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RedFace (Manchester United) 4 weeks ago
Gerrards made the right decision!
Jamesutd (Manchester United) 1 month ago
Wonderful news guys, england will definitely win euro 2016 and wc 2018

SoccerIsFootbal (Manchester United) 1 month ago
Just wanted to give credit to howard webb, who risked his life calling that handball on hulk lol
Deffyduck (Arsenal) 1 month ago
Still trying to work out what Fergie possibly could have gained by making that call
Troubletonight (Arsenal) 1 month ago
Why are people throwing the blame at Hodgson? Can people not see that a lot of the England players are just not up to scratch to compete at World Cup level? If Hodgson is only given a Nokia 3310, how do you expect him to do video calls?
CHELSEA61 (Chelsea) 1 month ago
What has he won? What is he good at? Where has he succeeded? At most jobs you have to be the best candidate to be the boss
Deffyduck (Arsenal) 1 month ago
@Chelsea61 - we have a saying in England; "you can't polish a turd"

I don't think it matters who you appoint for the England job, the players are just not as good as their international competition.

I can't think a single English player who would make the starting XI for Germany/Spain/France/Netherlands etc

Roy's training methods cannot be blamed for the fact that the players have poor control and couldn't pass a ball to the feet of their team-mates 20ft away.

The game is simple and we can't even do the basics right
Kayteo (Manchester United) 1 month ago
Hodgson's not exactly top of the line either.

Take a look at some of the other managers and they have done wonders with limited resources. Costa rica won the group, after all, and none of their players would feature in italy's team, would they?
Deffyduck (Arsenal) 1 month ago
No they wouldn't, Kayteo, however the Costa Ricans can do the basics right.

The English players couldn't string five accurate passes together. They were all under-hit, over-hit or just so far from their teammates that the players had to run/stretch just to get the ball.

One could make the argument that Hodgson would have fared better as a manager for a team that could pass a ball properly
Kayteo (Manchester United) 1 month ago
Agreed Deffy, but those same players do okay for their clubs - unless you practice those basic skills (and other things, like penalties) you can't expect much.

I do think it's 50-50. I'm not saying hodgson should leave, but I don't know if he's the right coach to move the team forward.

English coaches are poor in general
Moe66 (Manchester City) 1 month ago
Its a combination of both really. They failed to do teh basics and the management was off. Their was not a lot of confidence from England coming into the games they showed fear a number of times and panicked when it came to their MF and DF. Roy isn't the best manager in the world. England need a better manager who has an actually plan and give the confidence they need. The best managers pick the best possible players and the best possible formation and really understanding all your players inside and out, being able to get the best out of them. Roy doesn't.

I do like the attacking emphasis he put into the game against Italy and it worked put you can just focus on one area you have to cover all your sides and the defence was just awful. Johnson could barely make a decent pass, Jagi/Cahill looked lost a number of times and Baines was out of position and had no cover from Rooney when he overlapped forcing him to cover more distance and his gas was out and done in the middle of the second half.

All in all I don't think his the man for the job and the longer you keep him the longer England wouldn't be heading anywhere and will be stuck in the same position. England needs a manager, a world class manager who can lead this team towards the right direction with a plan because they truly do have so many young talented players but they wouldn't succeed with Roy around in international football
CHELSEA61 (Chelsea) 1 month ago
Please sack Roy immediately! It's clear after Euro2012 and Brazil2014 that he hasn't the stones to command a team of talented yet overhyped high payed Englishmen. The English mens national team is in shambles. First time out of the tournament in the group stage since 1958. They don't need an Englishman running the team, they need the best man available. The only other pre-requisite should be that he speaks English. The hefty salary should attract a fair amount of interested parties. I'd be happier with Giggs as the Manager. He couldn't do any worse
SoccerIsFootbal (Manchester United) 1 month ago
England have undeniably played a lot better in this tournament compared to euro 2012. To judge roy on that tourney also wouldn't be fair, as he took over from capello right before the tournament.

To be fair, this time around, england missed a fair amount of chances, and they came in with a weak defence.

I think the main issue was a lot of the players they relied on to make the difference were not in the team even 3 months ago. There was shifting, players out of position, confusion etc. You need a settled team, settled role players etc. I think england have a good coaching (neville, etc) and supporting staff set up, good young players, etc. Now they need a strong philosophy, a plan/vision they can implement, and some luck that their potential stars develop into established stars. Roy may not be the best visionary manager but I think he's assembled a good supporting staff and he's got good players.

Euro 2016 will be a lot better than these past two tournaments so long as these youngsters keep getting picked, build some chemistry and experience, and start taking their chances. The only real concern for england is central midfield, I think they will have real quality attacking and defensive options 2 years down the road as these young players continue to get experience in the premier league and in europe.

My one big disappointment, asside from him not trusting rooney to play his game in the #10 role (sterling and barkley didn't not produce the goods when it mattered), was that he picked all these liverpool players yet did not play liverpool's style (tactical shape and style of play). Look at germany, adopting bayern's style because so many of their players would be comfortable in that system since they play for FCB. Or look at the netherlands, with LVG playing the 3-5-2 system because it would suit his young defenders, who are all from feyenoord and play that system for their club. I think a truly top manager should evolve tactics to suit his best players.

A diamond midfield of

Would have made use of the young players and probably made best use of liverpool players and rodger's system
Deffyduck (Arsenal) 1 month ago
SIF, I couldn't agree more - you have to play the formation that suits your players rather than try to fit players into your chosen formation.

I actually don't think Rooney makes a particularly great #10, so I would have tried to fit him into a formation that utilises him as true striker.

A 4-3-3 with Rooney/Sturridge rotating as the main spearhead would have suited us better. We also missed some real pace and good delivery out wide - a fit Walcott/Chamberlain would have been ideal for a 4-3-3, IMO
SKool (Arsenal) 2 months ago
Chelsea4lyphe (Chelsea) 2 months ago
A glimpse of boarding the plane home
Pewpew (Liverpool) 2 months ago
SoccerIsFootbal (Manchester United) 2 months ago
Be honest, do you guys think you would have done better, about the same, or worse if you didn't take rooney and gerrard or if they sat the bench like lampard. Interested to hear thoughts
ManOnDMoon (Manchester City) 2 months ago
The Rooney question is a controversial one anytime international is on, isn't it.
England simply have limited striker options, even if Rooney plays a no. 10
What is exactly preventing a Lallana straight behind Sturridge Rooney up front
Hri100 (Liverpool) 2 months ago
Seriously.... Any team who has Hodgson for a gaffer should not have hopes at all! It's not the players.... Who in the right mind would appoint Unkle Roy? And pay him 3. 8m.... Bonkers!
ManOnDMoon (Manchester City) 2 months ago
There are no English good managers available at any level    I take the point England needs tactical ideas, revamp if that's the word
RedFace (Manchester United) 2 months ago
Well we couldn't have done any worse than 2 defeats from 2.

We gave a lot of youngsters a taste of the big stage which was refreshing to see. I think Rooney just about justified his selection with an assist and goal but should have done a lot more. Gerrard didn't influence either game at all. His time has come imo.

SoccerIsFootbal (Manchester United) 2 months ago
@redface    Performance-wise, not just result-wise
Lampuiho (Arsenal) 2 months ago
Not a problem with selection.  It's a problem with tactics.  
Jeroen (Barcelona) 2 months ago
Hindsight always wins. In the end, it might've been better to insert more young faces in the team, because they could've brought the enthusiasm, workrate and pace a guy like Sturridge (who was great in both games) brought. And Gary Cahill, a fresh face for England on tournaments as well, was excellent too.

But you can't just leave out all experienced players. Say what you want, but I think Gerrard is a must, since he's the captain and the inspiring man who keeps the team determined. Rooney is quite simply a quality player of whom is expected far too much. He's not on Ronaldo or Messi's level at all, but he can be relied upon to bring 7/10 performances every game at the very least. Only Lampard is a bit too much of the good old stuff IMHO. I have huge respect for him, but guys like Lallana should've started playing for England sooner instead. Then the chemistry between the experienced oldies and the energetic youngsters could be a lot better than what we saw here.

So, for me England's World Cup ended before it began: the preparations were erratic and Hodgson should've tried to assemble a starting 11 composed of experienced players like Gerrard and Rooney with fresh blood like Lallana, Sturridge and Sterling much sooner
Kayteo (Manchester United) 2 months ago
I'm not a rooney fan, but he did score one goal and create the other, he was responsible for 100% of the english goals.... So dropping him would've been stupid, eh?

I think dropping welbeck for wilshere could have made a difference in both games. England were exposed in midfield and could have used an extra passer
Muffy (Bayern München) 2 months ago
RedFace (Manchester United) 2 months ago
Nice troll
RedFace (Manchester United) 2 months ago
Time for Gerrard to retire from International football. He has been a great servant to England but he isn't doing enough anymore. He will be 36yrs old by the next tournament, no point carrying on imo. He might as well prolong his liveprool career and give someone else a shot for England
ManOnDMoon (Manchester City) 2 months ago
Pirlo is 35.  Questions?
RedFace (Manchester United) 2 months ago
Lol because Gerrard is just like Pirlo.

Pirlo is a one off and his style of play means he can still perform excellently at his age. Gerrards game is/was based on attributes that fade with age.

Plus, its time to look for alternatives. He has had enough chances
ManOnDMoon (Manchester City) 2 months ago
It's a crucial role in a team and I don't see age as a huge factor in such a role.
Italy will have Verratti, which is good. Gerrard isn't the England problem, chemistry is though
RedFace (Manchester United) 2 months ago
Its a crucial role in the team that he didn't perform well in.

I merely mentioned him being 36yrs old for the next tournament as another reason for him to step down. As stated before, he can concentrate on his liverpool days.

The main reason for him to retire is to give the likes of wilshere, barkley and whoever else more chances. We need to look to the future
ManOnDMoon (Manchester City) 2 months ago
Wilshere absolutely if fit

Well you need a solid midfield to support the change in question. Pirlo can't do it without someone as solid as Marchisio
Colinmc (Liverpool) 2 months ago
Well he just got done having a pretty terrific season in the EPL.

He's been very average and not had a huge impact in two England matches. I don't think that changes all that much because frankly you can say the exact same thing about every England player.

A lot can change in 4 years but right now he's fine. Team just doesn't have chemistry.

Don't know why I see so much about Gerrard (actually I do but it doesn't matter) and nothing about Jagielka who has been terrible. At least the other players have just been average.

There is literally nobody on the team you can single out as having been a high performer so far
Jeroen (Barcelona) 2 months ago
Well, Liverpool destroyed England. Blame Liverpool fans for giving Suárez confidence. Traitors! Treason! Blasphemy!

On a less silly note: Cahill has been great for England in both games, Rooney's criticism is ridiculous (he was decent in both games) and England is simply a tad overrated. Or the rest of the world underrated. But probably only in England
Dougie27 (Arsenal) 2 months ago
Cahill carried Jagielka in the 180 minutes. Absolutely carried him.

Rooney was impressive today I though. Overall, England have defended poorly and have also been a tad unlucky.

There is a small hope still. Say Italy beat Uruguay and Costa Rica, which of course has to happen, Englands good could potentially be 3 worse than Costa Rica going into the last match, so they would need an almighty performance against them to go through. Not impossible
Trev (Liverpool) 2 months ago
Just watched the game again, think Rooney was clueless in the first 25 mins of the game, lost the ball like 10 times unnecessarily in that period. He did perform better evidently after that though
Deffyduck (Arsenal) 2 months ago
Actually if Italy beat Uruguay and Costa Rica, their goal differences would be reduced (on account of having conceded more than they scored).

Lets say Italy win both games 1-0, then Costa Rica's good would be 1, and Uruguay's good would be -2, level with us.

A 2-0 win over Costa Rica would see us leapfrog them for good.

It's all moot though if Italy do not win both games...
CHELSEA61 (Chelsea) 2 months ago
I don't think Englad are over rated. Their best players have a tendency to choke. Yesterday was Rooney's first WC goal ever. Lampard has never scored in a WC match (except the disallowed goal v Germany). If 2 of England's most prolific goal scorers have one combined goal through 3 World Cup competitions then you've got to start questioning the team and those selected to support the stars and the man selecting the players.

England are doomed every time they enter a major tourney. It's a combination of bad chemistry, poor management and over-exposure by the English press. Having supported England through 7 world cups now I have no doubt in my mind its a flawed system and England underachieve regularly. If England's best players showed up to play like Suarez does there'd be very different results happing in their games. But their heads are clouded by the attention they get leading up to every single game.

All the glamour and glitz and camera flashes and questions shouted out from behind fences literally stuns England every time a major tournament happens. At least Marca have the decency to wait for Spain to crash out before they start ripping on the Spanish National team. Even if they do go over the top once they start the negative reports. It's like the English press are on a mission to sabotauge the team because the controvercy is what they love
Deffyduck (Arsenal) 2 months ago
The problem I see is that I can't name one English player who would be an automatic starter for any other top national team (assuming it was allowed).

You think the likes of Rooney, Welbeck, Wilshere, Johnson etc would make the German national team? Or the French? Brazilian?

I don't mind that we don't have an array of superstars, but teams like Chile and Australia have proven that you don't need superstars to play with passion and energy.

Something is drastically wrong with our national team. I think the media have a lot of responsibility here, they hype our players up to a level that their ability simply does not match. I think these players half believe their own hype, too.

Then, when they inevitably fail, the media lambastes them for poor performances. In reality, the performances are exactly what the team is capable of.

Chelsea61 makes a great point - the media love controversy, it sells papers.

And why can our players not sing the national anthem with pride? Have you ever watched Buffon sing his? Our guys look like they're at a funeral, mumbling the words without fervor or interest.

Scrap the lot and build it again...
ManOnDMoon (Manchester City) 2 months ago
I don't know what gives people the impression England are overrated.

Maybe some individual players are overrated, rightly so imo, it's just England don't and can't follow the logic of what makes a team successful internationally, so it makes no difference if you have a Sturridge or a Sterling or a Barkley rising starlet
Jeroen (Barcelona) 2 months ago
A lot of English people (many others too) often mistake their ignorance for a misplaced feeling of superiority. Even after all these years of failure English people still are surprised they didn't get out of their WC group. The England squad has got more individual quality than a team like Costa Rica, but not more than rather unsung heroes like Columbia or Chile
2Class4U (Manchester United) 2 months ago
We can still go through if Italy wins all their games, and if we manage to win + score at least two goals more than Costa Rica in our next match
FromRaaange (Chelsea) 2 months ago
DrakWlakers (Liverpool) 2 months ago
Muffy (Bayern München) 2 months ago
Weak, weaker , england
Wayne24 (Liverpool) 2 months ago
Sack Hodgson and his tactics!
Sam (Juventus) 2 months ago
Or maybe you can try and do what Spain did and "acquire" more players from Brazil...
RocknRolla (Manchester United) 2 months ago
That awkward moment when cavani crosses better than rooney, gerrard and baines combined
SoccerIsFootbal (Manchester United) 2 months ago
Hey hey, rooney had an assist with a cross, on his weak foot too.

Imo cavani looks way overpriced, he is no where near suarez's quality
Gunner3 (Arsenal) 2 months ago
Lol um wait Baines actually crossed? Never saw that
Sam (Juventus) 2 months ago

RedFace (Manchester United) 2 months ago
Joe Hart to miss the rest of the world cup and half the premiership season with a broken foot. Lol    Could have happened...
Jeroen (Barcelona) 2 months ago
Hahaha! That's awesome to see

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