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A Liverpool Project That Needs To Be Married With Patience
Footytubeblog (Blog) 3 years ago
It would be a little premature and a step too far to suggest there is reason for excitement following Brendan Rodgers’ first season with Liverpool. This managerial appointment was something that could have taken place a season prior – although not necessarily with Rodgers himself – but the need at the time was to steady the ship under Kenny Dalglish. For now, however, the momentum is there and the focus should be on maintaining it rather than getting carried away.

On the face of it, this Liverpool side isn’t too different from what we’ve seen at the end of the past two seasons. They’re still not that much closer to landing Champions League football and Everton have once again finished above them. But football shouldn’t always be taken on what looks to be the obvious; this is a team who have started from scratch this past season rather than continued on from what was done under Dalglish.

The positives from this season clearly start with the business that was done in January. It was a fantastic and much-needed move away from what came before – poorly-advised transfers that offered very little to the playing squad. In came Coutinho, a player who can only be described as a remarkable bargain in today’s market, and an emphasis on youth and the long term.

And that should be the bigger picture when looking at this season for Liverpool. Rodgers has come in and offered the club a long-term project that is built around intelligent buys and a leaning on youth. There is also a style of football that the manager wants to advocate, and it is totally unreasonable and unrealistic to expect a jump from the Europa League to the Champions League while taking all this into consideration.

The other point and one of the reasons why it’s too early to tell what next season will bring is that we don’t have any clarity on the Luis Suarez situation. For footballing reasons the club will obviously look to keep their star forward, as it’s also clear that much of their growth over the next few seasons will lie with the Uruguayan. But the whole topic remains up in the air following Suarez’s latest ban for biting Branislav Ivanovic, thus making it difficult to foresee where the club will be at the start of September. If Liverpool do decide to sell Suarez for one reason or another, how far back will that push them in their aim of recovering their position in the Premier League top four?

Another issue here is that Rodgers himself is still relatively new to the Premier League and is yet to face ‘second season syndrome’ with the same club. Ok, you could argue that he himself has learnt a lot these past two seasons, but he has far from attained the near-untouchable status of some managers in Europe and things could turn sour for him at any moment. The premise that there is a lot of excitement for Liverpool starting next season is to assume that everything falls perfectly into place for them on all fronts. Quite simply that is near impossible.

The clearest time to draw any conclusion for excitement for Liverpool will be at the end of next season. By then there will be a better understanding of the club’s approach in the market and whether Coutinho was just a one-off or a start of things to come, as well as the matter with Suarez (or a replacement) and what could be on the horizon. Moreover, and I’ve long thought that Rodgers deserves to be in place for a considerable numbers of years, the club will discover just how much they’re getting back from their investment. As mentioned, this is the first season for Rodgers and Liverpool and a completely clean slate from where they were last year. If there is genuine progress being made and it’s clearly identifiable come the end of next season, then only can Liverpool start to talk about long-term excitement. For now, it remains a project that needs to be married with patience.

Written by Thomas Hallett

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