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Spain U21 V England U21, Jun 18
Essien1 (Chelsea) 7 years ago
That is so excellent for England to show that poise to come back from a poor performance against Finland and a penalty miss by Milner and win. Such a good result, and also great for Theo Walcott, who seemed quite low on confidence last game; a nice set up by him to redeem Milner
GoonerXi (Arsenal) 7 years ago
Yep, Theo and Milner redeemed themselves
Jeroen (Barcelona) 7 years ago
Asenjo did great despite letting 2 in; he's truly (becoming) a top class goalie. I wish Barça would sign him as a 2nd goalie, they need a really good backup. Or perhaps even as their first goalie, as Valdes seems to want a contract comparable to Messi's and Henry's, which is absurd
Yombe10 (Arsenal) 7 years ago
He's doing well at Real Vallodolid and starting at the moment. For a 19 year old that's incredible. Maybe in a couple of years when Barca realize Victor Valdes isn't all that great, Asenjo can move
Imagunner (Arsenal) 7 years ago
England have a great U-21 squad with many future great talents. For me, Walcott is really the best of them, just by looking at how he sped past the defender to deliver the assist.
Asenjo one of the best keeper in the U-21 tournament, a future great, great keeper. Better than Casillas arguably
Mexbarca (Barcelona) 7 years ago
Not better that and iker! If madrid had any defenders he would be # 1 in the world. Oh yeah I forgot he is! Spain is ranked #1 for how long? 33 without a loss! Man UTD don't know your football gunner boy!
Overmars (Arsenal) 7 years ago
Arsenal should sign assenjo
Santillanavila (Tottenham Hotspur) 7 years ago
Does anybody know what channel do they pass this tourney in the US?
Gevny (Arsenal) 7 years ago
Yeah its on espn in the mornings you can watch it live
Theduke (Manchester United) 7 years ago
England looks solid for the future
GoonerXi (Arsenal) 7 years ago
Who spotted the Arsenal fan celebrating after Frazier Campbell's goal?
GoonerXi (Arsenal) 7 years ago
(He's wearing the Arsenal home shirt 07/08)
Drxrary (Chelsea) 7 years ago
Isn't Milner 23 years old? How come he is in England under 21?
Agnosticfan (Inter Milan) 7 years ago
The rules relate to their birthday at the start of qualifying he was young enough so to help teams to connect through qualifying
Htut80 (Manchester United) 7 years ago
As long as you´re 21 or under at the time of your first qualification match, you are eligible to play in the tournament
Ultrakoichi (Chelsea) 7 years ago
I wish the senior side would beat the Spanish by the same score! 2-0! Well done england!
Mexbarca (Barcelona) 7 years ago
You must be sending coins down a wishing well! Not for at least 3 years
Ultrakoichi (Chelsea) 7 years ago
Well England beat Spain 3-0 back in 2001 and also we beat s**t team like Mexico 4-0! Lol

England beat Spain more than they beat us.


Gjglen (Liverpool) 7 years ago
Just because we beat a team 8 years ago doesn't mean we can easily now, although I feel we are very capable of doing so.

Just remember that Spain are the reigning world champions with a team even clubs would drewl over
HaRT3r (Inter Milan) 7 years ago
Seriously what the f**k, Spain are the reigning world champions?! This is a joke of the century. LOL
Ultrakoichi (Chelsea) 7 years ago
Yeah Spain has never won a world cup and even never reached the semi final stage. Their average world cup showing is poorer than England
Agnosticfan (Inter Milan) 7 years ago
Brilliant work by England.commited and solid with the finish to match. Well done
Sydomen (Tottenham Hotspur) 7 years ago
This u21 should beat sweden and get to final. Thay are the future but wheres the spurs stars?
DrRedDevil (Manchester United) 7 years ago
Fraizer should stay at Old Trafford

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