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Toronto, ON, Canada
Aeaglan (AC Milan) 7 years ago
Back in February, I was playing for an indoor soccer league for my university, when I got body checked right in the chest by some asshole who thought he was playing ice hockey. A few minutes later, I was unable to take a breath and was hospitalized with a collapsed lung. Technically, I haven't played a full soccer game since.

Recently, I have been going to the gym regularly and found that I am back to full fitness. I am dying to play a full 11v11 soccer game, but I don't want to play competitive tournament or league anymore in Canada. I am hoping that I can meet some people on this site who are also from the Toronto-North York area who would like to meet up and get a big game going.

If anyone is in the area and would like to get something going, please feel post here and I'll organize it
Blueskiesahead (Chelsea) 7 years ago
Hows this, next time I go up to toronto to visit my family, ill give you notice and try to get some people together if you could reserve a field/stadium for us. I would have all the people chip in some money to help you pay of course
Aeaglan (AC Milan) 7 years ago
Sounds like a plan! I look forward to your visit bud!
Digoes (Benfica Lisbon) 7 years ago
Hello Fellow GTA Footballers!

~Want to play in a 5 v 5 indoor tournament? ~

Who: Men and Women (min 19yrs age)
What: 5 players (including goalkeeper)
Where: Vaughan Sportsplex 10 Westcreek Drive, Woodbridge, Hwy 7. & Weston Rd) 905 265 9115
When: Sunday January 10th 2010. 1pm – 5pm
How: 8-10 players per team ($300. 00) ***4 games or more guaranteed!***

You can start your own team or join mine. $30 p/p. I can carpool from my house for those of you in Bloor West Village.

416 895 8399

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