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A Line In Football That Simply Cannot Be Crossed
Footytubeblog (Blog) 4 years ago
While it’s fair to say the relationship between the ‘Cockney Mafia’ and Newcastle United supporters has always been frosty at best in recent years, there have been signs that Messrs Ashley, Llambias and Pardew are winning over sections of the support as the Magpies performance this season has shown great promise for the future. The Toon finds themselves at the right end of the table and competing once again among the top boys in the Premier League and has achieved it with shrewd transfer planning and without an overpaid Big-time Charlie in sight. A strong foundation has now been put in place, despite the conscious efforts of first Harry Redknapp and then David Sullivan to destroy it.

I suppose it has always been part of the course for Newcastle United as it is a club that has always been a free for all, for the media and rival supporters to take a pot-shot at and a club that fails to get the credit or respect it deserves. Why both Redknapp and Sullivan felt the need to tell the world of our contractual commitments with a player like Demba Ba is beyond me, but their actions are unfortunately a growing trend in modern football that is so lacking in decorum and respect as a whole. I suppose if there was any justice in the world then the FA would intervene and impose sanctions on both men to act as a deterrent, but when has the game’s governing body in this country ever shown any backbone. They have long been scared of confrontation and are seemingly happily not to react, unless of course there is a public outcry within the media. As mentioned, Newcastle has very few sympathisers in the Press and the comments of Redknapp and Sullivan get brushed under the carpet.

I know many of you will be informing me that I should just accept it as part and parcel of the game and could probably cite numerous examples of where it has happened before, but I cannot remember many times when the finer details of a player’s contract was spoken about as freely within the public domain. The likes of Sandro Rosell at Barcelona will openly talk to the media in order to express an interest in a player, but you wouldn’t hear him talking about transfer figures, wages and get-out clauses, as discussing certain contractual details is surely crossing the line? Redknapp and Sullivan clearly have no morals and feel it fair game to attempt to disrupt the harmony of the football club, with the latter in particular clearly bitter that they lost Demba Ba in the way that they did.

The whole incident stinks and it infuriates me that it has been brushed under the carpet. While I accept that the FA have no backbone, surely the game’s major governing bodies UEFA and FIFA need to step in and put some sanctions in place for the future. UEFA initially put a transfer embargo on Chelsea for their open pursuit of Gael Kakuta, but surely this whole incident is far worse than that, after all you are talking about a rival company exposing the inner financial workings of another. I’m sure many football clubs’ ears perked up when they were made aware of Ba’s get-out clause and I fully expect him to leave in the summer as a result, but where is the justice for a club like Newcastle in this instance? I am furious that Mike Ashley hasn’t attempted to take this further with the game’s authorities, given the severity of it and the consequences it could have on the football club in the long run. If the club shouted loud enough and made a bit of a stink about it then Messrs Platini and Blatter could look to take action, or put sanctions in place to ensure it isn’t allowed to happen again. I know in Demba Ba’s case the horse has bolted, but I do wonder if rival clubs and managers would be so quick to shoot their mouths off if a suitable deterrent was put in place.

Should the game’s authorities intervene here, or should I just accept the actions of Redknapp and Sullivan as part and parcel of the modern game?

Blog by by James Thomas

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Saswat (Manchester United) 4 years ago
What's the get-out clause in Ba's contract?
LumpOfCelery (Chelsea) 4 years ago
Rumors are its between 12-16m for champions league Clubs...

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