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Deffyduck (Arsenal) 3 days ago
Assuming Uncle Woy is going to try to fit both Kane and Rooney into the same lineup (and presumably Welbeck on the wings), what sort of lineups would we like to see?
Deffyduck (Arsenal) 3 days ago
I'd like a blend of youth and experience:






Cannon (Arsenal) 3 days ago
Sterling was really good as a number 10 last season. Rooney is a horrible 10, so he can probably play on the wings
Umairrockx (Barcelona) 4 months ago
Congrats Rooney!    First English man under 30 to reach 100 caps!
Deffyduck (Arsenal) 4 months ago
England Squad named:

Goalkeepers: Fraser Forster (Southampton), Ben Foster (West Brom), Joe Hart (Manchester City).

Defenders: Leighton Baines (Everton), Gary Cahill (Chelsea), Calum Chambers (Arsenal), Nathaniel Clyne (Southampton), Kieran Gibbs (Arsenal), Phil Jagielka (Everton), Luke Shaw (Manchester United), Chris Smalling (Manchester United).

Midfielders: Ross Barkley (Everton), Michael Carrick (Manchester United, Stewart Downing (West Ham), Jordan Henderson (Liverpool), Adam Lallana (Liverpool), James Milner (Manchester City), Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain (Arsenal), Raheem Sterling (Liverpool), Andros Townsend (Tottenham), Jack Wilshere (Arsenal), Theo Walcott (Arsenal).

Forwards: Rickie Lambert (Liverpool), Wayne Rooney (Manchester United), Daniel Welbeck (Arsenal), Saido Berahino (West Brom).

Sturridge and Johnson dropped. Replaced by Berahino and Clyne.

Glad to see Clyne get some international recognition, he's been consistently impressive for Southampton.

Recall for Downing. I'm unsure about this one, he's been reliable for WHU but methinks this is a level too much for him now. Hope I'm wrong
Kayteo (Manchester United) 5 months ago
V Estonia:

England: Hart; Chambers, Cahill, Jagielka, Baines; Henderson, Wilshere, Delph, Lallana; Welbeck, Rooney.

Looks like the diamond with lallana at #10. Solid stuff. Thoughts?
Kayteo (Manchester United) 5 months ago
Might've preferred clyne to chambers on the right, I think he offers more attack. On the flipside chambers defends set pieces better
Wenny123 (Newcastle United) 5 months ago
We had a win again 1 - nill win, we had 3 wins 0 losses 0 draws.    Wenny123
SavageLotus (Manchester United) 5 months ago
Bravo on the big win!
Wenny123 (Newcastle United) 5 months ago
Good win for our England, 5 - nill win    Wenny123
Kayteo (Manchester United) 6 months ago
Why is nathaniel clyne not in the squad? He's been a hell of a right back even since his crystal palace days. Hopefully woy saw his screamer against the arsenal
Tree2 (Barcelona) 6 months ago
So what would you guys consider the biggest international rivalry in the british isles?

England- Rep Ireland?
Northern Ireland-Rep Ireland?
England -Scotland?
This question crossed my mind and I am really curious to know!
Juventusfc (Juventus) 6 months ago
I think it would be either England-Scotland and/or Northern Ireland-Republic of Ireland
Deffyduck (Arsenal) 6 months ago
Depends on who you ask. England has fierce (but respectful) rivalries with all of the home nations, due to our shared history.

England vs any of the other home nations is always eagerly anticipated in Rugby.

Not so much in football, though. In football it'll be the Irish "derby" or England v Scotland
Deffyduck (Arsenal) 6 months ago
I must say I think last night's game showed why Rooney is better suited as a striker than a #10.

Keeping Sterling as the tip of the midfield diamond ensured that our progression from midfield was much more dynamic on the counter.

This 4-4-2 diamond is still a work in progress and there are areas to address (I'm not convinced Wilshere works well at the base of the diamond) but I like that we can have two strikers deployed further up the field.

------------Back Four

Sturridge/Walcott/Ox/Welbeck/Lambert/ and more can rotate in and out.

The core of this team can stick together for the next 5 years and still be in their mid-late twenties. I think now is definitely the time to be experimenting with this formation since we have a relatively easy qualification group. If we can iron out some of the wrinkles by 2016 we might just avoid embarrassing ourselves in the KO stages!
Kayteo (Manchester United) 6 months ago
Rooney's not a #10 for me, LVG might make it work but surely sterling on form looks more natural there. Sturridge obviously is first-choice no matter how well welbeck does against switzerland, much as I love danny, sturridge just has more technique and finishing prowess
Kayteo (Manchester United) 6 months ago
Not bad! Play to the strengths!
Kayteo (Manchester United) 6 months ago
With AOC and sterling as direct, dribbling wingers, a pair of overlapping fullbacks, a handy midfield pair and two athletic centrebacks there is the beginnings of a half-decent team here.

But I am not convinced hogdson is the man to get the best out of a young, ballplaying side. This england side could be making triangles and creating overlaps in the channels but instead they look lost and frankly bored out there
Fadinho89 (Arsenal) 6 months ago
Once walcott is fit, I'm telling you, sturridge, sterling and walcott makes a very fast direct front 3.

This would be the attacking force.

Drde159 (Manchester United) 6 months ago
Deffyduck (Arsenal) 6 months ago
It's funny because it's true
ScouserDan (Liverpool) 6 months ago
Paul Merson believes the England team should be built around Sterling

RedFace (Manchester United) 6 months ago
I believe the England team should be built without Hodgson
ScouserDan (Liverpool) 6 months ago
I can agree with that ^
Theatreofdream (Manchester United) 6 months ago
Roy hodgson is a clown.... Wondering if he still has a dick 'cause he definitely got no shame at all still wanting to coach the team after a shambolic performance.... He's on par with moyes
FromRaaange (Chelsea) 7 months ago
Sickened that Rooney was made captain
PeterzeGooner (Arsenal) 5 months ago
So who would you give it to. Jagielka and his 32, your going to be looking for a new captain very soon. Baines will be 31 during the Euro's. An age wide players lose pace and are being replaced due to not being able to run up and down. With guy's like Gibbs and Shaw breathing down his neck he doesn't have too much time left. It's really just down to Rooney and Cahill, Roy went with who he feels the dressing room respects more. Cahill is vice ya know...
FromRaaange (Chelsea) 5 months ago
He wasn't so bad in Brasil, but the two tournaments prior to that were atrocious. He was as anonymous as Torres was for Chelsea. So that jumped to mind when I heard and it made me not consider him a good candidate

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