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Fiorentina V AC Milan Feb 24th
Reidscott (Fiorentina) 6 years ago
Robbed of a PK.... We are getting ZERO Footy God Love this year. Every year there are a few teams that get no Love.... We are one of them. It is official now.... Happening almost every week to us in some form or another.... Oh well. Shame really.

WE also have no real consistent fire power now either. Stuck with playing defence all game it seems. Milan Keeper was awesome.... See.... No luck for us.... Dida would have not gotten to some of those strikes.... The story continues. Wonder what is in store for next game.... Should be a doozy. Maybe we can set a record for the most non-calls in one season.... Lol.... At least we would have something to talk about this summer. Remember the 09-10 season when we got 25 non calls and set the all time record? Stuff like that...

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