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Northgreen (AC Milan) 4 years ago
I got some few suggestions for upcoming footytube dreamfooty points calculation, if it is possible to do anything with.

1) Assist for defenders. Why can't defenders get points for assists as well? Aren't their assist worth as much as midfielders doing assists?

2) Combination bonus. What about putting a combination bonus points if a player happens to have 2 players on his team where one player assist the other. That would make it so that people now should try to find which 2 players on a team are having better chemistry. For example, if Dani Alves get assist for Messi, not only will you get the assist points (which you won't get anyway) for the assist as well as the goal points for Messi, but another let say 3 extra points for the combination bonus?

3) Six yard block/save a shot behind goalkeeper points. As it stands, it is better to buy the cheapest defender available in a good defensive team as long as he plays. I think that could be changed if the defenders contribution got more highlighted. A save behind the goalkeeper by a defender should be worth as much as an goal, and many statistical companies are holding records of this "last man standing" or "six yard block" of each of the players? To me it sounds fair if the defender would get a 5 point for a contribution like this to the team:

Here is some examples of what I would like to be awarded 5 points for defenders (in addition to the clean sheet bonus):

A guy who does this 5 times in a match and then see his team lose 1-0 would with the system today earn 3 points for playing the whole game, and that seems a bit unfair to me.

Edit. I wasn't sure where to put this suggestion up so I made one in both "feature suggestions" and "dreamfooty" forums
ManOnDMoon (Manchester City) 4 years ago
Interesting points Northgreen. I think resolving number 1 should suffice to encourage people to buy good defenders.
I would like to see a bonus for goalkeeper saving a penalty

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