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Barcelona V FC Shakhtar Donetsk, Aug 28
Tocftuber (Toronto) 7 years ago
Man was that boring.... Both teams did nothing all game. Good goal though, Barca deserved to win. Still don't know how I managed to stay awake watching 120 minutes of this stuff...
Charlie (Barcelona) 7 years ago
Didn't get a chance to catch the match. I am proud to say that pedro came through barca's cantera, though. I look forward to seeing more from him this upcoming season
EveryLFCactus (Liverpool) 7 years ago
I only got to see like the last 60 minutes kinda boring shaktar had some chances but barcelona played better
Aliko 7 years ago
I've watched that game.... Haha it was a little boring.... But Messi made it wonderful!
AlphaPlus (Manchester United) 7 years ago
Lol. Messi makes any game wonderful
Ben (Arsenal) 7 years ago
The most boring match so far in this new footy season. Barca must've had control of the ball %70 of the time. Ibra had a night to forget. They really missed eto'o explosive energy up front
Algerian10 (Barcelona) 7 years ago
The game was a little bit boring, but still, they won
Jeroen (Barcelona) 7 years ago
Horrible game for Ibra, seriously disappointed me. Actually, almost no Barça player from the starting 11 except Messi, Piqué and Puyol did well. The crosses from Abidal and Alves were horrible, Xavi wasn't his usual genius self, Touré was hardly visible, Keita was average and it looked as if Henry wasn't paying attention most of the time. Messi was pretty good though, which is a relief
Statickk14 (Sao Paulo) 7 years ago
This Barca team is poised for history. Today they didn't play up to their full potential, but a great team like Barca can still win matches even when they are not playing well
Darwinchin (Barcelona) 7 years ago
Even Bojan or Pedro could replace Ibra if he keeps playing like this. He could have passed the ball to Henry, but instead he decides to be a hero which ended up giving away the ball to the keeper effortlessly. Hope he fits in better later on the season
Theshid (Liverpool) 7 years ago
The game was boring especially the first half, and quite franckly I'm quite sure Ibrahimovic will have a bad season just like Henry in his first, he's the main forward but there no movement coming from him he's always standing still waiting for the good ball. Guardiola did a terrible mistake by selling a world class stricker like etoo, who is meant to play with Barca. Maybe with time Ibrahimovic will fit in the system but now he looks like an ordinary player (1shot in the all game) he doesn't have the same freedoom like in Inter, and that's a problem its going to be tough for Barca are lucky they got henry and messi to score some goals
Darwinchin (Barcelona) 7 years ago
David Villa would have been a much better choice than Ibra. Take another year for him to fit into the system?! Ibra would be 30 by then.

Ibra waits for the ball, in many occasion he could have come in deeper to reach the ball, but instead he doesn't like to run. Whereas, Eto'o scored goals by actively going after the ball.

No doubt, Barca probably achieved what it wanted to do, by inviting a new team and challenge in the club, yeah its refreshing, but we lost one of the best striker in the world and one of the heroes in champions league final! Damn Guardiola, you better prove you are right!
Rei1985 (Barcelona) 7 years ago
It was little disappointing to see the game. They could have won it like 5-0 or so. I think some kind of brilliance is missing. They need more imagination and precision in front of the box
Djbeshai (Barcelona) 7 years ago
This wasnt the barcelona team that I saw last year.... I was kinda disappointed as well with their performance today. Hopefully pep can wipe them back into stride for the opener
Persebaya (Persebaya Surabaya) 7 years ago
Success in life requires change of habit. That's part of understanding that nothing constant in life.... Everything changes, and a good being is the one who can easily adapt.
Ibra, if you read this, change your old lazy habit.
It might work alrite in inter, but it won't work in barca

Good luck!
Charlie (Barcelona) 7 years ago
That was deep....    
Darwinchin (Barcelona) 7 years ago
In one of the previous games, I think Ibra tried to back flip the ball into the goal, but the keeper picked it up without threat at all. How lazy can you be dude, Barca never scored any fancy goal, we score it the beautiful way together as a team!

Downgrade this guy to Barca be or see!
Jman008 (Manchester United) 7 years ago
Haha, have to agree with the bunch, match was quite boring
Jman008 (Manchester United) 7 years ago
Although Barca deserved to win. I'm just waiting for Barca vs Real, now that def won't be a boring game

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