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Do The FA Help Our Clubs?
Thebeautifulgam (Liverpool) 4 years ago
I completetly agree WITH THIS POST. The only thing this post fails to recognize is that other leagues do look after their clubs in order for them to succeed in the champions league. For example, during the chelsea v. Benfica champions league first leg, the announcers commented that the portugues governing body rescheduled benfica's previous match in order to provide benifca with plenty of rest before the game, whereas chelsea had to play a game fairly recently before their match against Benfica. When is the FA going to realize that they should look after their teams? In the end, I more money may be made through tv sponsorships if english clubs proceed further in the champions league as a result of the FA looking after English teams
Footytubeblog (Blog) 4 years ago
A lot has been said about the FA in the past few years and their sheer incompetence when it comes to making a decision, but once again they are seemingly going to let down one of their members in their scheduling of the FA Cup semi finals. Chelsea could well face two huge semis in the space of 48hrs, as the FA once again fail to give English clubs everything they need to give themselves every chance in Europe’s Premier Competition.

It is not the first time this has happened with both Sir Alex Ferguson and Arsene Wenger bemoaning the scheduling in the past of fixtures prior and post games, largely down to TV commitments. I remember Tottenham playing a Europa League game at 9pm on a Thursday, before having to play Chelsea on Saturday lunchtime just to keep the TV companies happy. It is a ridiculous situation and few can be surprised if Chelsea decide to field a weaken side in the FA Cup, should they progress and have to face either Barcelona and AC Milan in the Champions League semi final two days later. A lack of respect for the competition perhaps, but what respect have the Blues been given from football’s governing body.

Don’t get me wrong I totally understand as to why Liverpool have requested their semi be played on Saturday 14th, given the Hillsborough anniversary and the memorial that takes place on the 15th, but why won’t the FA consider us playing our semi final on Friday 13th or even perhaps delay it for a week to the following Saturday? Another suggestion that has been mooted is that the game is staged at the Emirates as a neutral venue on the 14th and although many will point to Arsenal being a smaller ground, it is worth pointing out that Chelsea and Tottenham have only been issued 31k tickets for the Wembley game anyway, which is another argument for another day.

I appreciate I won’t be drawing much sympathy from the neutrals out there and I am sure Spurs fans won’t care about Chelsea’s predicament one bit, but it has to be highlighted that the Blues possible success in the Champions League actually has a positive effect on the game in this country and gives England points within UEFA to secure allocated slots for Euro tournaments in the future. I’m sure not many of the top clubs in England would be happy to see our Champions League slots cut to only three places, which is a genuine possibility if English clubs continue to fail in both the Europa and Champions League. As gut wrenching as it maybe the country needs Chelsea to do well to ensure we maintain our powers within European football.

So why are the FA being so uncompromising when it comes to scheduling, given their rival governing bodies around Europe are only too happy to accommodate and change their member’s respective fixtures in order to ensure they have every chance of success? I don’t believe for a minute they don’t want to see Chelsea succeed, given they have shown a stubbornness with other clubs before, but of what benefit is it to their competition to have one of its sides having to field a weaken team (cheapening the FA Cup) due to their failure in changing the fixtures around? It beggars belief and makes little sense – something the FA, in the past, has shown little of over the years.

Blog by Dan Chambers

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