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Did Beckham Deserve Criticism?
StrikersMT28 (Seattle Sounders) 7 years ago
New ground has been broken on the Beckham saga. Last night, AC Milan played a friendly versus the Galaxy in Carson, California. The game was riveting, a 2-2 draw, with the likes of Ronaldinho wowing the crowd. But the big story of the night was David Beckham, who was boo-ed by the majority of the fans every time he touched the ball. The game progressed, and the boos were narrowed down to the serious supporters groups. The "Riot Squad" draped signs over the railing that read, "Go Home Fraud [with the #23 x-ed out]", and "23:Repent."

At halftime, though, the volcano erupted, and Beckham went over to the group, and started nouthing off to them. According to one fan, Beackam said, "Hey, Mother F****r, come down and shake my hand!" At that point a fan tried to drop down from the stands and confront him personall. Becks mad a move for the fan, but security soon busted it up. In the second half, again receiving boos, he took a corner that was headed in to make the game 2-2. He then turned around, and shrugged his shoulders, as if to say, "Are you satisfied?" Will this seriously go on for the rest of the season? Again, did he deserve this criticism?


Charlie (Barcelona) 7 years ago
I honestly don't think anyone deserves this. If someone came to my counter, and started to curse and boo at me while I was making a cappuccino, I would have reacted the same way.

"We boo alot of players, but they don't come out and challenge our guys, were just here as fans. ", more like idiots. "He called out a drunk fan. How stupid is that? ", I don't know, maybe as stupid as being drunk in in the first place. "he's expecting a drunk fan to control himself over a player? " I'm sure he wasnt expecting anything from these "fans". Just another reason for Beckham to leave the MLS
Santillanavila (Tottenham Hotspur) 7 years ago
Hooligans are all over the world drunk fans don't really make a difference or a good reason for him to leave. Apparently he does let what the people say get to him "I act professional on the pitch" yea whatever
StrikersMT28 (Seattle Sounders) 7 years ago
However, if you're gonna' go out (ie red card) go out with a bang. I would've been fine with him taking on that fan. Cantona's "actions" never hurt anyone other than that one fan
TFoAV (Manchester City) 7 years ago
I don't think that this is going to go on all season. From what I've read on the LA Riot Squad's message boards, this is going to be it when it comes to booing Becks like they did last night, for one reason only: He's still playing for the Galaxy. LARS may have been ruthless in their Beckham hate last night, but they won't be for long. Lost in the shuffle of all this is the fact that the Galaxy have won 4 straight games, and are finally starting to win games that they would've tied earlier in the season. The Galaxy were a decent team with just Donovan, they stayed afloat while Donovan was on usmnt duty, and now they're going to get nothing but better with Beckham playing. They've been playing real solid football, and now that Donovan and Beckham have a better supporting cast and a better coach in Bruce Arenas, the Galaxy should make the playoffs and make some noise. The best way for Beckham to get back in the good graces of this somewhat vocal minority would be simple: Give 110% on the field and win. That'll endear him to the fans that he's obviously lost
Bhawk11 (Bayern München) 7 years ago
I don't think so. If the LA baseball fans like manny ramirez after using drugs, theres no reason why they shouldn't like Beckham. I think he would be better off in milan though
4Fabulous (Arsenal) 7 years ago
Similar to what others have already stated I think that the acquisition of Beckham was more a merchandise deal than purely for football or "soccer" purposes. They bought him in to try and elevate the game to the next level in the USA, and this is unrealistic unless they make wholesale changes rather tha buy one supestar. Furthermore, I feel that game can never be as big in the States as it is in Europe due to the fact that the States are so geographically dispersed. In some cases it's like flying from one end of Europe to the other for an away league game, rather than say a Premier League trip from Manchester to London.

Personally I do not believe Beckham deserve the criticism he is getting, he is a pure professional who has time and time again demonstrated that he is committed to the cause and will always give his all, both on and off the field. I can however see why some small portions of the crowd at the Galaxy may be agitated by his flirtation with teams in Europe most notably AC Milan where he has been on loan and he has also not ruled out a potential transfer back to England although that seems to be out of the equation. It is only natural for a player of his calibre to be lured back to European to pay at the top of the game as I do not think he realised he was joining what has been described as a "pub team" in LA Galaxy and I do think the money had a part to play in his decision.

Now I think that he is living to regret his rash decision which was made in the heat of the moment, when Real Madrid announced that they would not be renewing his contract, a decision which Fabio Capello, the former manager of Real Madrid, who was at the helm in Beckham's final season as a galactico, admitted was one he rued. As you can see Capello, since taking over as England manager recalled him to the side and this has allowed the England national team to reap the rewards of his experience at the highest level and still at his age there is no-one who can cross the ball into the box with pinpoint accuracy which is a lifeblood for effective strikers.

To be fair, as Beckham stated, if anything needed to be said then this could have been done in private rather than affect the team's morale and I just think that this is a ploy by Donovan to make a few book sales
Ant (Liverpool) 7 years ago
Fantastic post, I agree with almost every word. Donovan surely was out to make money from book sales and probably his publisher or similar suggested he make some really outrageoous statements in it to gather publicity - a ploy that has obviously worked seeing as we are all still talking about it.

In my opinion, Victoria beckham had a huge amount to do with the Beckhams moving to LA. She was desperately hungry for fame in the US and where better than Hollywood to get it? What she didn't realise is that people with fame but no talent are usually the subject of ridicule. Fame, money, yes, but ridicule on top. Beckham probably tried his best but when they realised that the US just wasn't going to work out for them, and with rumours of Beckham resuming his International career (and possibly playing in the premiership) then having a kickaround in LA was probably not going to get him much recognition.

To summarise, his early "retirement" to LA was a money-driven blunder and for that I feel his criticism from Europe is deserved. Then, when he tried to rectify the problem by going on loan to Milan, talking about playing in the premiership etc, he has shown a lack of commitment and respect to the Galaxy fans and I feel that their criticism was also justified.

He's had a bad few years with some dumb decisions but I think he has a lot of football left in him over the next two or three years
Reidscott (Fiorentina) 7 years ago
Lee and Matt have it covered. I think Becks just wants to play and he does not make the best decisions off the pitch. I think it could have been a very positive move but turned into a negative. However most footy fans all over the world will not even remember him in LA as time passes.

If he gets the chance to play for his beloved England next year (and I think he will) and he plays well, all will be forgiven and he will go on to a very good career as a top level Manager in Europe.

AS far as USA footy goes.... If you are gonna' bring in European Stars.... At least make sure they are younger and actually want to play here. Everybody that knows Becks knew he was not serious about spending the rest of his career here.... It was obvoius that he was going to take the $$ and see where it goes...
Ant (Liverpool) 7 years ago
"he will go on to a very good career as a top level Manager in Europe. "

To be honest, I don't think he will. I think he would make a fantastic coach, training players at passing, crossing etc but I don't believe moving into management would be the right move for him
Benaldinho (Manchester United) 7 years ago
I think that nobody understands that all Beckham wants to do is play World Cup soccer next year, as Fabio Capello directed him to. I believe he should leave the US and play for Man Utd next year
Monterofan (Seattle Sounders) 7 years ago
Man UTD won't take him
Ant (Liverpool) 7 years ago
Theres a good blog report on Yahoo today about the Beckham experiment, which kind of summarises up our feelings on this topic

About 48 hours after Beckham signed for the American club two summers ago, I saw a man wearing a Galaxy shirt with his name on the back walking along London's Oxford Street. That was the purpose of his signing: it was solely a marketing gimmick. And for slightly longer than those 48 hours it worked a treat; for about six weeks Beckham filled stadiums and sold shirts wherever he went. He was on the cover of every American sports magazine, he was putting soccer on the map.

Then he got injured, sat out the rest of his first season and since then he can hardly claim to have given good value for a return which has utterly distorted the pay structure in the American game. Earning 100 times as much as some of his colleagues, he has barely been in attendance, heading back to Europe the moment Fabio Capello articulated the obvious: the player could not have it both ways. He couldn't exploit his renown for a final pay day in a backwater and expect to be picked for the England team.

Monterofan (Seattle Sounders) 7 years ago
I don't think this blogger was looking at the effect Beckham has had on ticket sales whenever the Galaxy had an away game with Beckham playing. The games averaged more than 30, 000 according to Bruce Arena. No serious American fans have forgotten him
Reidscott (Fiorentina) 7 years ago
Ant has some good points.... All valid.... But do not count out Becks as a Manager. It will take some time but I tell you a club will ink him.... Also, he knows this game and I think he can command respect from players. I also think any team he handled would be extremely strong on fundamentals and no way would he put up with slackers!

Of course we all have fun with this speculation and I love to engage as well.... But who knows what the heck is in store for footy down the road.... I do know this much: The game is more popular world wide than ever brfore and for that we should all be grateful!

I am totally geeked out about the season coming up in Europe!All of the transfers are going to make a huge difference.... I think ManU is going to slip and there will be some huge surprises. The Primera Liga is gonna' smoke and the Serie A just kind of leveled out so alot of toss ups there too....

And then there is the WC Qualifying and the Scene in SA.... WOW What a party that is gonna' be!
Ant (Liverpool) 7 years ago
Yeah, when next season kicks off we have an absolutely solid year of excellent football to savour, and then the World Cup after it! Couldn't be better for us
Darius (Southampton) 7 years ago
Now he gets fined for his confrontation with the fans.
Will he ever mend his wounds with the Galaxy?
To answer that question, yes, that is, if he wins more matches pretty decisively
Ant (Liverpool) 7 years ago
Apparently for the altercation with fans last week, Beckham was fined the princely sum of $1,000 USD. Considering he's probably on 50 times more than that a week or higher, it shows how out of touch the punishment system is.

Also, again proving his punishment was nothing to him, he had another abusive shouting match with a fan on Saturday.

All details here:

Thomas1978 (Liverpool) 7 years ago
I do think soccer fans in the MLS are a little immature if that is the right way to describe it. The league is still young compared to many established leagues and fans should understand that for a player like Becks who is already near his end of his career, a cahnce to play for Milan is something absolutely awesome.

They could have been more understanding and the abuse are a little way overboard to me. Soccer players are human beings as well and I do think anything more than a friendly banter is not deserving, Some comments by LA Fans have been a little distasteful to me.

However I would also stress that this does not warrant Beckham's reaction, he should have reacted better as he is certainly experienced enough to handle that, especially after what he had to go through in 1998 after his sending off against Argentina.

Just my humble opinion, please comment.

Afrodinho13 (Sporting Kansas City) 7 years ago
I think he does deserve the criticism. If you had a colleague who was slacking off at work, and you called him out about it. Wouldn't you expect your boss add other co workers to voice there issues? Also you must take into context what some of those people have sacrificed to legitimize footy in this country and the beckham comes here and defecates on the work of guys like chris klein, (come home to kc chris,) landon, alexi and many many others. Any one with half a football playing bone in his body could see that he was and is dogging it. He picked it up after the incident but only because he was trying to deflect that hatred. BTW did any one see his interaction with one of the more colorful wiz fans at the last game? Apparantly the guy had an england shirt on made a comment about beckhams wife to which becks replied you don't deserve to wear that shirt. To which the man replied that's funny neither do you I had a front row seat to all this madness as some of us cauldronites were following the concourse after a beer run and saw his thrown is was close. Also why was he allowed to delay play in the last 10 minutes of a close game to discuss his issues with this fan any one else inthis league would have been carded for delay. All an all I think he does a bigger disservice to the league andd him self by staying
Afrodinho13 (Sporting Kansas City) 7 years ago
Tell me one other player any ANY pro league that had two confrontations of the same nature a week after a fine and gets little to no repercussions
Ant (Liverpool) 7 years ago
"Apparantly the guy had an england shirt on made a comment about beckhams wife to which becks replied you don't deserve to wear that shirt. To which the man replied that's funny neither do you"

I hadn't heard the details of the argument but if that's true, its one of the best comebacks ever
Sherry (Chelsea) 7 years ago
I think that yes beckham was used as the promoting platform for soccer in USA and I don't think that beckham should be criticized for this.........


Santillanavila (Tottenham Hotspur) 7 years ago
He deserves the criticism especially after not ignoring the fans. I think by two weeks time most will be forgiven especially after the free kick against Barcelona.

UgoDroPiero (Juventus) 7 years ago
Initially I say NO, because becks IS bigger than THE entire MLS....

From a business standpoint, he should of came back when he said he was going to.... He didn't deserve as much hoopla as he got though because from what I heard the Galaxy were winning a lot without him.... It would be different if they were up sh*t's creek w/o a paddle....

But, he doesn't deserve to be heckled by the home fans in the corner with the bed sheet size banner.... Those people are "aliens" to the purely practical and beautiful passing game that Becks and the EPL is famous for.... That's the way the footy industry is, too, players come and go all the time which is another reason why those people should pipe down, Becks can play for whoever he chooses bc he is a true baller even is his old age who still likes a real challenge and the opportunity to play with other great players.

They wouldn't know Real Football if it went studs-up on their tequila beer-goggled bafoon butts.... They are the kind of people (those bed-sheet banner baboons) that cheer when dirty Mexico scores a rebound goal after a display of jersey-ripping, heel-clipping, and toe-nipping series against the US.

It sucks bc that's all they know and that's why disrespecting a legend comes easy to them, they don't know how to play/watch/teach the game for the love of the sport, they just know how to take dives and make dirty tackles so they can wear and tear their competition in hopes squeeze a goal out of it.

That my footy friends is cheating....

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