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Sponsored" Dreamfooty Contests
Mauijim (Manchester United) 4 years ago
From time to time I think about playing dreamfooty under different restrictions.

For instance, build a team that scores the fewest possible points, or a team made up entirely of current and past Manchester United players, or a team of players that have stayed with a single club their entire careers, maybe an under 25 or over 30 team, etc, etc.

Then, I had this thought of having your own league. It would be more like a contest within a contest so the actual dreamfooty format doesn't have to change. It would be a self imposed team building restriction sort a speak. And those who want to participate under that restriction would be eligible.

I might even be willing to sponsor such a contest with a bit of prize money.... Generously donated through the footytube go pro button. Hell, maybe even through in a free trip to Hawaii. Cough cough.

Any takers?

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