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Crickettube, Rugbytube... But Way Into The Future
TheTorresBounce (Liverpool) 6 years ago
I was thinking the other day that once you completely take over the online football highlights part of things (which you will because this site ticks all the boxes when it comes to usability and effectiveness), why not try your hand at making an add-on to show highlights of other sports or possibly even another site all together. This would obviously be way into the future but this site has captured the football worlds attention quite nicely, you could potentially be the youtube of sports if you wanted to be! This is just a wishful shout since there isn't any good cricket or rugby highlight sites out there and I live in the land of Ice Hockey, uggghhh! And I appreciate that one of the real beautiful parts of this site is the great banter in the forums and the togetherness of the community, plus extra things like fan valuation and great sorting of videos and compilations, make this site a world beater! So the point was, I got carried away, that other sportsfans might not be as passionate as football fans but I feel like there's a definite market for it.
So remember me when you go huge and keep up to great work!

Ant (Liverpool) 6 years ago
Cricket-tube? I'd rather watch autopsy-tube!
Lee (Kidderminster Harriers) 6 years ago
We tried crickettube but this was the most popular video:

On a serious note, there's absolutley no reason we can't pick up the platform and move to any socially oriented video community experience - movies, games, and yes, I suppose, cricket

Long way off yet though, we are still very much in beta and have lots more work to do building the community side of things
TheTorresBounce (Liverpool) 6 years ago
Hahaha fair enough! Well I thought that video was intriguing...
Pragathish (AC Milan) 6 years ago
Haha yes. Crickettytube will be even more booring than the video posted above!

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