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"Staff Picks" Section On The Front Page?
Polcenigo (Udinese) 3 years ago
A lot of the videos and highlights pointed out on the front page are chosen by hits/vote tally. The Most Popular Matches section involves (obviously) bigger clubs and competitions, and the goals of the week usually result from those matches. That's fine, but I think there should be a "staff picks" section with exciting games and goals that one might otherwise miss. I rarely check Championship or Ligue 1 highlights, but if something especially cool happened in those leagues and it was pointed out on the front page, I'd take a look. I know that a lot of people on footytube want to go deeper into their own club's community and culture, but I think this simple step could encourage exchanges across club and league barriers.

Fuarce Udin,
Mt1234 (Bolton Wanderers) 3 years ago

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