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Assists Of The Week!
Sukjunar (Liverpool) 6 years ago
One thing I wish footytube had is the "Assists of the Week" table.
There are/were many goals where I felt that the goal was chosen to be the goal of the week because the assist.
Of course, many of the fore-mentioned goals do require great finishing, but most of the work is sometimes is achieved by the assister.

There were instances where I could "up-vote" assists rather than the finishing (for instance, Daniel Alves' goal against Panathinaikos assisted by Messi).
And so it's my suggestion that we should add Assists of the Week for superb passes that lead to goals
Ltm017 6 years ago
Yes! Please Do this! Plllleeeaaaassseeee....

Play up to goal is just as fun.... Maybe even more.... I think more....
Lifeguard (FootyTube Moderator) 5 years ago
There used to be a video compilation of the best assists of the week, but that seems to have dropped off. I'm not quite sure why
Micky (Chelsea) 5 years ago
Its a great idea because there is a reason inesta xavi, mikel, xabi also, scholes, ect. Are known for more than their abilities to score. More players will get the credit they deserve(well.... Atleast from us)

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