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Daniel Agger......How Much?
[account-removed] 4 years ago
Not quite sure the point of this post.... English players are overpriced as a premise for Agger being too much. You do know Agger isn't English right?
Footytubeblog (Blog) 4 years ago
How many times have you heard someone say ‘well he is a good player, but for that much!?’ or indeed even the particularly unkind ‘I wouldn’t pay him in buttons.’ When it comes to a player being touted about in the transfer market prices and wage demands seem to inflate like no other, yet clubs seem willing to pay these crazy prices just to land players.

As we all know, the worst cases of inflation are those of English players, and woe betide you if you have played for the national team and Liverpool are interested in you – the price is set to at least double going on examples such as Downing, Carroll and Allen.

Take a look at Santi Cazorla, yes Malaga are a club in crisis, but the money paid for him was far less than if the lad was English – in fact if this was the case he would probably be breaking transfer fee records – of course a prized asset at a club is always sold for perhaps slightly more than they are really worth (Fernando Torres springs to mind here) yet clubs these days are willing to pay ludicrous prices to land a player they have set their eye on.

Some of this can obviously be put down to the big bucks now in football, with owners such as Abramovich seeing a player and like a child in a sweet shop just having to get them, even if it means throwing a tantrum and enough money to feed a small African country for a year to land them.

People would also argue that we have simply lost sight of value and worth in the modern game, with wages and crazy transfer fees being the root of all this and that is not an unfair suggestion – when you buy a player it is not just the transfer fee but the add ons and their wages that are going to cost the club dearly.

Of course for some players it is worth every penny and they go on to recouping the money either in terms of merchandising sales a la Beckham or performances that are simply sublime a la Ronaldo – who isn’t too slow on the merchandising score either. Some are a complete flop, although Abramovich and most Chelsea fans would have paid £50 million many times over just for the priceless Torres goal at the Camp Nou, but I doubt Liverpool fans would pay even half of the fees for some of their more recent buys.

The price Daniel Agger is being rumoured at is quite frankly ludicrous, yet clubs are still interested, and for the life of me I struggle to understand why there are just so many players who go for big, big money these days and we end up saying ‘he is good, but come on, for that much?’

Written By Rebecca Knight

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