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Countdown To Deadline Day
Footytubeblog (Blog) 3 years ago
Transfer window deadline day is usually one that makes it into the calendar of any avid football fan. People camp out on sofas, beers in an ice bucket next to the couch, armed with an endless supply of nibbles to keep them sustained waiting on every word escaping the mouth of the now infamous Jim White.

There have been many dramatic final day transfer windows of recent seasons. Ashley Cole with his last minute move from Chelsea to Arsenal, Torres moving to Chelsea for £50 mill whilst Carroll joined Liverpool for £35 million, however this current window is panning out to be one many fans just want to end now, rather than look forward to the deadline day excitement.

Ever since the window opened, and even before, rumours regarding Rooney, Suarez and Bale had already begun, and even when writing this now, not much other than speculation or media comments has advanced these deals.
Suarez probably became the most advanced, but the deal has since been rejected and the Uruguayan forced to stay. However other than 2 bids for the others which, again is nothing particularly special, deals have not gone further forward as yet.

Newspapers are the sole reason for this seemingly drudging day-by-day account of the three players, ensuring ever single last drop of detail has been vacuumed out and force-fed in to our eyes, either through the continuous appearances on the back pages of newspapers, and even if you manage to avoid that, then news channels on television. This is especially notable in Sky Sports' case, where it will ensure that for every hour of there show, half of it is riddled with these stories.

On a particular dull day at Sky Sports News headquarters, it became apparent that perhaps there was not going to be as much Gareth Bale news as they were hoping for. The result? A headline of ‘Gareth Bale arrives at training’. Now, I don’t think I am the only one here to think, is that newsworthy? The story is about a paid footballer to turn up at his clubs training, or in other words, his every day work. That is expected of him, so why has that made news headlines? A banker doesn’t have BBC news chasing him round, with breaking news stating he has arrived at work.

It isn’t just Bale though, but a combination of all three. Every single day we are greeted by the same speculation, yet none of the players apart from Suarez perhaps have openly stated their desire to leave. This is another reason that the saga has lasted as long as it has. Without the written transfer requests, or statements alluding to their strong desire to leave clubs, it only means that news sources will continue to speculate, thus leading to the groundhog-day like repetitive cycle ensuing for even longer.

Granted, it is not uncommon for football related stories to circulate, and quite often throughout a season there will be some sort of controversy, which will garner one weeks worth of attention in nation-wide press, however it is uncommon to have lasted as long as this. It has just further emphasised how very dull this window has been, in that apart from the three superstars, who may not even move there has not been a great deal in the way of rumours or even activity amongst fellow Premier League clubs.

Some people are almost certainly going to try and argue that perhaps the fact we are waiting on transfers of three of the biggest players in world football currently has got everyone on tenterhooks, and as a result it has been extremely exciting, however this is simply not the case. Downing recently completed a move from Liverpool to West Ham, and whilst I do realise this is not quite on the same level in quality as Suarez, Rooney or Bale, it will have implications on the Premier League, and thus deserves more of a mention than it is bound to receive. It may last for 2 days in the press before the inevitable return of Bale scores goal in training, or the seventh different footballing pundit tells Sky Sports that Rooney should remain at Old Trafford..

It has now reached the stage that, if the world record transfer fee is smashed by Real Madrid in their desperate chase for Welshman Gareth Bale, it will not achieve the prestige it may deserve. Rather than being shocked, it will be a sense of relief that finally we can learn something new in the footballing world. Whilst it is true I will sit there on transfer deadline day for the last 3 hours of the window, I am pessimistic for the results. The sales of either of the triplet super stars would not appease me, and it will certainly take something out of the ordinary to ensure that this season somehow plucks an exciting deal out of nowhere come the end of August.

Written by Will Johnson
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Washingtonnnn (Arsenal) 3 years ago
Washingtonnnn (Arsenal) 3 years ago

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