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Autoplay Videos Are Annoying
Johnboyd (Lierse SK) 4 years ago
First off, I think this site is great but when I log on to footytube every time I go straight to the auto play video on the home page and turn it off. Why does this feature exist? What use does it provide the vast majority of people visiting this site to stream content they aren't looking for?
Matt (Footytube Staff) 4 years ago
It is a football news content provider which we think is a decent source. The one downside is that the content does autoplay which we cannot stop. On weighing up the positives and negatives we felt it brought more to the site than the sleight autoplay annoyance as the video can be paused.

Also the homepage tends to be an area where people go after they have consumed what they need from the site elsewhere so the attention to the new news area is good we think.

This is the first negative feedback we have had over the unit and welcome any further opinions about this or anything else

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