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FC Nordsjælland V FC Shakhtar Donetsk, Nov 20
Idefixion (Ajax) 4 years ago
Wow tis makes me f*****g angry, imagine this happened to your own club
Boneles (Zenit St Petersburg) 4 years ago
This is the same Shaktar that about three years ago, upon Barcelona scoring against them in less cynical fashion, said that the Barcelona players were thieves and that they were lucky to leave the ground alive
Xiconhoca (FC Porto) 4 years ago
What a disgrace! Shakhtar has done much more damage to itself than good with this win. They were doing such a good campaign, yet this is what they will be remembered for
Valdarama (Bayern München) 4 years ago
Win at any cost haha
ATimo (FC Shakhtar Donetsk) 4 years ago
Of course, we would not have won without that goal *sarcasm*
AlexPSG89 (PSG) 4 years ago
The outcome of the game would not have been the same without that goal. You will never know which team would've won/lost without that goal. *no sarcasm*. Unsportsmanship is a disgrace to the game no excuses
Valdarama (Bayern München) 4 years ago
I am more pissed at the midfielde who kicked it away when nordjaeland were supposed to walk it in, this wouldnt be a problem if he let them score it
ATimo (FC Shakhtar Donetsk) 4 years ago
When Barca scored the same goal to us in 2008 it was Ok cause it was Barca, yeah? Nobody talked about it. And many of you have never heard about it.
I do not justify his action but stop talking as if it was nothing less than a decisive moment of the match. Сoach and the players have apologized, fans also not happy. That's all, thank you.
ChrisDK (Brøndby IF) 4 years ago
I was at the stadium watching this and his behavior after the goal just made me wanne jump the fence (which isn't that difficult in dk) and rip his head off !
ATimo (FC Shakhtar Donetsk) 4 years ago
I would not have blamed you for that.... Hehe  Actually I wanted to do the same at that moment.... Very stupid action from his part
Gunnerdemaestro (Arsenal) 4 years ago
I havent even seen this yet but read about it in the paper and chuckled a little bit.

World cup/ champions league final, extra time, you wouldn't do that?!?! A football game is a football game and there's worse things going on. Racism for one, imagine if Adriano is banned:

Adriano banned 1 game and fined - scored a goal, unsportmanship
J. Terry banned "4" games and fined - for racism in a footy game

Overall UEFA are douchebags

Kean0 (Tottenham Hotspur) 4 years ago
You probably accept diving too. And henry's handball against Ireland.... I guess you're a huge fan of Maradonna's first goal against England too?

In real life, all true professionals, sportsmen, winners and common decency have a name for this, cheating. And your last point about Adriano and Terry.... What you on about? Your comment is utter douche mate
Pastor399 (AC Milan) 4 years ago
And I bet you are one of those people who think Suarez is a hero!
Orvid (Bayern München) 4 years ago
I am really dejected after seeing that goal, just shameless
Arilovich (FC København) 4 years ago
People saying that Shakhtar played Rubbish did'nt see the match. They would have won anyway by +3 goals. Adrianos shameless goal or not
Crxxx (Bayern München) 4 years ago
Crxxx (Bayern München) 4 years ago
I missed the match. Did Shaktar react as instructed by thei are coach and give away a goal in return or did that never happen?

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