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Fiorentina V Roma Feb 7th
Reidscott (Fiorentina) 6 years ago
Well.... I saw a great effort today.... We controlled the ball very well and had several excellent shots on goal that could have made the dif. Vargas' goal was legit.... If you watched the game.... Roma was slightly off sides all day. I gotta' say Baptista did a stellar job. If this game had been earlier in the season or if we were in 4th place I would not get too worried.... However that is not the case.... So we continue to stagnate. On another note: Roma aint that great.... They can be beaten on any day. They play very good defence and stay on the ball very well.... But you can keep the ball away from them most of the time as we did. The issue today was scoring.... We had plenty of chances and plenty of balls in.... Just could do nothing with them. Maybe our destiny is in the champions league this year? In the champions league games we have played our best

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