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Portugal V Finland, Mar 29
Kevinmw1 (Manchester United) 5 years ago
Good assist by nani and good result by portugal, they have been struggling I feel like so it good to see them get a shut out, and good play for the first goal
PoorSporting (Sporting CP Lisbon) 5 years ago
I clicked lucky! Lucky for finland it wasnt 6-0  
Zhudayong (Barcelona) 5 years ago
Finland came out close!  This could've turned out to be a nightmare!
CFLNHLFIFAFAN (Chelsea) 5 years ago
2nd goal was nice, patience and goal!
Atham (Juventus) 5 years ago
The ladybug wasn't playing?
LusoAmerican (FC Porto) 5 years ago
I hate it that portugal can miss so many in this game and after we scored we alway go down a lot and it takes us a long time to score again I hope portugal step up and the players show what they really got
[account-removed] 5 years ago
Awesome Portugal....  Good to see you guys rocking without Ronaldo
Masman32 (Real Madrid) 5 years ago
Second goal was pure talent. I was expecting 5-0 result for portugal
DoctorFootball (Chelsea) 5 years ago
Nice Chip From Nani...
Charliehenry (Arsenal youth) 5 years ago
You were impressed by a little dinked pass?
Juninho17 (Real Madrid) 5 years ago
Wow Portugal looks great, really good passes- good teamwork.... Impressive- made it look like Finland wasn't even on the same field. Lol
KeizerO (Twente) 5 years ago
Great to see portugal can put up a good performance without their fairyqueen. They should try leaving him out more, they play more like a team than just support for their starstriker
Arzooon (Barcelona) 5 years ago
Nice play without ronaldo he should be out of the team frequently so that strikers can rise
Phorce16 (Arsenal) 5 years ago
Grande partida de Portugal! Great game from Portugal we need to score more goals when we are dominating like this!
Della (Chelsea) 5 years ago
Love what the new Portugal Manager(Fernando Bento) is doing with the team, Portugal has such a vast talented player I'm happy he is calling them up. It was good to see nelson finally called to the Team he is hot player. But it would've been lovely to see Manuel Fernandes too. The team done really well with out Ronaldo
Alex08 (Juventus) 5 years ago
Decent result for Portugal

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