbe crap, well david james is world class, aron lennon is 2 so is ashley young and walcot and barry and foster, green, kirkland, brown and carrick 2 plus milner heskey and lescot and without forgeting glen johnson, crouch, dean ashton, calton cole, defoe and this new arsenal boy wilshere hehehehehe (fkn average wankers), I love man utd and support england for their fairness to football but lets face it if arjen robben is better than any english winger playing (period) then to me I have more chance of winning the lotery and shaggin beyonce than england winning the world cup
Match (San Jose Earthquakes) 7 years ago
I think messi is a great player, among the best to have played, I really do.... But I hate that fckn nickname.... 'messiah'. It's stupid, really
Barcasauga (Barcelona) 7 years ago
Thug.... You said take away CR9's pace and your still left with other good qualities? .... Maybe free kicks.... But honestly his pace is what gets him into all thses positions to score.... And do evrything else.... That's such a pointless argument to bring up.... No hate against you.... But just saying that because every great has some sort of quality that surpasses the norm.... Ronaldo is pace and dead balls.... Messi is pace and dribbling.... They are both amazing at what they do.... However what I do put messi above ronaldo is confidence to take men on.... And I mean like actually attempting to find a way to goal through 3+ players who are basically in front of you while you are standing still about 10 yards or less from the 18.... CR9 always just does step overs and passes.... Messi attempts to take them on to find a pass(albeit an improbable one) or even find a way to squeak a shot through.... As of right now.... I'd hold messi above CR9.... BUT.... Ill let CR9 try 2 prove me wrong this season
Yamsy (Liverpool) 7 years ago
I do believe he is a little over-rated.... He is a great player, but not the best of the best....
Your facts are interesting, but as much as like to see Ronaldo being judged, I must disagree with some points....
1. 42 goals aseason is no small feat even by a striker, so what if he plays striker, if he's good at it, then play him there.... Who says the the 07/08 best player only plays on the flank....

2. With all your talk about how Ronie scores, your missing the actual point that, what's really important is that, "He Scores!".... I don't think "how he scores" is more important than "if he scores"

3. And, I don't get why you say "Dribbling is what you do after you beat your defender".... Isn't dribbling just running with the ball? As long as you have movement with the ball, I'm pretty sure, that's dribbling.... What you do after you beat your man is called "what you do after you beat your man".... So at least he can beat a man at dribbling, although nothing may come out of it except for a back pass, it creates chances for the team....

4. Of course Ronaldo plays well only when the team is on fire, football is a team game.... If you think the original Ronaldo did it all himself, you are mistaken my friend....

Well, that's pretty much all, please comment if any of you agree or disagree.... Remember, I still do think Ronnie's over-rated, just not truely in the points you listed....
Kafka (Bayern Munchen-A) 7 years ago
I will respond (and hopefully, refute) your criticisms in the order you gave them to me.
1.42 goals is most impressive I was merely noting that he was a striker that season and more importantly, doesn't deserve all the credit that was heaped upon him for that season because he received beautiful passes time and time again. While there needs to be someone to score the goals if that someone is scoring because of his teammates and not his innate ability that player should not be the best player in the world. The best player in the world certainly
May be helped by his teammates but is fabulous independent of them. With Ronaldo this is not the case.
2. Just because the score is not impacted by the level of the goal (I score a goal it's 1-0, doesn't matter if I shot it with my ass and it took three deflections) doesn't mean it shouldn't be taken into account in our evaluation of a player. How a player scores is also important because it shows us how he can impact a team: a player who can only head the ball(albeit very well) may certainly be invaluable but only if there is someone to cross it to him. What if the other players get shut down? This has happened to Ronaldo all the time: the team doesn't do well and so he doesn't score. He may be a great finisher, but he's not the difference between a tie and a win or a loss and a tie. I think that IS very important.
3. I didn't say "dribbling is what you do after you beat your defender." I said "fantastic dribbling is about what you do after you beat your defender. Note the distinction. Ronaldo is a very talented dribbler but not a great one until he can do something after he beats his man. Read carefully.
4. You are to a certain extent right, but I took this into account in the article. Of course players can't do everything by themselves, but the great players can still create when everyone else fails. For an example of a player who just created goals by himself, the original Ronaldo is a perfect example of what it is I am talking about.

Do yourself a favor and watch it...... It's amazing. And remember that this is not a highlight video but every goal he scored there.
Well, I think that about wraps it up, I would be glad to read your response
Yamsy (Liverpool) 7 years ago
Oh and, I really don't see the difference between "Fantastic dribbling" and "Dribbling" that your trying to point out.... I think what you mean is his vision and football passing after he dribbles, which doesn't have anything to do with his dribbling.... Your pont is correct, but I just think you used the wrong term for it...
Kafka (Bayern Munchen-A) 7 years ago
No, not at all. In order for a dribbler to be able to do something after he dribbles, he must dribble at the right times and the right place. Ronaldo would be able to do things after he dribbled if he didn't take so much time going into one on ones, which is safer for him(he usually wins) but not helpful for his team. If he could speed up the process and do it in better positions he would be a fantastic dribbler, not a fantastically talented one. As for not watching the video: you can't debate my points if your not willing to take the time to learn about them. By the way, sorry for the double post!
Cyb0027 (Arsenal) 7 years ago
"Of course players can't do everything by themselves, but the great players can still create when everyone else fails"
See. Ronaldo does tht aswell and you mentioned it,
On his headers and freekicks. How many other players can score off the free kicks or headers the way [C.] Ronaldo does?
Notice tht in the video you pointed out almost none of the goals ronaldo scores are off free kicks or headers. What you showed was just a difference in style, not skill
Kafka (Bayern Munchen-A) 7 years ago
For a header you need the pass. For the free kick you need a foul. To create you need the ball and a little imagination
Cyb0027 (Arsenal) 7 years ago
Creating isn't just mazy dribbles through multiple defenders as you seem to believe
Any soccer player would know "creating" a goal is through runs and positioning both on and off the ball passes and finishes
Ronaldo does all of those things namely runs and finishes

I don't understand how you can say he's just "a great free-kick taker and header of the ball"
He has a powerful shot aswell and while he does miss a shitload of them no one cares....
He scored 20-40 goals in the last 3 seasons....
How many games did manchester united win off the boot of cristiano ronaldo?
He was pivotal in manchester united winning 8+ titles in recent years
And THAT is why he is so highly rated
Blueskiesahead (Chelsea) 7 years ago
Some very good points and though I do agree he is way overrated (look at his performances for portugal for proof) he is still a fantastic player with bucketloads of skill. 42 goals in a season doesn't happen often for any player weather midfielder or striker. And he has scored some beauties. In my oppinion he is one of the best, but not number one.... That accolade goes to messi
Kafka (Bayern Munchen-A) 7 years ago
I would put him maybe in the top ten, but no more. Read the whole article carefully to see why it is his goals don't mean as much as you would think
Kafka (Bayern Munchen-A) 7 years ago
I don't think messi's the best in the world, either, by the way. That will probably be my next post
Yamsy (Liverpool) 7 years ago
So who do you think is best?
Kafka (Bayern Munchen-A) 7 years ago
Still deciding. It's hard deciding when there are so many quality players, but I have five or so that I think could be it...
Illskillz718 (Barcelona) 7 years ago
Such as...
Kafka (Bayern Munchen-A) 7 years ago
Well, who do you think it is?
Illskillz718 (Barcelona) 7 years ago
Well, I personally think it is Messi, but it doesn't mean he's at the top by far. It's a tighter race than some people are assuming it to be. But, I'd really like to hear your suggestions, you mention you have about 5. Great post by the way!
Eric (Manchester United) 7 years ago
A lucid and determined argument. I'm just going to have to disagree. Ronnie is easily overrated, but he's not rubbish as it seems you're making him out to be. Did he deserve the best player of the year award.... Probably. I'll tell you why, there have been plenty of instances wherein Ronnie has come out and risen the team out of a ditch to swing one in off of a free kick. I think the best player in the world needs to be able to lift his team to a higher playing field. And while you argue that he is not a team player (crossing, back passing, defending), the man can and will finish whether it be via free kick, rocket from 20-30 yards out, or just by being passed a sitter that he can knock in. I certainly believe that they didn't award him the ballon d'or simply based on him netting 42 in a season, that would just be silly. It's about how the player interacts and motivates his team. While it was plain to see that sometimes United would get extremely frustrated with Ronaldo's nonsense, there was at least an equal amount where they looked to him to make something happen and he did (champion's league final excluded). Just my two cents, I both agree and disagree
Kafka (Bayern Munchen-A) 7 years ago
I would like to make one statement to all current and future readers of this post: I.... Don't.... Think.... RONALDO's.... Rubbish! He's a great player. In 2007/2008 I thought he was one of the top ten players in the world and right now he's definitely in the top fifteen! My post was in response to him being overrated, showing why putting him in the top-five is silly. In address to you: you didn't read my article carefully enough. The very argument I put forth in 2. Was that, while he is a very good free kick taker and header of the ball, he cannot create goals for himself. Please, please, just look at the statistics and videos; you will make my day. As for Ronaldo making it happen? Only when his team was on fire(which was often) or against very weak defenses. Look at games where neither was true and observe how abysmal his record was. Anyway, thanks for posting, if I seem exasperated it's only because I'm answered many intelligent skeptics like yourself on these very points. I suggest you go back and read some of my other responses. Thanks for posting
Santillanavila (Tottenham Hotspur) 7 years ago
I think the real reason for argument here is if Ronaldo deserved the accolades he won last season. According to Kafka he needs to be doing more then he has but according to others he has done a lot more. I think just being able to score a goal from a great pass even if its extremely easy helps out the team. Those 40 plus goals helped them tremendously. Yes he is overrated but you really underrate him by a lot. In my opinion he deserves to be the world player of the year because he has done more, has many skills, and scored many goals
Kafka (Bayern Munchen-A) 7 years ago
Right, but another player in his position also could have gotten a lot of goals, not forty-two but not all that far off it, because many of the goals were a result of wonderful skill on the part of other players and not, as some people seem to think here, because he was the second coming of Jesus and scored every goal from sixty yards away! It was not that those goals didn't help his team, (they obviously did) but that many of those goals could have been scored by other players(and not great ones). That doesn't diminish the impact those goals had on the game, but it should lower our estimation of him
Adamaus (Manchester United) 7 years ago
Ronaldo has scored 113 goals in the last 6 seasons - that's an average of over 18 goals a season
Ronaldinho has scored 103 goals in the last 6 seasons - that's an average of just over 17 goals a season
Messi has scored 74 goals in the last 5 seasons - that's an average of 14 goals a season
Kaka has scored 89 goals in the last 6 seasons - that's an average of 14 goals a season

YOU DO THE maths

I mean first lets looks at the amount of player awards he has won,Three Premier League titles, an FA Cup, two League Cups, a Champions League and a FIFA Club World Cup, two PFA Players' and Fans' Player of the Year awards, European Player of the Year, World Player of the Year, winning 2 player of the month awards in a row, a feat is even more remarkable when you consider only two other players have won the award in consecutive months: former Arsenal great Dennis Bergkamp and Liverpool striker Robbie Fowler.

He has eclipsed George Best's 40-year-old record of 32 goals from a winger! BEST since BEST

Quotes kafka: "while there is no doubt that ronaldo has some of the quickest feet football has ever seen, and great pace"
But someone his awesome control, pace and quickfeet makes him a s**t dribbler? Your just contradicting yourself, you can't say the has those abilities but is s**t at using them because its obviously not true. Plus what this bs your saying about his no good at beating a man? I mean in all honesty to you actually watch him play?

"He cannot create goals for himself" I would say 60% of his goals are from him cutting in off the wing or straight through the middle and putting one away!

"42 goals is most impressive I was merely noting that he was a striker that season and more importantly, doesn't deserve all the credit that was heaped upon him for that season because he received beautiful passes time and time again. While there needs to be someone to score the goals if that someone is scoring because of his teammates and not his innate ability that player should not be the best player in the world."
So barcelona arguably have 2 of the best playmakers in the world Xavi and Iniesta, why hasnt messi, or eto or henry scored as many goals? Beacause it takes a player to get into the positions that ronaldo get himself into and it also takes a player like ronaldo (or with the finishing ability of ronaldo) to score when in that position. That's not also adding the amount of goals he has scored in important situations which saved us, or helped us win.

From 1-2 season ago:
Player Ronaldo Fabregas Messi Torres Totti
Team Man Utd Arsenal Barcelona Liverpool Roma
Appearances 33 32 29 33 27
Minutes On Pitch.2,741 2,826 2,379 2,608 2,284
Goals 30 11 15 24 14

Another point £80m - beat that

It would have been very easy for Ronaldo to be the "bad boy", a role he's played very effectively since joining United in 2003, and exploit that reputation on the field by using it to get under the skin of opposing players.

Instead, the formerly petulant Portuguese, who has been prone to theatrically diving in the past, has shown great maturity and class, conducting himself in a professional and thoughtful manner at all times. He no longer complains to referees or becomes irate when things don't go his way.

Yes, he still crashes to the ground far too easily when challenged, but he does it with far less frequency these days –before he would first look to draw a foul while inside the 18-year-box, now his first instinct is to continue to drive towards the net and score.

All the while, he continues to terrorize opposing defenders with his exquisite combination of speed, vision and ball control. He is a skilled player, to be sure, but he's also damned entertaining to watch, and you get the sense from watching him play that he is committed to playing beautiful soccer and giving the fans their money's worth.

All hail Cristiano Ronaldo, the king of Modern Football.

Kafka (Bayern Munchen-A) 7 years ago
One of the first attempts at genuinely defending ronaldo's case as the best player in the world that I have yet seen. Bravo Adamaus! That said, I will completely and utterly dismantle your argument. Your first point: doing the math. Lets take a look at your list of players inferior to ronaldo, with a little commentary.
Ronaldinho: An average of seventeen goals and.... Around the same assists! ARE YOU kidding ME? You only had to take the most statistically brilliant attacking midfielder of our time! Midfielder by the way. Note the distinction.
Messi: Your judging a player who is very young and who is getting better at a tremendous pace. Sorry but if your going to use this I'm going to use Ronaldo's Sporting Lisbon stats. (not pretty for the record.
Kaka: A midfielder playing in goal-starved Italy. And a brilliant one at that, to score that many goals.
I think that takes care of that.
Now lets look at your award argument, also with commentary.
Three Premier League titles, an FA Cup, two League Cups, a Champions League and a FIFA Club World Cup: Didn't exactly win it by himself! Manchester United had one of the greatest squads ever assembled. Next.
Two PFA Players' and Fans' Player of the Year awards: Yep the fans love him. Tell me something I(or every person in the world) doesn't know.
European Player of the Year, World Player of the Year: I think I explained that at length.
The Best since Best: No, cause he was a striker that season! Not going to repeat myself.
The Quotes argument: "while there is no doubt that ronaldo has some of the quickest feet football has ever seen, and great pace" Why don't you go ahead and finish the sentence: fantastic dribbling is about what you do after you beat your man. " Fantastic dribbling. Fantastic. Didn't claim he was s***, (as you put it) just that he hasn't lived up to his potential. As for his not being able to take on a man, you just made that up. Observe the following quote: "Ronaldo likes to take his time facing a man one on one, and so by the time he beats him" I said BY THE TIME HE beats HIM! That implies that he usually does. Read more carefully.
"He cannot create goals for himself" I don't call being wide open and being given a wonderful pass creating a goal. Before I discuss this point further, look at the original Ronaldo's video, the one I recommended. I know you probably won't but am saying this for readers of this discussion.
Your third quote is truly laughable, not going to give it attention. (I only have so much time)
The next argument, I'l run through quickly.
Fabregas: Amazing playmaking midfielder
Messi: Didn't choose this season, up -and-coming future legend(maybe the best ever)
Totti: Really not that great a player
Torres: A fantastic season, impacted his team that season immensely.
The money argument: Sure, I'll play that game. Beckham has a 250 million dollar deal so I guess that make him at least twice as good as Ronaldo.
The rest says nothing of interest.

Adamaus (Manchester United) 7 years ago
Once again you didn't dismantle my argument with anything but your opinion. And why stupid s**t like "backham has a 250 million dollar deal so I guess that makes him at least twice as good as ronaldo"

Stupid s**t like that proves that you can't look at the bigger pitcher, which is firstly I was talking about a straight out transfer fee, any dickhead would see that. Secondly if you would walk out from your little ronaldo hating world you would see that the only footballer to have seen more fame is backham, he is paid on how well he brings in crowds, on those jerseys he sells, on how many fans follow him, on how many tight teenagers would fk him. Open your fkn eyes.

"fantastic dribbling is about what you do after you beat your man"

Really? Are you that stupid dribbling means to have the ball at your feet while moving, in football its used to run up the field with the ball or get past people. What you do after you beat someone with the ball hasnt got anything to do with dribbling its got to do with your playing style or whatever but not dribbling, because ronaldo has a shot after he beats someone even if the ball sails 100m over the crossbar doesn't make him a s**t dribbler.

"""He cannot create goals for himself" I don't call being wide open and being given a wonderful pass creating a goal. ""

Can't you read your own writing, create goals FOR himself to any normall person that would imply that he sets himself up for the, so why would he pass it? And if you acttually watched him he always sets up goals for himself and regularly sets up goals for others.

So once again your saying stuff about his ability not to create goals but really your talking absolute s**t.

And I can't be bothered arguing more but really I can see your just a arrogant prick who doesn't use any facts just comes out with outlandish statements with nothing real and concrete to back yourself up, the point is I don't have to argue with you because for fucks sake FIFA(you know the men and women that determine how football should be run) agrees that Ronaldo is the greatest player on earth, but I know you who won't take that into consideration as of corse "ur right" and everyone else is wrong, you know theres been a lot of people in history who believe things like that, most of which are remembered for being psychos or murderers etc....

Also saying things like "Your third quote is truly laughable, not going to give it attention. (I only have so much time) "

Just proves how much of a selfrighteous fag you are.

Riggedking (Manchester City) 7 years ago
Amen man, when this kafka guy said maybe he's top 15 this year, I laughed so hard, its funny how this guy says look at the facts and stop saying opinons, but clearly Fifa looked at the facts, oh wait, no they don't know wtf there talking about at all. You have also mentioned a few times that most of his goals were headers and free kicks, you make it seem like free kick taking isn't a skill, I don't see very many other free kick takers scoring goals as much as him on the freekick spot, there are a few, and headers no there slack to direct into the goal, once again saying that ronaldo barly makes the top 15 is your opinon, which contradicts what uv been saying about everything uv said is pure facts, btw.... I do think kaka and maybe messi are better then ronaldo, I just laugh at the fact that you think he's "top 15"
Kafka (Bayern Munchen-A) 7 years ago
Wow, Adameus. That was pretty sad. The Beckham being better than Ronaldo point was not meant to be taken as an indication that that is even close to being true, it was just to show how rediculous the money argument was: players are bought for business reasons as well as football ones. I thought that was obvious. As for the fantastic dribbling point, it was raised by yamsey(with considerably less rudeness. Please read that post. As for the creating goals for himself, I am merely going to note that Ronaldo played on a team with wonderful passers who consistently gave him good balls. I am not claiming that those goals mean nothing, just that they do not mean the same as those who create goals for themselves. I could spend three pages defining what that means but the 1996/1997 Ronaldo video does it very nicely for me. I used real facts that were appreciated by many other members of this site(many of whom were ManchesterUnited fans). That's all the attention I am going to give you, for I already know that you insult me no matter what I say. Good luck with that. As for RiggedKing: I mentioned headers and free kicks as THE BEST examples of ronaldo's skill. That shows that I think very highly of his free-kicks and headers. As for Fifa knowing facts: Fifa is more interested in picking who the majority of people think is the best than who actually is. That's because if they didn't they would get stampeded by angry fans. Cannavaro is really the only exception to that
Adamaus (Manchester United) 7 years ago
Your an idiot of corse he received passes from other people but he also set up his own, which is not what you said. So stop talking s**t as you go along
Illskillz718 (Barcelona) 7 years ago
Dude you got owned
Ant (Liverpool) 7 years ago
This is one of the most interesting and well argued discussions on footytube. Keep the comments and opinions non-personal please! Attack or defend Ronaldo, not each other

Santillanavila (Tottenham Hotspur) 7 years ago
Ant, your opinion?
Santillanavila (Tottenham Hotspur) 7 years ago
From the sources you gave me kafka, Ronaldo is good from shooting outside the box, sets up many plays, and plays he is set up with most likely turn out to be a goal. Well not most likely but he scored 40 plus goals and some of them had be made when being set up. His passes are almost always on target too. He also tackles a lot in opponents team's side to keep the ball which most of the time are very successful. He takes most free kicks which shows you he is great at free kicks but you acknowledged that. Anyways you do contradict yourself like adamus said.

P. S. I was too lazy to check your sources but now that I was bored I decided to check and yea I agree he is overrated but top3 he deserves
Kafka (Bayern Munchen-A) 7 years ago
I am sorry but with all do respect just browsing at statistics is more worthless than making up statements. The passing statistics are nothing of not wrong: observe the following:

Ronaldo had 54 chances created last season, or less than half of Lampard. Chris Brunt had more. Ronaldo had less then ten assists last season, so I don't get how he's such a great creator.
Ronaldo had less than a thousand accurate passes last season. This didn't even put him in the top fifty last season.
Ronaldo had less then an 80 percent completion rating last season. Michael Carrick had 85, AND more passes
As for him being good at tackling, surely you jest. Ronaldo had 12 tackles last season, which is crap. He's not by any stretch of the imagination a good tackler. It was a good first attempt at statistical analysis, but you need to be able to put a little more work in. As for me contradicting myself, please bring evidence. Thanks for writing
Santillanavila (Tottenham Hotspur) 7 years ago
Weird I see totally different statistics on the sources you gave me
EastBelfast (Glentoran) 7 years ago
Your stats are getting boring, the fact is Ronaldo stil managed to score 18 league goals last season. Only Nicolas Anelka had more. He was injured at the start of the season which hampered his progress no doubt. The season he won world player of the year is obviously deserved. 31 league goals in the premiership is amazing for anyone never mind someone who predominently plays from a wide position. Saying he does'nt deserve all the credit is absolute rubbish, If Torres, Etoo, Crespo or Van Nistelrooy EVER scored this many goals they would be hailed as the best striker on the planet, but when Ronaldo does it, its not a big deal he didn't do all the work himself! He scored 8 champions league goals in 11 matches that year also made him top scorer in that competition, but I suppose that means nothing to you. Why do you say about him not contributing enough assists when he is scoring so many goals? That's like saying oh Shearer was ok.... He didn't set up enough though. His goals won Man Utd the Premier League, any true football fan would recognise this, Michael Carrick is a creative midfield player of course he is going to have more passes. Man Utd always start attacks from their back-line through their midfield, be it Carrick, Scholes, Anderson or Fletcher. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion ofcourse but to give the impression that he didn't deserve the World Player of the year is somewhat ignorant. Messi does deserve it this year, He was fantastic all season in the league and in Europe 23 goals from a wide position is fantastic, although I don't think it is as great an achievement as Ronaldo's as he was playing in a league much more easy to score in (Before you argue this point look at Forlan, Kanoute, Morientes, Rossi all who could hardly be called top marksmen in England).
But back to Ronaldo, Do you honestly think Real Madrid would absolutley smash the world record fee by so much for someone so 'overated' as you put it? I know the money they spend is wild beyond recognition but look at their history of big money signings, Zidane, Figo, Ronaldo, Beckham all turned out to be fantastic individuals. Too sit for months researching how 'over-rated' Ronaldo is makes a BIG point in itself.... If he was so much overated then it would be easy to put together an arguement not a number of months. All your talk about stats really does'nt mean much to people who truely understand the game of football. Its about results and winning trophies, of which Cristiano Ronaldo cleaned up for the past two seasons. 67 league appearences 49 goals. Not many players in Europe could boast this record as well as have 2 premier league titles, and a European Champions League winners medal. (I know he has won more trophies than this I am just focusing on major trophies over the last 2 seasons).
To base this drivel which you are talking on video's of youtube is a joke, i've seen video's where Albert Riera looked good ffs! Try watching some Man Utd Matches of the past 2 years maybe Wigan away 2007 or Blackburn at home 2007 and tell me he is'nt a special player. These opponents not of a high enough stature? Watch him take apart Roma in the champs league. I honestly do find it hard to comprehend how much you have a personal vendetta v Ronaldo.
Please don't reply to me stating useless facts about how many times he tied his shoe laces or whatever, just recognise how lucky you are to have seen such a great talented footballer and get over what ever issue's you have with him and just admire him play, or if the case may be don't!
Kafka (Bayern Munchen-A) 7 years ago
Santaniliva, what stats did you use? I recommended, that's where those stats came from. I would love to respond to you east belfast, but I have addressed these points elsewhere. I just can't keep repeating myself
Kafka (Bayern Munchen-A) 7 years ago
And actually, when stating that a player as widely held to be the best as Ronaldo is overrated you must GO OUT of your way to research more. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof. Carl Sagan knew what he was talking about
Ronnie80 (Chelsea) 7 years ago
Kafka please.... This thread is poor, youtube vidoes? C'mon man I think a full 90 minute match would be much more informative don't get me wrong I'm not a fan of ronaldo.... I think he cries and dives like a baby wayy too much.... But he is no doubt an amazing player, and why is soccernet a bad site? Because it contradicts your argument? Look.... Ronaldo was deserving of the 07-08 ballon dor which was clear, scoring 42 goals in any league is amazing? Ok he took 200 and off shots to get them, but so what? Just means he finds space and shoots
Rar3200 (Barcelona) 7 years ago
Messi is clearly the best player in the world right now. Anyone who says different is either ignorant or doesn't know soccer. Without even factoring in his amazing League play from last year, his performance in the Champions League tournament clearly showed the catalan is the best in the world. Visca barca
Algerian10 (Barcelona) 7 years ago
Totally agreed with you my friend
SYYYM (AC Milan) 6 years ago
I would agree to that
Playstation3s (Manchester United) 7 years ago
Ok I have to make a post cause I am tired of reading be. S. And replying with anger. So first [C.] Ronaldo is not over rated cause if he was, I do not thing Manchester United will be changing their style of play (fact: Sir Alex said he would be changing his style of place this season because of the loss of [C.] Ronaldo and the Barca defeat). Also Frank Lampard would not go on air saying (Fact: the only player that can replace [C.] Ronaldo is Messi) "Now I think that goes to show a lot, because that is from a professional player not some fan or blogger". Furthermore, he might not have scored 31 goals in the epl last season but who was the second highest goal scorer in the league, plus don't forget he was injured prior to the season start (so he did not participate in pre season) hence he was not 100 percent till mid way through the season and he was still second highest goal scorer. Now except you are trying to say all the strikers in the Epl are garbage (the likes of torres, drogba, adebayor) or the epl which has had 3 teams in the champions league semi's 3 years in a role is garbage; except you are trying to say these things, cause without saying them your post is plain dumb, I mean he was by far the most dominant player in the double wining season and was Manchester United's best player last season. You like facts right, well the fact is that striker or right mid fielder, Ronaldo is a beast, and accurately rated. Messi is number 1, then Ronaldo (hate it or love it)
Jman008 (Manchester United) 7 years ago
Agree with you dude, I totally believe Ronaldo is not over rated, he scores amazing goals because he has great talent. You wouldnt have people like Anelka and Lampard saying that the title is wide open this season without Ronaldo, no one would be saying that if Ronaldo is here and people star players know that he was a great player
Kafka (Bayern Munchen-A) 7 years ago
Ferguson would say that he had to change united's play NO matter WHO would HAVE GONE. As for Frank Lampard: do you consider Pele to have been a good player? Look at his astuteness:Link:
By the way, got to love your quote here: "You like facts right, well the fact is that striker or right mid fielder, Ronaldo is a beast, and accurately rated" So you create facts now? That's interesting
Playstation3s (Manchester United) 7 years ago
That Link is full of predictions, and Pele is a great player. Frank Lampard was not predicting, he was stating a fact in his own opinion (and I will take his own opinion over yours) cause he has played against Ronaldo. And Yes I was deducing a fact from your Analysis (I can do that right). Its not that complicated, if a striker scores 42 goals in a season, he would be considered a great player (and that is a fact). I did not make it up, its logic man
Playstation3s (Manchester United) 7 years ago
Also out of curiosity I researched some Pele prediction, and I believe he predicted Maradona was going to be the next best player in the world. You see players can evaluate players better than fans. He might have gotten a lot of predictions wrong, but he knows class when he sees it, so does Lampard
Kafka (Bayern Munchen-A) 7 years ago
It is Rooney's opinion that Iniesta is the best player in the world. There is no consensus from players on who is the greatest player in the world. By the way, there is no such thing as a "fact in his own opinion. " Ronaldo is one of the finest wingers in the world, which is a great accomplishment. It is for people who think he is more that I wrote this article
Playstation3s (Manchester United) 7 years ago
That just goes to show Iniesta is under rated. And get it right You can state a fact but interpret it in your opinion. For example fact Ronaldo had 109 shots on goal from 181. You can say that is very accurate or according to you as stated bellow "not accurate. And ronaldo's accomplishments place him in second best not the best. You do not think he is second best please give a player to take his place then, that would have made your article more convincing if you compared him with a player you consider better than him (except messi).compare their abilities, effectiveness, and stats (that would be interesting)
Javascum (Arsenal) 7 years ago
I have read from another sites about this great player, found in Link:

I LOVE THIS MAN,, I mean how he play well LOL

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