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What Happened To The Iphone App?!
Matt (Footytube Staff) 3 years ago

There are no plans for a specific app at this time....

However we are making strides into ensuring that a new mobile friendly footytube experience is just around the corner. Watch this space!
RedFace (Manchester United) 4 years ago
Make sure android gets one too
Loguzz (Manchester United) 4 years ago
Looking forward for an iPhone App as million of followers, even make it as a paid app, 5 or 10 dollars, its doesn't matter, hope you guys will react soon
Binaya (Chelsea) 4 years ago
I been posting this issue in general team chat.... I should have researched some more.
If video platform is hard, would be great just to have the team forum to start with....
That will be very nice
CFLNHLFIFAFAN (Chelsea) 4 years ago
I would love it, I would pay like what 4 dollars or whatever, watch highlights and everything, it would be fantastic!
LumpOfCelery (Chelsea) 4 years ago
Highlights would be hard mate, They'd have to get permission from rutube, dailymotion, and most of the videos used don't have an iDevice app nor is capable of playing on the iDevices, so videos will kinda be impossible to an extent. But everything else will work, but that said everything else does WORK in the safari app, at least on iPad
FootyRulz (Chelsea) 4 years ago
Maybe just a mobile site for the forums and other stuff besides the videos would be cool for the forums and everything else because it doesn't work very well with my Iphone. With the iPad it's okay though
CFLNHLFIFAFAN (Chelsea) 4 years ago
They could easily find a way to get the highlights to mobile, and easy to watch highlights, would love it!
LumpOfCelery (Chelsea) 4 years ago
No they couldn't cflnhlfifafan, RuTube, Dailymotion are not compatible with the iphone, and footytube are not associated with it
Uselesscarroll (Liverpool) 4 years ago
Dude. Dailymotion is compatible with Iphone. I watched my highlights on Dailymotion all the time. If we got an app, we can at least post comments more easier and can participate more on it while your away from home or at work
CFLNHLFIFAFAN (Chelsea) 4 years ago
Ya exactly! It be easy to watch a few videos on them and comment on the games and stuff when were out gone or just easy and great to use, I would love a app for Ipod it be fantastic, I can't wait till they get the app soon
Odai07 (Barcelona) 4 years ago
Does anyone on the Admin have anything to say about this matter?! I am sure that something like this will make top 20 apps in the first week, you could even charge 1$ for it or make t exclusive to Plus member and watch as membership in your site skyrockets! Maybe then you can get rid of some of these annoying ads
CFLNHLFIFAFAN (Chelsea) 5 years ago
Would love having a IPOD app
Clevs2892 (Manchester United) 5 years ago
Even on my Droid the videos are not optimized for mobile so it takes long to load and plays choppy I'd love for an app to be made! I sent an email under "contact us" a few weeks back but still no reply
Odai07 (Barcelona) 5 years ago
I know this has been discussed before and many rumors were going around during the World Cup about such an app in the making, but I feel that it has been given up on or deemed impossible....
I would like to know the status of this or if anyone in the footytube community could lend a hand into its development!
I have been anxiously waiting for its release because honestly this site has become the only reason I need to use my laptop lol
Btw.... Yes I know you can watch it just fine on a droid but I happen to own an Iphone so please no apple/droid comparisons
FootyRulz (Chelsea) 5 years ago
Yeah that would be amazing if they made an app like that

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