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Are Football Fans Obsessed With Transfers?
Footytubeblog (Blog) 3 years ago
Sky Sports and Jim White have become symbolic for this whole transfer monster: it’s glorified gossip; it’s the football fan’s equivalent of sleazy Saturday night television. The comedy in seeing fans dismantle someone passing on a piece of transfer ‘news’ is hilarious, and yet most keep going back for more.

The value placed in the transfer market is beyond baffling, and you see countless names on Twitter swearing their allegiance to one rumour to such an extent that they promise to erase their name from existence if the deal doesn’t go through. It’s humorous, but also ridiculously perverse.

But the thing about transfer rumours is that it’s not just limited to football. The furore created around LeBron James’ move from Cleveland to Miami was like something you’d never seen before. Here was an athlete, although one of the leading names in the NBA, announcing where he was moving to once his contract was up. That was it. Did it really need a full scale interview on television with a dramatic title? It was smart business; it was a popular league and a superstar name cashing in where they saw easy money.

The NHL community on Twitter exploded last year when a 21-year-old, who was talented but who had never played an NHL game in his life, was weighing up the many offers put forward to him from potential suitors. Contract laws had enabled him to move on from his club at the time and he did well to milk it for all it was worth. He currently plays in Edmonton, and for all the hype that was created, I’m really not too concerned that I can’t even recall his name. But that should tell you plenty.

It’s all gossip and people need it to take a day off to live some alternate reality. Some people read The Lord of the Rings; others confess their love for Christopher Nolan; most look to the fantasy created in the rumour mills of most publications.

I don’t see anything wrong with it. How many people will look to the gossip pages on the BBC or Sky even when the ‘window’ has been boarded up and Mr White has been put into hibernation? It’s an obsession because the successes of the Barcelonas, Manchester Uniteds and Real Madrids are only lived by a small percentage of football supporters. Would Barcelona have partied the way Galatarasary did if they had signed Wesley Sneijder? Probably not, but they’re used to it.

Maybe it’s something that offers a slice of excitement and an alternative during the summer when the best that’s available is an endless stream of disappointment following England’s failure to look like a football team during an international tournament. But then it doesn’t really tell the whole story of the obsession during January. It’s funny that even the strongest Premier League teams would draw a little intrigue from their fan base if they moved with some purpose in the market. However, you’d still get the miserable lot who complain because ’where would he play if we’ve already got so and so?’ Those are the boring ones.

It’s a lot of hysteria over not much. There’s always an argument for teams needing to buy when the opportunity is available, but people take this whole transfer thing far too seriously, and the media and clubs take advantage.
Deadline day. How many people have looked well in advance to see which day of the week that falls on? How many then went on to ensure that they had the day off, are preparing to send the better half off with a stack of notes and are unplugging the phone? It’s the Monday Night Wars. It’s the OJ Simpson trial. It’s the definition of must-see TV.

Written by Thomas Hallett

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